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Full Version: Harley Quinn / Poison Ivy Pics
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I'm bored so this is what you're getting. lmao.gif From my collection of pics of the Batman villainesses (you can tell that I sometimes have too much free time, lol):

Art by Bruce Tim (producer of Batman: the Animated Series)

Scan of Batgirl Adventures written by Paul Dini (producer, head writer, and story editor of Batman: The Animated Series). Other suggested readings: Harley and Ivy mini-series (by Dini and Timm), Gotham Girls mini-series, and Harley and Ivy: Love on the Lam




Screenshots by J-Syxx (who's that? lmao.gif) from "Gotham Knights" and "Girls Night Out" of Batman: the Animated Series. Other suggested viewings: "Harley and Ivy" from Batman: The Animated Series, "Hard as Nails" from Static Shock, and the Gotham Girls flash cartoon which you can find in the arcade under Flash Theatre. :roflmao:
(note these screenshots were done with windows media player, thus the crappy quality)

Holiday Knights

Girls Night Out

Off-topic but from the same episode: :roflmao:

Note to guests: There's a bunch more pics below and even more on page 2.
QUOTE (Agent Oddball @ Jan 6 2008, 03:34 AM)
Harley and Ivy rule! I love watching Gotham Girls (You can watch it in the arcade). I have also seen Ivy once in a Batman movie when I was young. Ever since I started watching Gotham Girls in the arcade i've got addicted. I also like Catgirl but shes not yuri.

Yeah, Gotham Girls is awesome and I don't think it could've been more obvious. "Hi, honey, I'm home!" - Harley with groceries returning to their apartment. lmao.gif Glad you became a fan, Oddball. XD

Anyways, since I made this thread I found a lot more fanart, so I may as well share it.

I have a number of other cute pics from that artist, but I don't think they're appropriate for here. XD And here's some more from others:

I was over at the chans, /u/ in particular, and found a bunch of Harley/Ivy pics to add to t3h thread. I dunno if you already have these Mr. Syxx, probably - but I don't see them here,with one exception (but a colored version), which is good enuf for me as far as posting these. tongue.gif Anyhoo, these aren't all of the pics I got, but some of them were too awesome to post here - maybe the
Here we go:

Thank you very much, Laura. ^ ^ All those were very nice, some very cute, some hot. XD And while I did have several of them, many of them were new to me. The American Beauty and Vroom, Vroom, pics I will note are by Rall-Ae: Other than LauraD and AngelicKitty89, she's my favorite fanartist.

And I may as well contribute some more pics too, since I've still been collecting them. Here's a a truck full more. XD


I just remembered,

At a comic book store about 20 minutes away from here, they have these figures of Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy only they like remake them in anime form.

"Ame-Comi" I think they called it.

I was drooling over the Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy figures but they sell $40.00 a figure!

I don't think I'll find any cheaper on the internet but here's some photos.


Since it on-topic I guess, here's what Poison Ivy and Harley look like in Arkham Asylum.

Posion Ivy (couldn't get a good game screencap, but you get the idea):


Some people aren't fond of the Harley design, probably because it's not "classic" and they fear change, and because well, it doesn't fit the name. I like it mostly because it would be hard to pull off the Batman: TAS look for a game this serious.

Lego Harley and Ivy look like their Batman: TAS designs cept in Lego form.

The Harley/Ivy art that was missing due to the host change several months ago has now been restored.

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