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Full Version: What made you smile today?
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Just post whatever little (or big) thing made you happy. Not exactly a "how are you feeling" kinda thing.
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I smiled today when I realized I was not the only MLP lover at my school. Turns out my best Pokemon friend also likes it. He was jealous of my Luna glass etching I'm doing for my brother.
I ate some homemade pizza for dinner last night, which was late due to personal stuff and a dysfunctional oven, but it was better late than never smile.gif
Finally done with Physics and getting the weekend to finish of watching MLP:FiM a05.gif cat.gif
QUOTE (Anonymous V @ May 27 2011, 07:06 PM) *
Finally done with Physics and getting the weekend to finish of watching MLY:FiM a05.gif cat.gif

I think you mean MLP:FIM. XD
An FML entry I heard about a lady getting cut off in traffic by an old lady in a van. The lady got mad and started honking like crazy at the old lady. When she pulled up alongside her, the old lady was smiling and waving at her, and that's when she noticed the 'Honk If You Love Jesus' bumper sticker on her van. xD
It wasn't today, but a few things that made me happy a few days ago.

- Good tasting lasagna for dinner.
- A surprise birthday party at work. I haven't got that much attention before.
- Watched a parade.
ren shizu
someone just emailed me unexpectedly bringing some good news..xD
Black Fatima
Lucky being over at the house and waking up to her everyday for the time being.
Swiftly Alex
(Well technically it's 2 hours into the 9th, yet I speak of the 8th) Seeing someone I haven't seen in two months. And a bittersweet wave crashed into me, but for the moment, I just focused on the memories. 'Cause of course the sadness will come later. And it already has. But they made me happy, to see them, just to be in the same room with them. I miss that person so dearly.
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