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> So Totally Not Groove-y Talkback
post May 25 2010, 08:11 PM
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Ok time for the new talkback. Um, this is going to be rather brief I guess.

Things I Didn't Like

It's a flashback episodes. Those are always lame.

It was another "training exercise" episode. This plot has been used three times now. It's getting very old.

Pretty corny, pointless plot, but I guess that's standard for a flashback episode.

No clips from Season 1 or 2, at least any that I immediately recognized. So I guess this was more of a "Totally Spies: Undercover" flashback episode.

Things I Liked

Liked that Milan Stilton's robo-dog made another appearance.

Liked the fact that Tara was included in some of the clips.

Yuri Things

There was one moment where Sam is trying to console Alex after getting shocked by the dog that I thought was pretty cute.

Weird Things

Didn't recognize the clips with the fight in the sushi join and the guy in kimono drag. That must've been from Like, So Totally Not Spies, which I don't think has aired in the US yet.

Over All

What can I say it's a flashback episode. Flashback episodes very boring, lame, and predictable. Not much value to be seen here, although I guess they did more than be stuck in an elevator (although at least that scenario got the imagination going XD). On the bright side, I guess some anime have a flashback episode once every 26 episodes, and we only got 2 for like a hundred and four.

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post May 25 2010, 10:41 PM
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Just got to the first commercial, and I'm gonna post my reactions now.


I think I had several problems with this episode. First and foremost, they've already done one, second of all, it's about 3 episodes before the finale. It's have made more sense to do this immediately before the finale. Make it the clam before the storm

Also I like how Blaine's in a flashback, yet they skipped the part where Clover's still dating him :|

Lastly, Yay Tara! biggrin.gif
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post May 26 2010, 03:54 AM
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it was okay but i liked how the terminator looking robots formed into one giant goat looking robot.

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Stasis Muffin
post Aug 11 2010, 11:17 AM
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The beginning really set up for something else. Gotta love those Japanese Mecha that can separate and fuse, and I liked how the dog became the head. It was such a letdown to see the Spies get so little time in Japan. They get to be in France for a 3 episode mini arc but they only get to be in Japan for at most 3 minutes? Who made the Toyetic Tokyo Technobots? They could have made an episode about this...(like, for example, this one!)

Also, notice how some of WOOHP's recreations of the androids looked like minor villains from previous episodes? I only recognize some of them thanks to the flashbacks though. The chick with the big eyebrows who stutters weirdly looks like one of the girls in that make-up episode in the flashback (by the way, using giant eyeliner pencils as swords is awesome) and that dog is obviously like Milan's. I didn't recognize the others though.

Oh, I thought I had recognized Tara's pink dress that Clover wears in WOOHP-tastic myself, but it must have been fresh in my mind thanks to this episode...At least I know I recognized Yves (I think that's how you spell his name, I thought it was Eve) name from the episode where Clover steals those boots myself.

I don't mind some flashbacks, but it seemed like there was more flashback than new episode. Also, I think the Spies faces looked every so slightly different...particularly Clover's mouth when she's smiling, it just looks slightly different than I remember.

I'd say this episode is wasted potential.

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post May 9 2015, 06:17 AM
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'Twas okay. . . I liked the episode plot idea of them getting stuck in their favorite mall and it being a training exercise, but I was surprised at how much time was consumed by the clips. I wish that at least they would have shown, say, 10 clips 5 seconds each, rather than 5 clips 10 seconds each.

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I adored Alex's Sea Monkeys reference. Loved those things to death. . . er, literally. whistle.gif tongue.gif

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