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> Does Totally Spies deserve a rebuild?, Fund it!
post Mar 19 2019, 01:17 PM
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QUOTE (Ryofu @ Mar 18 2019, 08:20 PM) *
Marvel Rising has a nice artstyle, and has some interesting female friendships, such as Kamala & Doreen (Squirrel Girl), Doreen and others, stuff w/Gwen, and so on.

I can't really take the SJW make-overs of those characters seriously. They took away Miss Marvel's costume and femininity and made her dress in a coservative body suit as Captain Marvel, and then made the new Miss Marvel into a Muslim fangirl (I wonder if she supports the state of Israel or is like Representatives Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib and thinks it shouldn't exist, hmm laugh.gif). Gwen Stacy should be dead, and what they did to Squirrel Girl's character design was ridiculous. That America character was probably the biggest abortion in comics sales ever, yet Marvel still wants to promote her via a cartoon.

I think Marvel's time in the lime light may be eclipsing soon. Everyone I know is giving up on it after End Game. That doesn't include me though. I haven't seen a Marvel movie since the first Deadpool (and an official MCU movie since Avengers 1) and haven't bought a Marvel Comic since 2012. But that's just me though. I used to be a big Marvel fan, but then they gave the entire thing to Twitter/Tumblr clique people to run into the ground. Whatever people think of Totally Spies, at least it has existed separate of Starbucks's hipster political correctness (even mocking it at times). I wonder how much longer that will last? lol

Interesting points on Marvel; I did get the point on them pushing some agendas. Didn't realize that on Twitter/Tumblr.
And I agree on TS being separate from all that- likely due to the fact of it being a French-Canadian production and/or the creators' vision.

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post Mar 19 2019, 08:29 PM
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Interesting points on Marvel; I did get the point on them pushing some agendas. Didn't realize that on Twitter/Tumblr.
And I agree on TS being separate from all that- likely due to the fact of it being a French-Canadian production and/or the creators' vision.

SJWs are notorious for networking on Twitter and Tumblr. In this case, most of the writers/artists responsible for the new "woke" version of Marvel Comics are part of that clique. This hasn't really affected the movies much so far, but it destroyed the comic sales because the hardcore fanbase got annoyed and stopped buying their titles. DC Comics has been thrashing Marvel on comic sales last I checked a while ago. Sadly, the movies are the opposite, so the movies' success so far have just subsidized Marvel's malpractice with its printed comic books. I don't know if that will last long if they do get rid of the old actors and try to push "woke Marvel" to the movie screen. When actors leave a property, regular movie goes sometimes use that as a jump-off point. It's why Spiderman movies have struggled to make as much as the movies with Tobey, Dunst, etc.

The majority of Totally Spies was also produced before things got bad. I think the tipping point was 2012.

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post Mar 21 2019, 11:12 PM
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QUOTE (amysorel12 @ Mar 18 2019, 11:07 AM) *
I would rather see Alex getting it on with Clover! XP

Alex -> Clover is still my default headcanon unrequited crush.
Clover seems like an easy person to have an unrequited crush girl-on-girl on since (1) she's kinda flighty and hard to pin down and (2) she's boy crazy and kinda self-centered so she might be slow to read the signs from one of her best (female) friends.

If either Clover or Sam had a crush on the other, I feel like it would be resolved sooner since one of them would become impatient and just say it. If the other person wasn't receptive, Clover would get over it by getting under someone else ; ) and Sam is mature and has a good grip on her emotions so she would just rein them in or sublimate them into her work.

Whereas with Alex I could see her keeping her feelings hidden (maybe she doesn't even realize what they are at first) and trying to show her affection instead of just saying it. She might also have a harder time letting go if she's turned down, especially since she still has to see/live with/work with Clover every day, so she might gently keep trying, and maybe Clover would warm up to the idea over time.

OTOH, I could also see Sam and Clover just not quite realizing they like each other. Thus Sam might go out of her way to point out the flaws in Clover's dating choices, telling herself it's for Clover's own good or to help keep the group together. She even does this in the first episode ("Wouldn't you rather hang out with us than some dimwitted musician?") I doubt she would ever intentionally sabotage Clover's dating life, but she might do it unconsciously. Eventually she might go too far and that would bring the issue into the open.

It's interesting, come to think of it, that none of them have steady boyfriends or even a very active dating life through most of the show, given that (you would think) they easily could. That could be interpreted a few different ways:
- It's a girl's show and the writers didn't want what would amount to 3 male regulars in addition to the 3 female leads. Kinda like She-Ra had only one male protagonist, I think.
- Steady boyfriends would have interfered with the episodic, rather than arc-driven, nature of the series, where each episode might also be written by a different person.
- The girls are like female James Bonds, so they get to play the field. Conversely, if Bond does get serious about someone, it ends tragically (Vesper Lynd, Teresa di Vicenzo) and that also seems true for the girls in a lighter sense ("Evil Boyfriend", "Matchmaker", "Another Evil Boyfriend").
- The writers thought the audience was too young to be interested in romance. It seems like what romance there is, is played more for comedy.
- The writers thought women need men like a fish needs a bicycle (I don't get that vibe at all, just thought I'd throw it in for completeness' sake).
- The girls' bond with each other is simply way more important. When one of them does get a boyfriend, it seems to threaten the others and lead to conflict.
- The B plot can only focus on one girl, so in effect, each girl can only date someone in at most 1/3 of the episodes ; )
- It's a sacrifice the girls have to make in working for WOOHP. Their boyfriends would get tired of their constant disappearing acts, broken dates, etc.
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