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>  Theme Park Chaos
agent X
Posted on: Jun 21 2012, 11:04 PM


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Totally Spies: Theme Park Chaos

Chapter 3: Evacuation

After they locked Scam and Terry in the room, Rick and John ran out, Rick stopped to grab an assault riffle from Scam's locker and grabbed his X-Screen.

"Emergency protocol 7, red alert. All channels. Terrorist situation Lightwater Valley, several bombs planted." he said

"I read you Rick. Alerting spies now." Jerry replied

"What do we do?" John asked

"I have an idea, run away screaming that I have a gun." Rick said

"What?" John asked

"Do it!" Rick yelled

John ran towards the park gate, "THAT GUYS GOT A GUN!"

Rick then laughed maniacly and discharged the gun. All around the park, people froze upon hearing gunfire. Suddenly, it was pandemonium, with guests running towards the exit. John ran into the offices to find Kate and inform her of the situation.

"Rick, what the hell are you doing?" Sam asked, running towards him.

"Evacuating the park." Rick said, "Scams planted bombs on several rides."

"Oh shit." Arnold said

"How long until they explode?" Clover asked

"Shit, sixty seconds." Rick said, "Let's move it!"

The team ran for the main gates, as Rick's watch counted down. At zero, everyone froze, waiting for the explosions, but instaid heard what sounded like somebody blowing party horns.

"What the hell?" David muttered, as confetti exploded all over the park.

"What on earth?" Arnold asked, seeing a large flyer falling to the ground, followed by several more. Rick picked one up and read it.

"Suckers?" he read, "What the hell does that mean?"

"It means, suckers." Terry's voice said, "You did exactly what i expected you to do."

"NOOOOOOOOO!" Kate's voice rang out, as Scam was holding her at gunpoint

"Keep back, or I'll kill her!" Scam said with a laugh

"All this was a setup. During the panic, you kidnap her." Rick said, "Just one problem Terence, and it's the gun Scam's holding. WOOHP ADS Type 3 Taser. My Gun. Designed to be usable only by ADS officers, security mode can be activated by saying 'Shocking'"

"Unauthorised user." the gun said, and zapped Tim with a shock.

"I have a trump card!" Terry said, running away quickly towards the Ultimate 2. Alex, Sam and Rick chased after him. At the ride, Terry activated it, and sent the cars up the track.

"Two minutes until boom boom!" he laughed

"Come on!" Rick said, activating his Jetpack and following the car. Alex followed behind him and they flew alongside it.

"Their's the bomb!" Alex said, pointing to the front seat. Rick landed inside the car and begun to attempt to remove it. After strugling with it, he was able to dislodge it. He looked at the bomb, "7, 6, 5."

"SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT!" he yelled, and threw it to the side, away from the track. A moment later, the device exploded, destroying the Whirlwind ride nearby. Rick landed next to Alex and surveyed the damage.

"Always hated those rides." Alex said

"Yeah, me too." Rick laughed, "Let's go find John and Kate."

End of chapter 3
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>  Theme Park Chaos
agent X
Posted on: Jun 21 2012, 10:32 PM


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Totally Spies: Theme Park Chaos

Chapter 2: Arriving at the park

A few days later, the spies had arrived at Lightwater Valley disguised as tourists, Kate had presented them with free daypasses for that day, if they hadn't noticed anything unusual, they would be given undercover jobs amungst the staff. As usual, Clover found something to comment on.

"What's that smell?" she asked, looking slightly green.

"Farm animals, theirs farmland all around the park." Arnold said, "Think it's horses."

"Horses, cattle, sheep, pigs." Rick replied, "All kinds."

"The smell? Don't worry about it, you'll get used to it in no time." A man at the gate said, "Okay, your tickets are in order, welcome to Lightwater Valley."

The group proceeded through the gates into the theme park itself. The team headed off in groups, Clover and David, Sam and Arnold and Rick and Alex.

"We could try the Lightwater wheel." Alex sugested, pointing the map, "As a Ferris Wheel we'll be able to scan the park from above."

"You just wanna go on the ferris wheel." Rick joked. On the ride, Rick took several photos of the park. Suddenly, he froze.

"Rick, did you see something?" Alex asked

"Saw some movement in the bushes." Rick said. Alex activated the zoom function on her sunglasses and smiled.

"It's just a deer, Rick." she smiled

"I forgot about them." Rick said with a chuckle, "They're quite common in the woods."

"Well, that was a waste of time." Alex said

"Not quite, I could see the construction of Ultimate 2. Looks like they're running a test of it." Rick said, "Let's go take a closer look."

The two spies crossed the park, heading towards rides near to the construction.

"Rick!" Alex said, freezing on the spot, "Ten O'Clock."

Rick glanced northwest and spotted a familier face, "Scam."

"We gotta report this in." Alex said

"No, we don't know what he's done." Rick said, "What if he's hidden nerve gas around the park?"

"What do we do?" Alex asked

"Find the others, tell em I'm tailing Scam. He dosn't know me as well as he knows you. I've got a better chance at tailing him." Rick said

"Rick, just be careful." Alex said

"Careful's my middle name." Rick replied

"Really? I thought it was James." Alex joked

"Richard James Careful Luxe." Rick replied, as he followed Scam. Scam was walking away from Ultimate 2 and headed towards Raptor Attack.

"Raptor Attack?" Rick thought, then sighed as Tim walked through the crowd and flashed his badge at the guard.

"Morning Mac." the guard replied, "Car 3's acting up, we need it running before the rush."

"Sure Jack." Tim replied. Rick's quick scan using his X-screen showed explosives.

"Shit." Rick thought, seeing Scam walked into the maintenance tunnels. Quickly, he hid and transformed into a park uniform. Walking over to the guard, he flashed his badge, "Jake Langsly, Mac's assistant mechanic."

"Go in." the guard said, letting Rick into the tunnel. As he walked down, he was suddenly attacked by Scam. A lead bar quickly rendered him unconcious.

Rick came around in a small room, which was being used as a makeshift cell.

"Are you okay son?" an old man asked

"John Carter I persume?" Rick asked, sitting up.

"Yes, have we met?" John asked

"Jerry sent me in to find you. Then I saw Scam. I followed him and you see what happened." Rick sighed, "Bastard whacked me with a bat."

"Did you come alone?" John asked

"5 other WOOHP agents are in the park, 2 ADS officers and 3 spies." Rick replied, "Why did Scam kidnap you?"

"I found out he was working for LAMOS and was planning something big in the park. A bomb from the sound of it." John said

"That's not Scams M.O." Rick said

"No, but it will help with my revenge." a new voice said, "Hello John-Boy."

"That voice, it can't be. Terry?" John asked

"Still remember me? I'm touched." Terry said

"Who the fuck are you?" Rick asked

"You may call me Terrence Lewis." Terry replied

"Lewis?" Rick asked

"He's Jerry's brother." John said, "And an old friend of mine and Kate's."

"Until that fateful day, what happened again? Oh yes, you saw me and Jerry cheating on a test. I got caught and you and Kate allowed Jerry to frame me." Terry said

"We didn't know!" John protested

"Wait a minute? You turned evil cos your brother let you take the rap for breaking a rule at school? Jesus mate, you're insane!" Rick said, "My sister got me into trouble all the time, I repayed her by saving her life. Don't belive it, just ask Tim."

"Shut your mouth Hunter!" Scam snarled

"Just one question. How's the knee?" Rick asked, refering to how he'd shot Tim in the knee once before. Scam barged into the cell, his gun drawn. As he entered, Rick lunged at him, and was able to knock the gun away. John dived and grabbed it and pointed it at Scam.

"Okay boys, against the wall." Rick said, taking the gun from John, "Now talk, what ride did you rig?"

"He he he, Raptor, Eagle Claw, Black Pearl, Vulture, powder kegs. You'll never be able to defuse them all." Terry said, "30 minutes until go time."

"John, evacuate the park!" Rick said

"Their's no emergency evac procedure." John said

"Jesus." Rick said

End of chapter 2
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>  Theme Park Chaos
agent X
Posted on: Jun 20 2012, 09:04 PM


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Thanks Syxx, idea came a few days ago, i'd been to Lightwater valley and I saw Beverly Hills Cop 3 a week later, and i decided to write a new fic about a conspiracy at a theme park. Basing a story in an area i've visited allows for some creativity too.

Pity those Japanese sods took the title from Lightwater for longest coaster though.
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>  Theme Park Chaos
agent X
Posted on: Jun 20 2012, 12:00 PM


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Totally Spies!

Theme Park Chaos

Chapter 1: Jerry's old friend

It was early in the evening in Los Angeles, the citys many business were closing up for the evening. In the Beverly Hills Mall, Arnold clocked out of the computer shop where he was working part time, as David hung up his hat in the food court. Outside, Clover, Alex, Sam and Mandy were just leaving, followed by Rick. Arnold and David walked out, greeting goodnight to the security guard who was locking up.

"Another day, another doller." Arnold said

"How's the job then?" Rick asked

"Boring." Arnold said simply, "I thought i'd be advising people about computers, not just fetching stuff from the back room."

"Could be worse, I worked as a doorman in a club called Big Club, I mean jesus talk about psychotic regulars. Even working in SOCA was easy compared to that." Rick said

"I'm enjoying my work at the burger bar, even if it does go against my views on meat." David said

"In this day and age, you gotta take whatever job you can get." Alex said

"I agree. That's why i'm doing it." David said. Suddenly, the ground gave way and the teens fell down the chute to WOOHP. A few moments later they landed in Jerry's office.

"Good evening spies." Jerry said, "I have summoned you here fora most unusual reason, to request your help, not send you on a mission as normal."

"Scuse me?" Clover asked

"I'd better let my friend do the talking. Video link on." Jerry said, and a woman appeared on the sceen with the words, "Ripon Manor, North Yorkshire, 02:42, "This is an old friend of mine, Kathlene Sunday or Kate for short, owner of Lightwater Valley Theme Park."

"Lightwater Valley?" Rick and Mandy asked, "You own it?"

"Yes, I do. Are you familier with it?" Kate asked. She spoke with a slight Yorkshire accent.

"Been their several times with my dad." Rick said, "Great little theme park if i may add."

"Rick, please." Jerry said, "Kate, why don't you explain the situation to them?"

"Very well Jerry." Kate said, "Many years ago, we built an attraction that held a world record, the Ultimate, a steel roller coasterr. Currently, the ride holds the slot of the second longest coaster in the world, after the Japanese Steel dragon coaster was built. However, the Ultimate has had to be withdrawn from service to to safety concerns due to it's age."

"That's a pity." Mandy said, "It was a great ride."

"That is why we're busy rebuilding it, and adding several new sections, including several underground sections. The completed ride will be called The Ultimate mine ride. But, something's happened and a good friend who went to college with Jerry and myself has disappeared, the man responsible for the new design, John Carter." Kate said

"You want us to investigate?" Sam asked

"Yes, but we have a problem. This kind of thing isn't a standard mission, people have to be missing for 3 weeks before WOOHP can get involved. This mission would be off the books." Jerry said

"I'll help." Rick said, "I know how it is, when your friends go missing. Happened to a friend of mine once."

"Did you find him?" Alex asked

"Found him a few days later in the middle of the park, naked, quoting the bible to a bunch of pigeons. When he came to his senses the next day, all he could remember was a party, vodka and something about a bong." Rick said

Everyone chuckled.

"Count me in." Alex said, then looked at Rick, "You're not escaping our date that easy."

"Count us in." David and Arnold said

"Me too." Sam said

"Is their a mall?" Clover asked

"Small shopping centre. They sell shoes and handbags." Rick said

"Smashing. I'll just pack my bag." Clover said, running to her locker.

"No we don't sell shoes and handbags." Kate said

"If she thinks you do, she'll help." Sam said

End of chapter 1
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>  Payback
agent X
Posted on: Jan 7 2011, 12:50 PM


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>  Payback
agent X
Posted on: Nov 26 2010, 02:59 PM


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I'm adding in a few new characters to the story, and altering one completly. The spies have 90 minutes to save the earth (and I gotta read a new alex rider book, eagle strike is stuck in my head now, hence nuclear missiles and stuff. Or was that T3: rise of the machines?)

Payback Chapter 5: Abort launch sequence

As the whole world fought to regain control of thousands of nuclear missiles, Arnold was franticly working on a programe code with Dr. Gladis Smyth, the head of WOOHP's gadget development facility.

"We're working on a code Jerry, if sucesful, we can with the help of those in control of the launch sites regain control of the nuclear missiles, and harmlessly detonate them in space." Gladis said, working on her own terminal, while Arnold was trying to bring the Systems back online. Meanwhile, Rick and Alex were shooting their way through more robots.

"You are teminated!" Rick muttered, as he blew a droids head away. In the control room, Gladis shut down the bases power, throwing everything into near darkness, as the emergency lighting remained online. A second later, their was a hissing noise, and the lights fused. Alex activated a flare so they could see.

"They cut the power?" Rick asked, but then noticed that all the droids had collapses, smoking.

"Looks like Gladis detonated some EMP's, that's why she cut the power." Alex said, "If you detonate an emp...."

"It'll frazzle all the wiring in anything powered up, but not things shut down." Rick said, "I learnt it watching sci fi. How long we got left anyway?"

"85 minutes until the nukes reenter orbit." Alex said, "Come on, this way!"

Alex and Rick ran down a corridor, to a launch facility, and were joined by David, Mandy, Sam and Clover. Jerry appeared quickly also, and briefed the team.

"We're taking part in opperation Shooting star." Jerry said, "We're going into space to attempt to disrupt the nukes with the new missle defense system"

"I'm afraid not." Rick said, "I can't let you do that Lewis."

"What the hell?" Jerry asked, as Rick pointed the pistol at him.

"Rick?" Mandy asked in disbelief, "What are you doing?"

"What i was programed to do." Rick said, firing. Jerry was hit in the shoulder as he'd dodged to the side and collapsed to the ground. Screaming in anger, Sam threw herself onto Rick, trying to get the gun. In a countering move, Rick threw sam off and aimed at her.

"Goodbye bitch!" he said. As he was about to pull the trigger, the roof exploded and several soldiers absailed into the room. As the soldiers were absailing, one of them fired a shot into Rick's head, causing sparks to fly out. Rick collapsed, spewing sparks all over. The soldiers hit the ground and ran to tend to Jerry's wounds.

"Secure Commander Lewis, establish a perimiter. Blast those nukes as soon as they enter orbit." one soldier said, as he walked over to Rick's body. Bending down, he took the S.I.A card, cellphone and a wallet from him.

"What're you doing, checking if he has I.D? His name is Rick Luxe." Clover said. The soldier stood up, chuckled and removed his balacava.

"What a coincidence, because that's my name also." he said, facing the spies.

"RICK?" Mandy asked, "Is this really you?"

"Lt. Richard Luxe at your service, British Department of Serious Crimes." Rick said, "Those Lamos bastards attacked me when i was off duty. I'd been for a drink, and i was jumped. But as the things they took didn't comprenise my cover with the DSC, I only reported it to the police."

"And why did they jump you?" Sam asked

"They stole my Idenity, made a robot copy of me, went to America, met Mandy and tried to infiltrate WOOHP, which they suceeded in doing. If it hadn't been for the droid being spotted on CCTV, it could have been too late." Rick said

"What CCTV?" Sam asked

"Jerry uses CCTV to know where you girls are at all times, that's how the drop chutes work." Gladis said, "I take it DSC has access to those files?"

"Of course, central saw me in L.A this morning, and in Newcastle also, they sounded the alert, but your comm systems were down." Rick said

End of chapter
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>  Payback
agent X
Posted on: Nov 3 2010, 03:49 PM


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very short update


Chapter 4: Leading the defence

As Alex and Rick headed to sector four, the found themselves crawling through several vents to avoid the massive amount of attack droids that had infiltrated the base.

“Does this seem at all familiar to you Rick?” Alex asked, “I’ve crawled through so many vents, I could write a song.”

“It does seem familiar. It’s a classic plot device in video games and movies. Ever saw mission Improbable?” Rick asked

“I saw that when I was 10.” Alex said, kicking a vent cover away. As they jumped down, some attack droid’s spotted them and opened fire. With reflexes he didn’t even know he possessed, Rick fired at a droid, blasting its head clean away. As the droid began to malfunction, it began spraying bullets from its machine gun randomly, and spun around in a circle, bullets flying everywhere, as Alex and Rick hit the deck. After a several seconds, the shooting stopped. Alex glanced up and laughed, the malfunctioning droid had blasted away the other 3 as it went crazy.

“Nice one. Where did you learn to shoot like that anyway?” Alex asked.

“I guess it was the old arcade game called Operation Fox.” Rick said, “Dad used to run a video game arcade, and I used to play the games for free.”

“And they say video games only rot minds.” Alex said, “Come on, we’ve got to find the control console.”

As they arrived at the console, they noticed a display countdown and Alex gasped in shock. The entire system of American nuclear missiles was going online.

“London, Berlin, Tokyo, New York, Washington, Birmingham, Newcastle, Paris, Dijon, Stockholm…..my god, it’s all the major cities of the world.” Rick said.

“Come in, anybody please respond. Missiles have begun launch sequence. Mayday, unable to abort launch sequence. Please respond!” a panicked voice cried. Suddenly, a second voice began screaming in Russian, then a Chinese voice began calling.

“What the hell is going on?” Alex cried, “Jerry, come in!”

“I’m aware of the situation Alex. Lamos’ attack was a diversion. They have captured control of all the world nuclear missile systems.” Jerry said, “We’re undertaking efforts to destroy them as we speak.”
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>  Payback
agent X
Posted on: Oct 24 2010, 11:36 AM


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thanks for the review, not a bad chapter considering it only took 45 minutes to write. I kind of do things on the spur, I'll try to get another chapter up next week.
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> Poll: Best Jerry Pairing?
agent X
Posted on: Oct 22 2010, 03:32 PM


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I voted Blane because it's funny. And i'd hate to see what Clover would do to Jerry if that happened.
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>  Payback
agent X
Posted on: Oct 22 2010, 03:19 PM


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Chapter 3: Discovered

As the maglev came to a halt at the WOOHP world headquarters, the door opened and everyone vacated, with Rick still dragging Scam with him. They moved into a huge auditorium area, filled with agents and computers.

“You’ll pay for this, you damn limey bastard!” Scam moaned.

“Shut up, or I’ll shoot your other knee.” Rick muttered.

“Okay, put Scam over there, Jerry will be here in a minute.” Sam said. Rick placed Scam on a gurney and gave a sarcastic wave to him, as a Doctor wheeled him away. Scam responded with a middle finger.

“Making friends huh?” David asked

“Of course Law-man.” Rick replied, using David’s football nickname. Suddenly, a hand grasped Rick’s shoulder from behind. Rick span around, to see a tall balding man in a business suit.

“Nice reflexes.” The man said in a southern British accent.

“Why aye, part of my training.” Rick replied

“Your accent, I’d say you’re from Newcastle upon Tyne?” Jerry asked

“Nah, I’m from Washington.” Rick said, “Are you Jerry?”

“Yes, I am Jerry Lewis. Since your arrival, we’ve monitored you and your friends. Alex told us you’re a skilled martial artist.” Jerry said

“I’m not, I’m a skilled intervener.” Rick said

“I’d like to offer you a place with us, here in WOOHP.” Jerry said, “And David and Arnold also.”

“What?” David, Arnold and Rick exclaimed

“It’s safer then trying to erase your memories. Last time we tried that, we completely damaged the mans mind.” Jerry said

“Whose mind did you break?” David asked, unnerved.

“George Walker Bush. You may have heard of him.” Jerry replied

“I knew it! Nobody could be that stupid naturally.” Arnold said.

Suddenly, the alarms sounded, “What the Devil?” Jerry asked, looking at a warning screen.

“Tactical bombers converging on our position!” an agent said

“How could they have found us?” Jerry asked

“That guy, Scram. He must have wanted us to capture him!” David said

“Why would he want that?” the agent asked

“Homing device?” Arnold asked. David nodded.

“We need to get the defensive systems online.” Jerry said

“Hope Scam didn’t have anything that could knock out the systems.” Sam said. Suddenly, their was an explosion and the electronic systems shut down.

“Didn’t see that one coming.” Rick said sarcastically. Suddenly, Scam appeared again, marching on the team, talking gibberish, his head stuck sideways. A robotic version of Scam.

“Terminate agents. Pick up suit from dry cleaners, terminate lamos…corruption detected!” Scam said. Rick aimed the gun again and fired twice at Scam’s head. The robot fell to the ground and began beeping, then shut down.

“We’ve gotta get the power back on!” Alex said, “It’s our only chance.”

“We need weapons.” Jerry said, “If there are more of those robots in here, I’m authorising firearm issue.”

Running to the armoury, the team picked up some weapons.

“I have an idea.” Arnold said, “Some of this equipment, we could build auto turrets with them, attaching some of those chain guns to em, and place em outside that room there, we could use it as a safe area, place the people who can’t fight in there where it’s safe.”

“Agent Weston, you and Arnold do that. Richard, you and Alex head to sector four and be ready to bring the automated defence systems online. David and Clover, we need you to seal the entrance and Sam, Mandy and myself will bring the power back online.” Jerry said

“Never thought I’d ever use a gun. And now I’m using two in a single day.” Rick said, picking up an assault rifle and reloading Scam’s pistol.

“Take some EMP grenades also, if they’re robotic, we may need em.” Arnold said
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>  Payback
agent X
Posted on: Sep 25 2010, 11:46 AM


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Chapter 2 is up. Featuring Tim Scam.

Totally Spies: Payback

Chapter 2: Mass attack

About a week after arriving in L.A, Rick was really starting to enjoy his vacation; he’d already gone on dates with Alex twice, first to the nightclub, then to the cinema. Alex had similar movie tastes to him, enjoying comedy. They had both agreed that the movie they’d saw had been really funny, Adam Sandler and Rob Schneider’s latest project, a spoof covert operations movie called “S.H.E.E.S.H.” Afterwards, they were chatting about the movie.

“What did Sheesh stand for again?” Alex asked

“I think it was; Supreme headquarters of Espionage and efficiently secure homeland.” Rick said. Alex laughed.

“And the villains were called B.A.D, Badly Armed and Dangerous.” She laughed.

“Yeah, man Sandler and Schneider crack me up. That Owen Wilson’s a good comedian also. Seen Starskey and Hutch?” Rick asked

“Yeah, Ben Stiller was really funny also; especially the part where he accidentally put that bag of cocaine into his coffee, thinking it was powdered sugar.” Alex laughed, “I wanna go dancing. Let’s go dancing.” Alex said

“I saw a good Owen Wilson one; it was called I-Spy.” Rick said, “He played a useless secret agent, and he’s teamed up with an egomaniacal pro boxer played by Eddie Murphy. They’re supposed to find a stealth aircraft that can turn invisible. Just after they were able to save the aircraft, their next mission is to fly it back to America. One minute after lift off, they crashed it, the fuel tank had been ruptured in the fire fight and they crashed into the river. Murphy had some good lines. You know, I personally think James Bond is overrated. It’s always about one guy saving the world; I doubt real spies are like that, they’d need to work with others, not just the babe.”

“I agree.” Alex said, “Have you seen Shanghai Noon?”

“Yeah.” Rick said, as they arrived outside Alex’s house, “Your castle Lady Alexandra.” Rick said, putting on a posh accent. Alex kissed him on the cheek.

“Thank you Sir Richard.” Alex giggled. Rick bowed, and headed towards Mandy’s house. As he walked in, he bumped into Mandy, who noticed something on his cheek.

“Lipstick, somebody got lucky huh?” she teased.

“I was a perfect Gentleman.” Rick said, carrying on with the posh accent.

“I can believe that.” Mandy said, “You were the one with the manners, while I was always rude and pushy.”

“You were only pushy when you couldn’t get your own way.” Rick laughed

“Would you like to visit the school tomorrow as a guest, the principal says it’s okay if you wish to visit, and maybe give a little speech about what you do for a living?” Mandy asked

“Give a speech about the SIA?” Rick asked, “Sure, it’ll maybe teach the students that violence doesn’t solve violence.”

The next day, Rick was standing in front of the school, talking about the Security Industry authority, and its role.

“The Security Industry Authority was founded in 2003 to regulate Private Security. All people in the United Kingdom working in Private Security must possess a valid S.I.A Security badge, like this one fastened to my jacket. Now, can anybody tell me what kind of security sector you think I work in?” Rick asked. Several students raised their hands, and gave answers.

“I think you look like the kind of guy who sits at the security station.” One said

“Not quite, this isn’t a valid badge for a static security guard. Nice try though.” Rick replied.

“Do you work as a ground patrol man?” another asked

“No I’m not a patrol security guard, although this badge does cover that. Actually, I work as a nightclub door supervisor.” Rick replied, “Or in layman’s terms, a bouncer.”

“You work as a bouncer?” a jock asked, laughing, “You look as nerdy as Jackson. In fact, I’d bet Arnold would be nearly able to take you.”

“Okay bud, I need a volunteer for this next part. Would you like to play the part of the enraged American Football player?” Rick asked, indicating to some mats on the floor. The whole school seemed to be suddenly paying utmost attention, a few wanted to see the jock win, but the rest of the school were rooting for Rick. The jock walked over to the stage.

“So, what’s your name then?” Rick asked.

“Carl West. Everybody calls me Ox.” The jock said, “Okay then, what do you want me to do?”

“Okay, throw a punch at me, aim for my mouth. I also need a second volunteer, which one of you is Jackson?” Rick asked

“That would be me.” Arnold said, “I’m Arnold Jackson.”

“Okay, could you also help out please?” Rick asked

Arnold stepped up to the stage, and Rick gave him a whistle.

“Okay, whenever you’re ready Arnold, blow the whistle. Ox, when you hear the whistle make your move.” Rick said. When Arnold blew the whistle, Ox threw the punch. As soon Ox made his move, Rick dodged the blow, grabbed the arm and twisted around. Ox suddenly found Rick was behind him, one hand on the back of his shoulder, the other hand hooked around his arm. Ox began trying to shake him off, but was somehow finding it difficult. With a final throw however, he broke free, knocking Rick to the floor. Rick stood back up again, and thanked Ox for the help.

“What you just saw was called the hook and turn.” Rick said, “Did you find that difficult to escape from at first Ox?”

“Yeah, but then I was able to throw you off with a wrestling move.” Ox said

“In a real situation, SIA trained supervisors work in pairs. Arnold, this time can you stand behind Ox and do what I do? Ox, it’s nearly the same thing, me and Arnold will take both sides, when I say go, try to break out.” Rick said

“Sure.” Ox said.

Rick directed Arnold to the left, “Better take off your glasses first though.” Arnold put his glasses on the podium, and took Ox’s left side, while Rick took the right.

“Space your feet apart, gives you more leverage, put your hand there, and brace yourself. Okay, Ox. Go!” Rick said. Ox began to try to break out, trying his best to throw Arnold and Rick off, but although he put all of his power into it, he could barely move. After 10 seconds, he started to feel weaker, and after 20 he stopped resisting. Rick released him, and checked to see how he was.

“I’ll be alright.” Ox said

“It’s not as easy as it looks is it?” Rick asked, “What happened was simple, your brain misreads the situation and confuses you. You struggle, you burn up energy. After 20 seconds you gave up resisting completely, because you’d completely burnt your energy and tired yourself out. It’s also an escort technique, two or more supervisors can escort you out and stop when you resist. Their’s one thing you should know Ox.”

“What’s that?” Ox asked

“Never judge a book by its cover. Their’s one supervisor back home, works for a different club. She is half of my size, but she’d have put you down effortlessly. She’s a black belt in 3 martial arts and studies kickboxing.” Rick said, “Okay, that’s it for the demonstration, my time is up. I’ve printed some leaflets if anyone wants to learn more, and a list of useful websites.”

Later that day, just after everyone left, Rick came back to see Mandy’s cheerleading practice. Arnold sat next to him.

“Hey Rick, that was amazing what you did with Ox.” Arnold said

“Ox was a good sport, is he the tough guy on the team?” Rick asked

“I don’t know, I don’t like football.” Arnold said, “As a guy, he’s okay I suppose. He’s not an asshole like some of the guys on the team, he doesn’t bully people. You see, years ago, he was a fat kid and he got bullied himself, then he found football and you see what happened.”

“Aye, fat to muscle. Imagine how much money you could make if you invented a drug that could do that.” Rick said. Hearing a buzzing noise, he looked into the sky, “What the? Isn’t that a gunship?”

“Air force must be passing over the city, their’s another two. No, three, four, what the hell?” Arnold spluttered

“Jesus, their’s an entire battalion in the air, and they’re unmarked.” Rick said, “I’m getting bad vibes, let’s head inside.” Mandy ran over.

“Rick, I’m going inside, those helicopters are hovering over the school.” She said

Suddenly, all hell broke loose, as the copters opened fire. Everyone ran for cover.

“Who’s left in the school right now?” Rick asked

“Me, Sam, Clover, Alex, you, Arnold and David I think.” Mandy said

“What the fuck is going on?” Rick yelled, as the trio ran into the hallway, they saw a tall man holding a pistol.

“Oh my god!” Mandy said, as the man walked over.

“Where can I find Simpson, Vasquez and Ewing?” the man demanded, pointing the gun at Mandy.

“I’ll never tell you Scam!” Mandy said

“Don’t tempt me Luxe.” Tim said, “Where are the spies?”

“I won’t talk!” Mandy said. Tim pointed the gun at Rick.

“You’ll talk won’t you?” Tim asked. As he took aim, Rick suddenly lunged, knocking the gun away. Screaming in anger, he punched Tim several times, eventually knocking him down. Grabbing the gun, he pointed it at Tim’s head.

“NOBODY THREATENS MY SISTER WHEN I’M AROUND!” Rick screamed. Rick wanted so much for his finger to obey and blast Scam’s head to chunks. Scam chuckled.

“First time you’ve held a gun right? It’s not as easy as you think to kill somebody. Can you make your finger obey?” Tim asked. Rick’s face was covered in sweat, his finger twitching. Eventually, he lowered the gun. Tim laughed,

“Just as I thought.” Tim said. Suddenly, the gun barrel moved to another target, and their was an explosion, as a bullet fired out, tearing into Tim’s knee. Tim screamed in agony, “You fucking shot me!”

“You’ll live.” Rick said, discharging the rest of the clip into the wall, then throwing the gun back to Scam, “Let’s get out of here!”

Suddenly, Sam, Clover, Alex and David appeared.

“What happened to him?” Sam asked, seeing Tim on the ground, screaming in pain.

“He threatened to shoot Mandy.” Arnold said, “Rick beat the shit out of him, then shot him in the knee.”

“LAMOS is closing in on the school.” Clover said, “We gotta escape through the tube.” She said.

“She’s right, we have no choice.” Sam said, taking out her X-powder, and pressing a button. “Follow me!”

Alex dragged Scam with them as the gang followed Sam into a nearby classroom, a one that hadn’t been used in years. The back wall had opened, revealing a secret passageway. Heading down, the found a railway system and a 12 seated maglev train. As everybody got in, the train activated, heading down the tunnel at breakneck speed, as the passageway closed up behind them.

“Okay, what the hell is going on? Why was a wanted terrorist after you guys?” Rick asked

“We’re secret agents.” Sam said simply, “Jerry will explain more at the headquarters.”

“Where is the HQ then?” Rick asked

“Ever hear of area 51?” Clover asked, “We’re about 5 miles from it.”

End of chapter 2
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>  Payback
agent X
Posted on: Sep 23 2010, 12:51 PM


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i used my own knowlage of SIA techniques to add a bit of realism in the story. I recently completed a course in that, and physical intervention. I'll be adding a new chapter soon.
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>  parody story: Totally guys
agent X
Posted on: Sep 22 2010, 04:44 PM


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Okay, here's the story. The spies have been accidently transgendered. the dialoge should read,

Clover: Oh like this totally can't be happening.

Sam: Jerry, what the hell have you done to us?

Jerry is laughing

Alex: I'm going to kill him!
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>  Payback
agent X
Posted on: Sep 22 2010, 04:00 PM


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Totally Spies: Payback

It was another sunny day in L.A, as Mandy Luxe stood in the lobby of the international airport, waiting for a flight to come in.

"Flight 271 from Newcastle International airport has arrived. Passengers will be alighting soon." the Tanoy said.

Mandy stood to the side, and watched as several people walked in from the gates, her eyes scanning the crowd for a certain someone. Then she saw him, a tall handsome man, wearing a cap with the crest of the Newcastle Falcon rugby team, horn rimmed glasses and a white t-shirt. The man's brown eyes were scanning around, trying to locate someone. Suddenly, an 18 year old woman jumped into him, and hugged him, nearly knocking him down.

"Rick, welcome back!" Mandy said

"Sis, you're getting too big to be doing that. You nearly knocked me flying." the man said grinning, "It's good to see you too Mandy. Did Phoebe drive you?"

"No, I can drive myself now. I'm not a kid." Mandy laughed, "Mom's actually gone away for a few months. It's just us two."

"Awesome, wild parties then?" Rick replied.

"No, but it gives us some time to catch up. How long have you been wearing glasses then?" Mandy asked

"Two years, remember that accident at college?" Rick asked

"The one where the place caught fire?" Mandy asked

"Aye, that one. It aggravated my eyesight. I lost a bit of sight in my left eye, and my right eye is also pretty bad." Rick said, "See that billboard?"

Mandy looked at a billboard that read, "Enjoy your visit to L.A." Rick removed his glasses.

"Now it reads Ejoy yorr vsit t LV." Rick said, putting his glasses back on as they headed to the car park. Mandy was driving a convertible, and Rick threw his bags into the back. As they drove back home, Rick began to ask questions.

"So, are you dating anyone?" Rick asked

"I'm dating Sam." Mandy said, looking a little unsure of what to say.

"What's Sam look like then?" Rick asked

"Long red hair, slim build, pretty face, DD-cup breasts." Mandy said quickly.

Rick looked a little shocked, and then found his voice again.

"So...you're into girls then?" Rick asked, Mandy looked upset, "Whoa, it's not a problem. I should have seen it coming really."

"What?" Mandy asked

"You used to watch WWE with me all the time, when you were a kid, you always wanted to be a car mechanic. Once, I thought you'd been reading my magazines." Rick said, "Mandy, you're my sister, I love you no matter what."

Mandy cried slightly, and hugged him.

Later, Rick had unpacked his bag into the spare room, and went into the back garden while Mandy went to the shop. He was enjoying a bit of fresh air, when he heard a woman’s voice from the other side, moaning about a pool filter.

Rick walked over to the fence.

"You need a hand with that, love?" he asked. The woman looked up, about 18, cute, dark haired he noted, "I'm a bit of a mechanic myself."

"Thanks." she said, "My name's Alex."

"I'm Rick Hunter." Rick said

"Are you a friend of Mandy?" Alex asked

"Nah, I’m her half brother. Same dad, different mom." Rick said, jumping the fence, and walked over, extending his hand with a smile.

Alex shook his hand, and looked at the filter again.

Rick looked into the pool, "Hmm, best to drain the pool first, then we can take a good look at the filter. Isn't their an external cover for it?" he asked, noting that their wasn't a grill on the outside.

"It was broken last time we cleaned the filter. Clover's clumsy sometimes." Alex said, as the pool emptied.

After prodding around, Rick found the problem.
"You got something in there, it's an animal and it looks like it's been trapped for a while." Rick said, "Can you get a bag to put it in please?"

"Sure." Alex said. After a few minutes, Rick pulled out a dead rat.

When Alex arrived, she looked ill. "A rat? Where did it come from?"
"Don't worry about it, I’ve encounter rat's before, they usually cause more worry then actual harm." Rick said, as he replaced the filter system, "You really need to get a new grill though, to stop it from happening again."

"Rick, where are you?" Mandy called

"I'm meeting the neighbours." Rick said

"Hello Alex." Mandy said

"Mandy." Alex nodded, "You didn't tell us you had a brother."

"Well, he lives in England most of the time." Mandy said, "Anyway, do you want to go to a nightclub tonight?"

"Sure. Can I bring a friend?" Rick asked

"Of course....what friends?" Mandy asked

"Alex, would you like to go to the nightclub tonight?" Rick asked. Alex blushed slightly

"I'd love to." she said. Mandy smiled, and went back to the house.

About 5PM, Rick took a shower, and got dressed.

"Well Rick, you certainly have a way with the ladies." Mandy said. Rick smiled slightly

"It's weird; usually I’m too shy to ask girls out. I just think Alex seems to be a nice person. I got a sixth sense about things." Rick said, "Are you bringing your girlfriend?"

"She and Alex are roommates. Sam lives right next door." Mandy said

"Wait, the redhead who was with the blonde girl?" Rick asked

"That's Clover, formally a rival of mine. We're more civil now, but not exactly the best of friends." Mandy said, "She, Alex and Sam live next door."

"I had a rival once, when I was in college. Now we're good friends." Rick said, "I guess at college, I was a bit of an arse and calling him Monkey Hanger didn't do any favours."

"Monkey Hanger? Is that some sort of perverse term?" Mandy asked

"No, during the Napoleonic wars, a French ship crashed near a town called Hartlepool, the crew were missing, but a monkey was found dressed in naval clothing. The townsfolk, having never saw or heard of monkeys before, thought it was a French soldier and hung it. Then the term Monkey hanger was used as an insult against people from Hartlepool and as a friendly nickname during sporting events. Their Football mascot is a monkey called Hang'us." Rick said.

Mandy laughed, “Did they really hang a monkey?”

“Well, that’s the story. Even if it’s not true, it’s funny.” Rick laughed

“Oh Rick, you believe any story you hear.” Mandy said

“So, are you saying that a huge Wyrm didn’t crawl out of the well and attack the villagers like a local story in Sunderland stated. Man, next thing you’ll be telling me theirs no such thing as Batman.” Rick said, looking upset.

“I missed your crazy behaviour Rick.” Mandy laughed

Later, at the nightclub, Rick was enjoying a dance with Alex, while Sam and Mandy danced. Clover was working her charm on some nearby hotties, and soon went to take a seat. Alex sat down with her.

"Alex, Chloe." Rick said

"Clover." Alex whispered.

"Sorry, Clover, I’m so bad with names...what can I get you?" Rick asked

"Coca cola please." Alex said

"Lemonade please Rick." Clover said. As Rick went for the drinks, a guy walked over to Clover.

"Wanna dance sweetheart?" he slurred

"No thanks. I'm with someone." Clover said

"He won't know." the guy said, trying to take her hand.

"Excuse me, didn't you hear her, she said no." Rick said, standing about arms reach away.

"Fuck off limey." the drunk said

"I think you've had far too much to drink sir." Rick said, his stance changing slightly. The drunken guy threw a punch with his right fist; Rick countered the blow slightly, deflecting it so it passed his head

"Okay, calm down sir." Rick said, “Don’t make trouble for yourself.

Alex and Clover jumped up, ready to step in.
The drunk retaliated by reaching into his pocket, and pulling out a switchblade. Before he could open it, Rick attacked with an open palm to the nose, then grabbed for the blade.

"Oh shit, Clover, find a doorman quick!" Rick said, grabbing the drunks left arm with his own left hand, and placing his right hand onto the drunks shoulder blade, "Alex, take the other side, same way I’m doing it!" Alex quickly grabbed the other side.

The drunk screamed and swore, but the hold was too strong. Three bouncers ran over, and took over.

"Are you all right kid?" the bouncer asked Rick.

"Of course." Rick said, "Takes more then that to stop the skills of SIA training. I'm a door supervisor myself, back in England. That guy was just warm-up compared to some of the people I deal with."

"Okay, we've called the cops, they'll take care of this guy for us." the bouncer said

"You're a bouncer?" Alex asked

"Door supervisor." Rick said, "I don't like the term bouncer. Door supervisors don't bounce people. We remove them with minimal risk of injury to all parties." Taking a drink, he paused, "That was called a two person cradle and hook. It's actually simple stuff but effective. It kind of messes with their minds a bit also."

After the group decided to call it a night, the manager requested to speak with Rick. About 10 minutes later, Rick appeared again looking pleased.

"I've just been offered 5 grand to help train their staff to SIA standard conflict management. They say they've lost a few staff to injuries." Rick said, as the gang headed home, "I'm going to enjoy this vacation."

End of chapter 1
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