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post May 17 2010, 08:43 PM
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Ok, time for a new talk back.

The Good

Definitley really liked this episode. Great plot with Sam going on a secret mission, and then Clover and Alex moving agaisnt her after they assume she has turned to the bad side. Very interesting and lots of fun.

Action was great. I didn't really mind that there wasn't any real super villain fighting, the big fight between Sam and Alex/Clover was well worth the price of admission.

Also liked the comedy in this episode. Jerry sending Clover and Alex to stop "the Bully" was very hilarious.

Also, yes Mandy was in this episode. I'm still in love. heart1.gif! Also I like how she was portrayed or more or less being ok with the spies enough to live with them, just great. XDD

The Bad

I felt they should've kept the supsense going for another episode isntead of revealing to Alex and Clover Sam was acting as a double agent at the end. Episode should've ended with Sam in the WOOHP prisoner holding facility even if it was immediately resolved the next episode. Still I did like the angle in this episode.

Things For Debate

Sam was definitely portrayed as much more devious than usual here. Gotta say I liked it seeing Sam go a bit bad. heart1.gif

Also have to say Clover and Alex turned on Sam pretty fucking fast. I would think they're bond would be stronger than to let something like that allow them to throw her behind bars for 20 years. XD That's on some Captain America super hero type shit that they would turn against her like that. I've gotta say I've kinda lost a little respect for Clover and Alex at this point.

Also when it was shown Jerry was casually watching the spies, Mandy, and Mindy from a hidden camera in their room. Jesus christ. Jerry is worse than Big Brother. He's like Big Brother's perverted, voyeuristic uncle.

Yuri Stuff

I liked it when Sam and Clover became jealous that Sam may have found new "bffs." The daydream squence even showed Sam with her arms around her different hair colored clones, putting the slashyness of this bit a bit more over the top.

Loved Mandy and Mindy suddenly deciding to bunk with the spies on a moments notice. Just great! Apparently, they don't dislike Sam/Alex/Clover as much as we thought, even if they do really love their pent house.

Mandy and Mindy said they would sleep on the couch. That couch was rather small, so this probalby would've resulted in some close quarters cuddlings. XDD

Alex and Clover spying on Sam, and going through her closet, and all that definitely had some slash vibes.

I suppose you could deconstruct Clover and Alex being mad about Sam turning sides to join the other side with Jazz Hands as something femlsashy if you tried. XD

There was also the usual dog piles and one cryiy moment. Also I think I saw a brief moment of convenient placement of spy hand over another spy's boobage, but I would need to check screen shots to be sure.

Other Shipping Stuff

This episode was definitely a huge bone thrown to Jerry/Sam shippers with the entire "Operation Secret Partnership" thing. I think I even saw Jerry winking at her. Definitely good material for those fans to work with.

Other Fanservice Things

There was a really good, almost panty shot of Alex falling down the WOOHP tunnel.

I also loved seeing Mandy and Mindy in swim wear. LOL at Mindy's patriotic bikini.


I saw Darth Vader in the list of outfits Sam was choosing from in Jerry's office.

Also the spies at some point burst through the poster for Pulp Fiction.

I guess Sam's hover-board could be interpreted as a reference to Back to the Future II, but those have become so common in stuff it may be less direct than that.

Over All

Fantasitc episode with some new interesting angles for the characters. Definitley digging Season 5 so far.

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post May 17 2010, 09:40 PM
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Knew youd like this one. biggrin.gif This one made top 5 for this season for me, and i'm sure for GMG as well. This was kinda the last hurrah for me though, since i kinda tuned out the rest of season 5 after this. :/ i dunno if its cuz its hard to top a SCA battle and Mindy service or b/c they ran out of steam past here, but i was like 'meh' for the rest of the episodes. (save for a few good bits)

Also, Sam as a mime. Would you? >:)

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post May 17 2010, 11:12 PM
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QUOTE (Mezoroth @ May 17 2010, 05:40 PM) *
This one made top 5 for this season for me, and i'm sure for GMG as well.

Also, Sam as a mime. Would you? >:)

Yes to both of those XD

Some really good music in this one, and that fight scene was pretty sweet. I actually wasn't bothered by Clover and Alex turning on Sam so quickly, as heroic characters have been daft like that for ages.

I suppose you could file all three of the girls under the "Lawful Good" trope.

Also, it actually slipped my mind all of these times, but Mindy's hair is evidently longer than is usually appears. She must hit it with a boatload of spray every morning! Also DAT SWIMSUIT
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post May 17 2010, 11:19 PM
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QUOTE (J-Syxx @ May 17 2010, 04:43 PM) *
LOL at Mindy's patriotic bikini.

QUOTE (GrandMasterGalvatron @ May 17 2010, 07:12 PM) *

See, normally I'd be like "The Flag should not be worn as a fashionable item", but this time, I'm willing to make an exception.

Yeah, that's a rainbow unicorn. Big Woop. Wanna fight about it? My blog (which yeah, still has free music). But no rainbow unicorns. We need to fix that.
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Stasis Muffin
post Aug 3 2010, 08:25 AM
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May? This one hasn't been touched in a while...(it feels weird to bump up threads that are a few months old, but I want to talk about this episode and I don't see another way...)

I thought this was an interesting episode. Partially because the main conflict was between Clover and Alex against Sam. But seriously, 20 years? For stealing a top-secret chip? Things don't look good for Muffy...And gosh, Jazz Hands original sentence wasn't too long, especially not compared to that. Oh well, that's Totally Spies for ya.

Miss Spirit Fingers intrigues me, it's an interesting new look for Sam, and I like it. I almost wish she was wearing that outfit when she fought Clover and Alex, it would have made it seem more like she was becoming a villain (even if we already knew she wasn't) Speaking of Sam, I totally dig that thought Alex has of Sam's "new BFFs" looking exactly like her with different hair colors.

I really liked Mandy in Mindy in this episode, just casually hanging out with Clover and Alex, not to mention Mandy's group hug with Clover and Alex! I actually liked Mindy's idea of making the Penthouse extra pink.

And wow, Mandy and Mindy lounging in a heart shaped jacuzzi? That's gotta mean something. Plus Mindy looks fantastic in that American flag bikini. Too bad she doesn't wear it more often.

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