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post May 26 2010, 08:30 PM
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Just saw this episode for the first time. Again I watched it on a crappy tv in 480p square-screen, so I don't know if I picked up on everything. But here are my comments so far.

Things I Liked

Mandy! Yes, Mandy was in this episode. Even better yet, there was no Mindy to be seen so she got all the attention. Mandy giving Clover coal for Christmas has to be one of the funniest things I've seen this season. I also like that she rigged the Secret Santa so she got presents from everyone. XD Mandy isn't all bad though since she's portrayed as helping fortify their penthouse after she was done eating their food. XD

I liked the plot of having Beverly Hills getting covered in a terrible snow storm. Reminds me of that Leviathan fanfic. lol Seeing them try to drive through snow was amusing. Now they know what I feel like during the winter.

Liked most of the Christmas stuff in this episode. Another great part was when Jerry gives them office supplies for Christmas gifts because he didn't schedule time to buy them gifts. XD

Things I Didn't Like

Villain was kinda lame. He also seemed kinda inappropriate for a mall Santa. When I think mall Santa, I don't think skinny, young, blond guy. I liked his voice though. The weather balloon was mildly interesting, but some kind of robotic sleigh + reindeer may have worked better. I guess he was also a weather man too, which is strange. O__O

Yuri Moments

Clover got Mandy a really nice scarf for Christmas as her Secret Santa. Definitely some Clover/Mandy evidence there just like the last Christmas episode. XD

Clover's Sex in the City

Clover got some guy's phone number just by looking at him from across the room and not even actually talking to him. Talk about easy. XD

Clover can tell exactly where and when bottled water was produced by swishing it around her mouth. She must be pretty good with it from lots of experience I'm sure. XD

Other Fanservice Stuff

The see through second skin type gadget was definitely giving me some ideas. XD

There was a couple suggestive lines, but I can't remember them all right now. Lines about being naughty are always good though. XD

Other Shipping Stuff

Apparently Virgil has the hots for Sam now. XDDD Hahaha. I don't blame him for trying to hook up with all of them.


They used the ski suits from the second season episode, Ski Trip. Very cool!

The ability of the second skin to "phase" through surfaces is reminiscent of Kitty Pride's mutant powers.


Definitely liked this episode due to Mandy high-jinx, Christmas goofiness, snowstorms, and so forth. However, pretty weak villain brings it down a notch unfortunately.

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post May 27 2010, 03:00 AM
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This is the end for you!
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I might have to give this one a re watch. I was distracted by all the talk of the new Sonic game announced today. I did like the girls' banter with Mandy, and how they were all about to pelt her with coal. They seem to always get stopped before the situation can escalate XD

Makes me wonder how many ass whippings Mandy would have gotten if they weren't spies.
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post May 27 2010, 03:00 AM
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This one is a toggle episode for me. It had some good bits (mostly the stuff of the girls and the side characters dealing with snow and madness), and yeah, a villain that was pretty 'meh' that messed with the good vibes. That and Xmas episodes are campy as hell for me; though Marathon has been pretty good with them for the most part. (Evil GLADIS, as well as the first Martin 'xmas' episode and the TG one)
And yeah, this gives the Mandy hardcore set some time without Mindy getting in the way, but for the rest of us...we miss our z09.png . But even if she was in the episode, they wouldn't have given her any real development, no matter HOW many times she asks for it for the holidays. XD

Anyway...Christmas is the season of giving, and in a awkward plug/segue combo I give everyone the Season 5 new character theme music tracks. A zip of theme musics for several new characters/villains of the fifth TS season/Mez-project. WMA format, but I think most players should be able to recognize the file, even if its the spawn of Windows Media Player. Been about 3 years since I pulled the KOF XI soundtrack for TS5, and these songs have since integrated themselves well (for me, anyway) with all of season five's faces. So hell, figured I'd share. Doing this just saves me from making a thread. tongue.gif

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GASP! A character sketch for me?! Thanks Marathon! :3

The first step is admitting you have a problem...come obsess with me ;_;
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Stasis Muffin
post Aug 12 2010, 10:10 AM
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The villain in this episode is such a hypocrite that it's funny. Christmas was also supposed to be about kindness and peace on Earth and all that, it's not very nice (in fact it's naughty) to bury people in snow! His motivation was pretty typical for a "Christmas villain", but his goal didn't have much to do with that. "Everyone forgot what Christmas is about! All they care about is shopping! I'll bury them all in a blizzard!" But goofy villains like that is a part of Totally Spies, so it works.

Anyway, I like how it was mentioned more than once how Clover spent a lot of money on Mandy's gift. "Holiday spirit", sure Clover. I'm convinced she was trying to impress her with a great gift so she was peeved when Mandy said it was tacky (or lame, I forgot), but I think Mandy shows appreciation by mocking. Besides, if it was that tacky, she wouldn't wear it, even if it was cold. *thinks back to when Clover gave her something in another Christmas episode* Also, I liked how Mandy and Clover said the exact same thing at the same time then made the same face. Maybe I'm looking into this too much.

Also, I can't help but let my mind wander with the suit Sam wore that let her go through the balloon. Did you see how fast she took it off? She must have experience with that... mandygif.gif

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post May 9 2015, 07:00 AM
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Slightly bummed because this throws off this theory:

Season 1 -- Freshmen
Season 2 -- Sophomore
Season 3 -- Junior
Season 4 -- Senior
Season 5 -- Freshmen
Season 6 -- Sophomore

And of course, it wasn't solid to begin with, if not a guideline for the majority of the seasons, but what little facts we had added to believeability. In Season 3, when Clover is trying to find an assistant (Tara), either Sam or Alex comment on her picking on the Freshmen girls or something like that. In Season 4 "Sis-KahBOOM-Bah!", Clover and Mandy are trying out for head cheerleader. This one isn't as solid as the other, but I figure that the previous one, a senior, had graduated the year before, leaving the position open for the next Class. I never really picked anything up in the first two seasons, so I'm content with the first four being mostly correct. Of course, the beginning of Season 5 takes place near high school graduation, presumably in May. Later in the season, I think it was Sam who says something about "it's already March" or something along those lines. With this Season 5 episode themed for Christmas, they must already be Sophomores. Anyways, I feel like there are other points/facts than these... care to add, anyone?

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