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Full Version: AXE makes first ever bodyspray for women
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On January 10, 2012 AXE (A company that has -for the past 10 years- made grooming products for men) will be releasing a pair of fragrances called "Anarchy". I say pair because one of these fragrances will be for Him, and the other will be for Her.

10 years ago AXE began making their bodysprays, deodorants, shampoos, body washes, and hair gels for men, and have been quite successful in this venture. Why decide to do it?

“The launch of Anarchy For Him and For Her represents a new evolution of the AXE brand,” said Barret Roberts, AXE senior brand manager at Unilever. “We know guys love the smell of AXE and the confidence it gives them, and our success is, in part, due to the way girls have also embraced the brand.”

Anarchy for Her will be a limited edition fragrance, though how long it's out is unclear. It's also unclear if the two fragrances are going to be packaged together or apart. What is definite though is that Anarchy for Him will also feature an additional line of deodorant sticks, antiperspirant invisible solids, shower gels and 2-in-1 shampoo + conditioners, all with the same scent.

The designers of this product duo have worked with some of the top perfume designers to create these new scents. Here's what AXE has to say about their scents:

Anarchy For Him and For Her are both alluring, fun fragrances that start with fruity top notes – For Her evolves into a soft floral with a light finish, while For Him evokes a rich oriental heart.

That is it for now. I expect reviews to be in on the new AXE products by the end of the day.
ren shizu
its about time. tongue.gif i doubt they're gonna sell it here. D:
Kira Yamato
I wonder if they will sell this in Germany... rolleyes.gif
I always liked the AXE products, I wonder how ze women will like them now... >u>
Maybe they will attract women to you like regular AXE. Is this what you're hoping for, Crow? XD
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