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Totally Spies Underground _ The News Board _ Here Are the Winners of the Totally Spies Summer Fun Fanart Contest 8: The Love Ship!

Posted by: Ghidra Oct 24 2017, 08:10 AM

TSUG is proud to announce that a winner has been chosen for our Totally Spies Summer Fun Fanart Contest 8: The Love Ship!

This was the eighth summer themed fanart contest in TSUG's history, and this contest centered around Totally Spies yuri ships on a cruise liner, a Love Ship ® if you will. Ships on a ship. Get it? mandygif.gif

If you wish to read the fanfiction short story that explains the setting of this this contest, please check out

There were two entries for this contest, and here are the results!

Coming in 1st place with the most points is Jettmanas with his very detailed image of Sam and Alex hugging it out with numerous other Totally Spies characters in the background:

This is Jettmanas' 2nd TSUG fanart contest and his first 1st place finish! For winning 1st place, he will receive this trophy that will be placed in his signature:

Coming in at 2nd place is NinjaNick101 with his fanart of Sam giving Alex some heavy petting:

Our 1st and 2nd place winners have the choice to receive one of the three following classic scifi/fantasy films on Blu-ray as their mysterious mystery prize:

Choice 1: Barbarella (1968) on Blu-ray

Choice 2: Dune (1984) on Blu-ray

Choice 3: Heavy Metal (1981) on Blu-ray

If you wish to receive your mysterious mystery prize, please send me a PM with your choice as well as your mailing address.

1st and 2nd place will also be featured in a folder in the "Totally Spies Fanart Contest Winners" section of the fanart gallery.

I'd like to thank both entrants and congratulate Jettmanas on his win! You all did totally awesome! z03.png

Posted by: Ghidra Oct 24 2017, 08:26 AM

The gallery album for this contest can be found here:

In some (or all) of the past threads, I referred to this as the 7th Summer Fun Fanart Contest. It's actually the 8th. So I've corrected that. I also accidentally called Alex Mandy in this one (due to Sam and Mandy as a pairing being permanently burned into my brain XD). Thankfully, I caught that shortly after posting it so no one read it. LOL. (Edit: I was kind of out of it when I posted this, because I had blood drawn.)

Posted by: jettmanas Oct 24 2017, 09:31 PM

Thanks so much! Wish I was around for all the previous contests as well.

Congrats to Nick as well- thanks for entering w/me. We both like those two!

And I appreciate those who voted, and Ghidra for hosting this & the generous prize- even w/a choice to it. Nice! coffee2.gif

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