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Just want to make this warning. When Best Buy charges your credit card, they first do a pre-authorization charge that they claim is later swapped out. I stupidly bought something from with a Visa giftcard, and now I have two charges on the transaction history for the same thing. I later took said thing back, but the money I was supposed to receive back never materialized because it was canceled out by a second charge. I think it's fucked up because of how the Visa giftcard works, but this shit never happened to me when I bought things from amazon or barnes and noble's site with the same card. Both Best Buy and Visa don't seem to give a rat's ass about rectifying the situation either. For real, fuck Best Buy. If you buy anything from their site, you have to pay sales tax, so why wouldn't you use amazon instead? If they have a great sale, just print it out and take it to their store and demand to pay in cash. I will never deal with these idiots again. Even if 1 out of 100 times they do actually have something 2 dollars cheaper on their site, it's not worth dealing with them. Also for god's sake ask for cash money for a gift and not a Vista gift card. It's much less of a pain in the ass dealing with a debit account you actually have control over.
Another company you should add to this list is This used to be the best online retailer, but in the past year the company has gone down the drain. They switched to extremely cheap packaging, and literally my last 5 DVD/Bluray orders from them had been damaged in some way. Also after I sent back my half crushed Slayers Revolution box they still haven't sent me a refund because they say they're having trouble with paypal. So right now my money is stoleI really wouldn't bother with anyone but Amazon at this point. At least with them, you're order will never be damaged and they know what they're doing.
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