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> Teh Rules 2.0
post Feb 17 2010, 04:25 AM
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Queen Bee III
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Teh Rules V 2.0

1. The Age Policy: This is a 13 and Up Forum!

The only people allowed to register here are individuals who are over the age of 13.

Why is this you ask?

Explanation 1: The staff here really doesn't need to be baby sitters for younger kids. I don�t think younger kids are beneath me or unintelligent. However, at a younger age, you are very impressionable, and I'd rather leave the job of parenting up to parents.

Explanation 2: I want to allow members to have the freedom to post content that is more suited for teens and older users, but not suitable for young children. This however is not an 18 and up forum.

Second question you may have, but isn't TS a "kids" show?

Explanation 1: Kids watch TS, but so do teens and adults. TS is also made by adults, as well, and includes things older fans will pick up on that children will not. It is only a kids' show from certain points of view, but it is enjoyed by all ages.

Explanation 2: Totally Spies premiered in 2001. Most of the fans of the show are older now regardless.

2. The Language Policy

You are allowed to swear here. Freedom of speech will also be maintained at a high level compared to other forums. However, the following kinds of language will be banned:

A. Slurs. Posting slurs and bigoted language aimed against a certain race, ethnicity, country of origin, or sexual orientation are not allowed here and is a bannable offense. Some leeway will be given to context, if a word is used in a non-offensive, non-racist manner. However, I suggest not trying to press your luck.

B. Calling things "gay" as another way for saying something "sucks," is "stupid," etc.

3. The Topic Policy

As I said freedom of speech will be maintained at a high level here so discussions about things like religion and politics banned at other forums are allowed here.

However, certain topics will be banned. They include:

A. Your own illegal drug use.

B. Overly racist, anti-gay, or otherwise bigoted rants.

4. The Flaming Policy

You are not allowed to flame other users. This includes swearing at other members as the part of a flame. Just please try to get a long, and keep debates non-personal.

5. The Harassment Policy

A. Don't make advances of any kind on members here who don't want the attention from you.

B. Never make any advance of any kind on a member who is under 18. You will get an instant, permanent ban for this.

C. Harassment or harassing behavior of a non-sexual kind is also very much against the rules.

D. If you feel another member is making unwanted advances on you, you are younger and an older member is hitting on you, or that you are being harassed because of your gender (or anything else), please PM the staff and we will try to deal with it as quickly as possible.

6. The Picture Posting Policy

A. Pics or artwork displaying full frontal nudity that include exposed nipples and �naughty bits� are not allowed. Sexy, ecchi, or favservicey artwork is fine here as long as the nudity is not as explicit as previously mentioned.

B. Pics that are designed or meant to be just disgusting or gross are not allowed, including Something Awful style gross-out or shock photos.

C. If you post fanart, don't claim you created it when you did not.

D. Any photographic (real life) images that are even slightly sexually suggestive and display girls or boys whose age of consent is questionable at all are banned. If you post something like this here it will probably result in an instant, permanent ban of your account.

7. The Fanfiction Policy

A. Fanfics that only exist for the purpose of acting as pornography ala lemons are not allowed here.

B. Don't plagiarize other people's fanfics. Also if you want to write a sequel to someone's fic, please ask them first.

8. The Duplicate Thread Policy

Please try to search for your topic first to see if it has already been posted. Threads on the same, exact topic will be locked.

9. Post Threads in the Correct Forum


10. The Spam Policy

A. Don't create spam. Spam includes posting topics that can't be discussed by other members, posting replies that make no sense, posting a reply on a thread that adds nothing to the conversation other than to up your post count, or just acting annoying to the other members. Spammish posting will be allowed a bit more in the Game Room and the Shoutbox, but not completely.

B. Advertising for profit will also not be allowed here. Those who do may get an immediate IP ban.

11. Trolling Policy

If you're main objective for being here is just to annoy, deceive, irritate, or disturb the other posters at the forum, you are a troll. Trolling is a pattern of bad or annoying behavior by someone who won't listen to warnings or is very unlikely change their annoying behavior. Trolls will be banned here.

12. Don't Make Multiple Accounts

A. For the time being there is only one member account allowed per IP address.

B. If you feel it absolutely necessary to have more than one account on an IP address for your relatives, PM me, and I will consider your request. But having phony �brothers� or �sisters� who are the same person under different accounts is not allowed.

13. The Shippping/Pro Yuri, Yaoi Policy

A. Shipping is the act of a fan supporting the pairing of two characters together in a romantic relationship. You are allowed to ship any fictional characters together you want here, including same sex couples, characters with age differences, or whatever else. It�s all good, and we want to let the fans have their fun.

B. This is a pro yuri and yaoi website. If you have a problem with that, you can just leave. I don�t care. If you just don�t partake in the yuri and yaoiness, there are plenty of other things for you to comment on here.

14. Shoutbox Rules

All the above rules also apply to the shoutbox, although non-harmful spam will be allowed within reason.

15. Double Posting Policy

A. Double posting in itself is not against the rules here. Double posts will be tolerated as long as they are not "spammish" and contribute to the thread intelligently. Although, it�s not always against the rules, please don't do it very often and remember you can always use the edit button.

B. Spammish double posting will include posts just to "bump" a topic to the top that don't add anything else to the thread. This would includes posts like, "Did anyone read this yet?"

C. Triple+ posting for everyone but staff members (who might need to do it for news, announcements, etc.) is against the rules. Amendment: If users confront the 7MB upload limit for a single post, they may be allowed to bypass the triple+posting rule. However, this should only be done for the uploading of content that members of the forum may find valuable or entertaining.

16. The All Caps Policy

Posting in all caps (aka shouting) is against the rules.

17. The Signature Policy

Pictures in members' signatures are not allowed to stretch the page beyond the normal width of the "board wrapper." The board wrapper is what keeps everything in the forum neatly centered on your screen.

18. The Personal Information Policy

You are not allowed to post private personal information such as your phone number or home address anywhere on the site. This is a safety measure. Anyone would tell you that you shouldn't do this anywhere on the internet.

19. The Contest Voting Policy

You are not allowed to vote in an official TSUG contest unless you meet one of the following criteria:

A. You were a member before the contest was officially announced.

B. You have a post-count of at least 40 (including posts at the old forum). A large amount of these posts cannot have come from short spammy replies or replies to relatively discussion free threads such as the "How are you feeling?" thread.

C. None of these restrictions exist on actually entering the contest. We encourage completely new members to enter their artwork right away.

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post Feb 17 2010, 04:27 AM
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Queen Bee III
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Group: Root Admin
Posts: 6,314
Joined: 27-January 10
From: Mandy's Room
Member No.: 1
Favorite Character:
Country: us
Favorite Pairing: Sam x Mandy
Favorite Anime: Ikkitousen
Favorite Game: Senran Kagura

Ok, this is the new version of the rules for the new site. Some rules were changed, a few stream-lined, some changed, and a few dropped all together. I want all members to go through and read through all of them so everyone is on the same page here.

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post Jan 10 2014, 09:52 AM
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BH's Queen !!!!!!!

Group: Totally Spies Characters
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Country: us
Favorite Pairing: Me and David, or Me and Sam.
Favorite Anime: Anime?! Eww...
Favorite Manga: Gross...
Favorite Comic: Only nerds read them...
Favorite Musician(s): Any handsome musician
Favorite Game: Games are for losers...

This forum needs new rules:

1. You must love MEH!!!
2. Every thread must be about meh too.
3. z03.png fans are just a bunch of losers!!! They should die !!!
4. z01.png fans are tolerated.
5. No z10.png , please. Eww...
6. Handsome boys must love meh!!

- Teh Rules


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