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Full Version: Windows 8 Is the Biggest Piece of Shit I've Ever Seen
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Today, I was looking for a netbook to buy, and I tested out some machines that had Windows 8 installed. I was mortified. This has to be the most wonkiest bullshit operating system I have ever seen. It looks like it was developed for some child's toy tablet or something except in a way that makes absolutely no sense and especially no sense when you're not using a fucking touch screen.

They better fix this crap in the next year or else it may be the end of laptop and desktop computers entirely. I don't know who has been drinking the koolaid, but some people want a computer for something else other than playing fucking Fruit Ninja. This has to be such an epic disaster that I can't think of anything comparable. At least with Coke II, they just rolled back out Classic Coca Cola. This was much bigger of a falling on your sword hari kari action from Microsoft.

I mean even when Vista came out, I was at least able to use that thing. This thing makes Vista look like a gift from God. It's like the difference between being served a filet mignon and a dog turd. It's that much of a kick in the stomach.
I have Windows 7 and it is better comparing to the latest junk.
Thank god I was able to find a new netbook on Amazon that still uses Windows 7. There's no way I'm purchasing a machine with that arrogant fucking nonsense on it. Microsoft is going to lose hundreds of millions over this. I don't see why any office in the world would install that Fruit Ninja-ware piece of shit for actual work purposes. I think the CEO of Samsung was mocking it by referring to the name Windows as a misnomer since this version of "Windows" doesn't actually use fucking windows. *face palm*
I'm a Mac user, still hanging on OS X 10.6, but many of my friends are programmers on Windows PC environments, and they all had pretty bad comments regarding Microsoft's latest version of its operating system (they're still using either versions Vista 64 or 7 of Windows for their work).

In short, most of them acknowledge that Windows 8 was made for the people who want to use their computers for social media sharing (photos, videos, comments, etc.) and other funny applications, but that it isn't worth Windows 7 (or even the most unstable version of Windows Vista) for work. They seem to think Microsoft had people who are connected to Facebook 24/7 on their minds when they developed Windows 8.

Kinda makes sense somehow. Microsoft probably wants to boost the presence of its mobile operating system in future phones and tablets through Windows 8 (which was supposedly designed for mobile use), so they can finally compete with Google's Android and Apple's iOS mobile operating systems. But that battle is most likely already lost, and Microsoft may end up losing users over some half-baked PC operating system.

That said, I decided to wait before upgrading to 10.7 and 10.8, because these OS won't support my old Photoshop CS2, something 10.6 still does. Nothing's perfect...
Unfortunately I have to deal with windows 8 -.- i can tell you from experience how shitty it is and I can't express how much I want to throw my bf's laptop at a fucking wall every time i use it. It's so difficult just to do the simplest things, like open up a simple app (yes it's all about apps now) i can't move my mouse across the screen without a million things popping up. And i have to do a million and one things just to shut the damn thing down. It just all around sucks and is by far the worst fucking operating system I have ever dealt with. I fucking HATE it and could complain about it all day. damn you microsoft for making the biggest piece of shit EVER >.>
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