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> Theme Park Chaos, The team investigates a disappearence
agent X
post Jun 20 2012, 12:00 PM
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Totally Spies!

Theme Park Chaos

Chapter 1: Jerry's old friend

It was early in the evening in Los Angeles, the citys many business were closing up for the evening. In the Beverly Hills Mall, Arnold clocked out of the computer shop where he was working part time, as David hung up his hat in the food court. Outside, Clover, Alex, Sam and Mandy were just leaving, followed by Rick. Arnold and David walked out, greeting goodnight to the security guard who was locking up.

"Another day, another doller." Arnold said

"How's the job then?" Rick asked

"Boring." Arnold said simply, "I thought i'd be advising people about computers, not just fetching stuff from the back room."

"Could be worse, I worked as a doorman in a club called Big Club, I mean jesus talk about psychotic regulars. Even working in SOCA was easy compared to that." Rick said

"I'm enjoying my work at the burger bar, even if it does go against my views on meat." David said

"In this day and age, you gotta take whatever job you can get." Alex said

"I agree. That's why i'm doing it." David said. Suddenly, the ground gave way and the teens fell down the chute to WOOHP. A few moments later they landed in Jerry's office.

"Good evening spies." Jerry said, "I have summoned you here fora most unusual reason, to request your help, not send you on a mission as normal."

"Scuse me?" Clover asked

"I'd better let my friend do the talking. Video link on." Jerry said, and a woman appeared on the sceen with the words, "Ripon Manor, North Yorkshire, 02:42, "This is an old friend of mine, Kathlene Sunday or Kate for short, owner of Lightwater Valley Theme Park."

"Lightwater Valley?" Rick and Mandy asked, "You own it?"

"Yes, I do. Are you familier with it?" Kate asked. She spoke with a slight Yorkshire accent.

"Been their several times with my dad." Rick said, "Great little theme park if i may add."

"Rick, please." Jerry said, "Kate, why don't you explain the situation to them?"

"Very well Jerry." Kate said, "Many years ago, we built an attraction that held a world record, the Ultimate, a steel roller coasterr. Currently, the ride holds the slot of the second longest coaster in the world, after the Japanese Steel dragon coaster was built. However, the Ultimate has had to be withdrawn from service to to safety concerns due to it's age."

"That's a pity." Mandy said, "It was a great ride."

"That is why we're busy rebuilding it, and adding several new sections, including several underground sections. The completed ride will be called The Ultimate mine ride. But, something's happened and a good friend who went to college with Jerry and myself has disappeared, the man responsible for the new design, John Carter." Kate said

"You want us to investigate?" Sam asked

"Yes, but we have a problem. This kind of thing isn't a standard mission, people have to be missing for 3 weeks before WOOHP can get involved. This mission would be off the books." Jerry said

"I'll help." Rick said, "I know how it is, when your friends go missing. Happened to a friend of mine once."

"Did you find him?" Alex asked

"Found him a few days later in the middle of the park, naked, quoting the bible to a bunch of pigeons. When he came to his senses the next day, all he could remember was a party, vodka and something about a bong." Rick said

Everyone chuckled.

"Count me in." Alex said, then looked at Rick, "You're not escaping our date that easy."

"Count us in." David and Arnold said

"Me too." Sam said

"Is their a mall?" Clover asked

"Small shopping centre. They sell shoes and handbags." Rick said

"Smashing. I'll just pack my bag." Clover said, running to her locker.

"No we don't sell shoes and handbags." Kate said

"If she thinks you do, she'll help." Sam said

End of chapter 1
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post Jun 20 2012, 07:25 PM
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Good first chapter. It was a nice read! BTW, welcome back, Agent X!

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agent X
post Jun 20 2012, 09:04 PM
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Thanks Syxx, idea came a few days ago, i'd been to Lightwater valley and I saw Beverly Hills Cop 3 a week later, and i decided to write a new fic about a conspiracy at a theme park. Basing a story in an area i've visited allows for some creativity too.

Pity those Japanese sods took the title from Lightwater for longest coaster though.
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agent X
post Jun 21 2012, 10:32 PM
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Totally Spies: Theme Park Chaos

Chapter 2: Arriving at the park

A few days later, the spies had arrived at Lightwater Valley disguised as tourists, Kate had presented them with free daypasses for that day, if they hadn't noticed anything unusual, they would be given undercover jobs amungst the staff. As usual, Clover found something to comment on.

"What's that smell?" she asked, looking slightly green.

"Farm animals, theirs farmland all around the park." Arnold said, "Think it's horses."

"Horses, cattle, sheep, pigs." Rick replied, "All kinds."

"The smell? Don't worry about it, you'll get used to it in no time." A man at the gate said, "Okay, your tickets are in order, welcome to Lightwater Valley."

The group proceeded through the gates into the theme park itself. The team headed off in groups, Clover and David, Sam and Arnold and Rick and Alex.

"We could try the Lightwater wheel." Alex sugested, pointing the map, "As a Ferris Wheel we'll be able to scan the park from above."

"You just wanna go on the ferris wheel." Rick joked. On the ride, Rick took several photos of the park. Suddenly, he froze.

"Rick, did you see something?" Alex asked

"Saw some movement in the bushes." Rick said. Alex activated the zoom function on her sunglasses and smiled.

"It's just a deer, Rick." she smiled

"I forgot about them." Rick said with a chuckle, "They're quite common in the woods."

"Well, that was a waste of time." Alex said

"Not quite, I could see the construction of Ultimate 2. Looks like they're running a test of it." Rick said, "Let's go take a closer look."

The two spies crossed the park, heading towards rides near to the construction.

"Rick!" Alex said, freezing on the spot, "Ten O'Clock."

Rick glanced northwest and spotted a familier face, "Scam."

"We gotta report this in." Alex said

"No, we don't know what he's done." Rick said, "What if he's hidden nerve gas around the park?"

"What do we do?" Alex asked

"Find the others, tell em I'm tailing Scam. He dosn't know me as well as he knows you. I've got a better chance at tailing him." Rick said

"Rick, just be careful." Alex said

"Careful's my middle name." Rick replied

"Really? I thought it was James." Alex joked

"Richard James Careful Luxe." Rick replied, as he followed Scam. Scam was walking away from Ultimate 2 and headed towards Raptor Attack.

"Raptor Attack?" Rick thought, then sighed as Tim walked through the crowd and flashed his badge at the guard.

"Morning Mac." the guard replied, "Car 3's acting up, we need it running before the rush."

"Sure Jack." Tim replied. Rick's quick scan using his X-screen showed explosives.

"Shit." Rick thought, seeing Scam walked into the maintenance tunnels. Quickly, he hid and transformed into a park uniform. Walking over to the guard, he flashed his badge, "Jake Langsly, Mac's assistant mechanic."

"Go in." the guard said, letting Rick into the tunnel. As he walked down, he was suddenly attacked by Scam. A lead bar quickly rendered him unconcious.

Rick came around in a small room, which was being used as a makeshift cell.

"Are you okay son?" an old man asked

"John Carter I persume?" Rick asked, sitting up.

"Yes, have we met?" John asked

"Jerry sent me in to find you. Then I saw Scam. I followed him and you see what happened." Rick sighed, "Bastard whacked me with a bat."

"Did you come alone?" John asked

"5 other WOOHP agents are in the park, 2 ADS officers and 3 spies." Rick replied, "Why did Scam kidnap you?"

"I found out he was working for LAMOS and was planning something big in the park. A bomb from the sound of it." John said

"That's not Scams M.O." Rick said

"No, but it will help with my revenge." a new voice said, "Hello John-Boy."

"That voice, it can't be. Terry?" John asked

"Still remember me? I'm touched." Terry said

"Who the fuck are you?" Rick asked

"You may call me Terrence Lewis." Terry replied

"Lewis?" Rick asked

"He's Jerry's brother." John said, "And an old friend of mine and Kate's."

"Until that fateful day, what happened again? Oh yes, you saw me and Jerry cheating on a test. I got caught and you and Kate allowed Jerry to frame me." Terry said

"We didn't know!" John protested

"Wait a minute? You turned evil cos your brother let you take the rap for breaking a rule at school? Jesus mate, you're insane!" Rick said, "My sister got me into trouble all the time, I repayed her by saving her life. Don't belive it, just ask Tim."

"Shut your mouth Hunter!" Scam snarled

"Just one question. How's the knee?" Rick asked, refering to how he'd shot Tim in the knee once before. Scam barged into the cell, his gun drawn. As he entered, Rick lunged at him, and was able to knock the gun away. John dived and grabbed it and pointed it at Scam.

"Okay boys, against the wall." Rick said, taking the gun from John, "Now talk, what ride did you rig?"

"He he he, Raptor, Eagle Claw, Black Pearl, Vulture, powder kegs. You'll never be able to defuse them all." Terry said, "30 minutes until go time."

"John, evacuate the park!" Rick said

"Their's no emergency evac procedure." John said

"Jesus." Rick said

End of chapter 2
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agent X
post Jun 21 2012, 11:04 PM
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Totally Spies: Theme Park Chaos

Chapter 3: Evacuation

After they locked Scam and Terry in the room, Rick and John ran out, Rick stopped to grab an assault riffle from Scam's locker and grabbed his X-Screen.

"Emergency protocol 7, red alert. All channels. Terrorist situation Lightwater Valley, several bombs planted." he said

"I read you Rick. Alerting spies now." Jerry replied

"What do we do?" John asked

"I have an idea, run away screaming that I have a gun." Rick said

"What?" John asked

"Do it!" Rick yelled

John ran towards the park gate, "THAT GUYS GOT A GUN!"

Rick then laughed maniacly and discharged the gun. All around the park, people froze upon hearing gunfire. Suddenly, it was pandemonium, with guests running towards the exit. John ran into the offices to find Kate and inform her of the situation.

"Rick, what the hell are you doing?" Sam asked, running towards him.

"Evacuating the park." Rick said, "Scams planted bombs on several rides."

"Oh shit." Arnold said

"How long until they explode?" Clover asked

"Shit, sixty seconds." Rick said, "Let's move it!"

The team ran for the main gates, as Rick's watch counted down. At zero, everyone froze, waiting for the explosions, but instaid heard what sounded like somebody blowing party horns.

"What the hell?" David muttered, as confetti exploded all over the park.

"What on earth?" Arnold asked, seeing a large flyer falling to the ground, followed by several more. Rick picked one up and read it.

"Suckers?" he read, "What the hell does that mean?"

"It means, suckers." Terry's voice said, "You did exactly what i expected you to do."

"NOOOOOOOOO!" Kate's voice rang out, as Scam was holding her at gunpoint

"Keep back, or I'll kill her!" Scam said with a laugh

"All this was a setup. During the panic, you kidnap her." Rick said, "Just one problem Terence, and it's the gun Scam's holding. WOOHP ADS Type 3 Taser. My Gun. Designed to be usable only by ADS officers, security mode can be activated by saying 'Shocking'"

"Unauthorised user." the gun said, and zapped Tim with a shock.

"I have a trump card!" Terry said, running away quickly towards the Ultimate 2. Alex, Sam and Rick chased after him. At the ride, Terry activated it, and sent the cars up the track.

"Two minutes until boom boom!" he laughed

"Come on!" Rick said, activating his Jetpack and following the car. Alex followed behind him and they flew alongside it.

"Their's the bomb!" Alex said, pointing to the front seat. Rick landed inside the car and begun to attempt to remove it. After strugling with it, he was able to dislodge it. He looked at the bomb, "7, 6, 5."

"SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT!" he yelled, and threw it to the side, away from the track. A moment later, the device exploded, destroying the Whirlwind ride nearby. Rick landed next to Alex and surveyed the damage.

"Always hated those rides." Alex said

"Yeah, me too." Rick laughed, "Let's go find John and Kate."

End of chapter 3
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