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> Winx Club "Princess Amentia" Talkback SPOILERS, Season 2, Episode 4 UNCUT
post Jan 29 2014, 07:04 PM
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Here are my thoughts on this episode:

1. While still in the underground cave, it was sad to see Aisha still stuck to the cavern wall in sticky goo! I'm very glad Sky was able to free her! Although I didn't like seeing Bloom get upset when Aisha thanked him, I'm just glad she was happy to see they were both ok.

2. After Aisha realized that she & Bloom were too weak to fly themselves & Sky down to the bottom of the ravine to find Brandon & Stella, it was great that Aisha was able to create a grapple to get them all down safely. However, when they reached the bottom and saw that Brandon & Stella were nowhere in sight, they discovered an underground river and knew it carried them away!

3. While Brandon & Stella were still being swept away by the river, it wasn't pretty seeing them almost drown. It wasn't any better hearing Stella complain her hair was a soaking wet mess and that she swallowed half the river! It got much worse when while Brandon was holding on to a rock for dear life, he couldn't hold on to Stella and the current carried her away!!!

4. Back at Alfea, after seeing Timmy & Tecna romantically together, I didn't blame Flora for being concerned about Riven being alone and not with Musa. The way he walked off, it seems Riven is still too shy to.

5. Back at the river, although I loved seeing Brandon swim after Stella, it was horrible when they got sucked down a whirlpool! Afterwards, I was relieved to see they washed up on an underground shore, even though they were still unconscious.

6. I didn't blame Bloom for wanting to jump into the river, even when Sky stopped her knowing it would be too dangerous. Although I agreed with Aisha that they still needed to find the pixies, I agreed more with Sky that they still needed to find Brandon & Stella.

7. When Brandon & Stella were woken up by 2 men, it was brutal when Brandon got conked by one of them. While they were being carried off, it was nice of one of them named Sponsus to tell them about the underground crystals, their home realm of Downland, and about their princess...even if the other guy named Abrupta didn't want him to.

8. At the palace, when Stella finally woke up but still felt exhausted, it was nice of Sponsus to revive her with some water. It's too bad he was very picky about how Brandon put the water urn back, because of the princess.

9. Back at Alfea, I really didn't like when Riven said to Musa that if he went with the others to the caves, they'd be back already. All it did was make Musa so worried that she started crying! I'm glad he felt guilty afterwards! Looking at them, I felt sorry for Flora feeling that even though they had a lot in common, they were still too apart! I'm very glad Kiko was able to cheer Flora up.

10. Back at Downland, Amentia was one lovely but horrible princess for throwing away Sponsus' rose bouquet because one petal was wilted and then saying Stella's outfit looked tacky! It was so sad when Amentia chose Brandon over poor Sponsus as her fiancée!!!

11. I really didn't like when, while Aisha finally found a way out of the caves, the Shadow Phoenix & the Trix spied on them!

12. It was so sad when, after Amentia kicked Stella out of the palace, Brandon desperately tried to run away from Amentia's mad embrace! It got worse when Brandon agreed to marry Amentia just so she wouldn't send Stella to a dungeon and suffocate to death!

13. Outside of Downland, while the others were being chased by shadow monsters, I was so glad that Stella found an opening in the cave's ceiling so that the sun could replenish her to full strength and transform! I'm very glad Stella showed up in time to help her friends and make Faragonda's magic seeds grow to make the monsters disappear!

14. It was horrible when the Shadow Phoenix saw their victory, got furious, and started an earthquake!!! I'm just glad they were able to escape!

15. It was still sad to see Brandon run and hide from Amentia's mad embraces and kisses!!!!

A very good episode! Pretty intense scenes in Downland, especially with Amentia! I give it 4 stars.

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