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Full Version: Voting Ballot for Summer Fun Fanart Contest 8: The Love Ship
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During Summer 2016, TSUG set sail with a new Summer Fun Fanart Contest centered around sapphic love on a ship. Yes, sapphic love on a ship. In fact, you could call the boat in question the Love Ship ®.

I'm happy to now announce that the fanart submitted for Summer Fun Fanart Contest 8: The Love Ship will finally be voted on to determine a winner!

Here is the story that was used as a prompt for the contest:

One of the most advanced cruise ships ever constructed, the S.S. Lilith, plowed through the mighty seas on its way towards its destination, the tropical island paradise, Tikinesia. It would reach the island within one week after a nice long leisurely cruise. Tikinesia had long been abandoned by mankind, although traces of its ancient mysterious inhabitants still remained in the form of statues of pagan gods and other artifacts. This cruise was a first of its kind since the island had previously been undeveloped and largely unexplored.

While the S.S. Lilith was certainly a marvel of technology and the height of waterborne luxury, the high tech high end boat’s design had in fact been stolen from a notorious Captain Hayes who still remained imprisoned from his last ordeal with certain female super spies. The funds used to construct the vessel had also been stolen by raiding the bank accounts of the seven richest men in the world. The master mind of this plot was the beautiful violet haired woman lounging comfortably on a deck chair on a private portion of the ship cordoned off from the rest.

She snickered as she stretched out her long legs and curvaceous body that were only covered by the three tiny leafs of her all natural and quite provocative microkini. “The men who dumped me will rue the day they betrayed me! I’ll show them that no woman alive needs a man at all! My Sapphic 3 Gas will insure that every woman uncovers her true desires free of male entrapment! Muhahahahahaha!” Violet Vanderfleet laughed manically before taking another long sip from her fruity cocktail.

Meanwhile, on another portion of the ship, Sam, Clover and Alex, the heroines known only to the few as super spies from the international spy organization, WOOHP, opened up the door to the cabin they were assigned after three tickets for passage on the S.S. Lilith’s maiden voyage had mysteriously appeared in their mailbox. They opened the metal door and were aghast at what they saw inside.

Compared to the rest of the ship’s high tech luxurious splendor, the cabin was rather tiny. However, that wasn’t what alarmed them the most. Taking up most of the room in the cabin was a single large hart shaped bed covered in red silk bed covers with lacy edges and lacy heart shaped pillows to match. The entire display was sprinkled in rose pedals, and a bottle of champagne on ice was located on the bed stand.

All three girls went beet read simultaneously. “Umm, Clover, you sure this is the right room?” Sam asked. “This looks like the honey moon suite!”

Clover looked down at her ticket again and then compared hers to Sam and Alex’s tickets. They all listed the same room number. “Nope, this is the right room, B169. I guess I didn’t notice the fine print right here where it says one bed. Looks like we’re going to have to share.” Sam rolled her eyes at Clover. The surprise free vacation seemed too good to be true, and she had been suspicious from the moment Clover had shown her the tickets.

Alex seemed the most okay out of the three with the situation and immediately jumped on the bed. She then started rolling around and giggling, throwing rose pedals all over herself and kicking her legs up in the air. “Wheee!” Sam was reminded of a scene in a famous movie but quickly pushed the odd thought out of her head.

“At least we got free bubbly!” Clover exclaimed, running over to the champagne on the night stand.

“We’re not even 21 yet, Clover!” Sam reprimanded.

“Sam no fun! Sam no fun! Sam no fun!” Alex and Clover automatically broke into chant as they did every time Sam refused drinking alcohol before she eventually gave into peer pressure and did so anyways. Sam simply frowned and ignored them.

Clover then sat down on the bed next to the rose pedal covered Alex, who was still rolling around like a hyper puppy. “Well, girls, looks like we’re going to have to take turns at night using the bed, because I’m definitely gonna bag some hot guys on this cruise!”

“Like I’d sleep in a bed where you did that!” Sam snapped.

“Like you haven’t before,” Clover said mockingly.

“What!?” Sam asked, sounding even angrier.

“Nothing, nothing…” Clover decided it was best to not elaborate further.

“I didn’t see any guys though,” Alex explained, her face covered in pedals.

“You’re right, Alex. All I saw were women on the ship so far,” Sam explained.

“There has to be guys somewhere on this ship,” Clover rationalized. “Looks like we’re going to have to do some hottie hunting then. Put on your sexiest swimsuits and let’s hit the deck!”

“Aye aye, captain,” Alex agreed. Sam was a little more reluctant since there was something a bit off about the entire situation. However, she agreed anyways and started stripping off her clothes with her friends since the bathroom was really too small to change in.

All three were a bit more self-conscious about being nude around each other than usually was the case. While this was nothing new for them since they had been around each other endlessly for years, in the tight quarters of the erotically themed cabin, it seemed a bit more risqué for them to disrobe in front of each other than it would have been otherwise.

The nude Sam, Clover and Alex fiddled around in their luggage to find the three tiny swimsuits they had packed. They seemed to be harder to locate than they should have been with how lightly they had packed, which created a strange tense feeling of urgency given the situation. Finally, they were retrieved and they began putting them on. The three girls only shared quick awkward glances while trying to get the tiny fabric into place on their fit spy bodies. As they did so, a pink gas slowly began flowing into the room from an air vent on the floor. The three spies were too preoccupied with trying to avoid eye contact with each other to notice.

“Yay! We’re not naked anymore!” Alex announced childishly after the task had been completed, not that the addition of the swimsuits made a huge difference considering how revealing they were.

Sam and Clover both gave Alex nasty looks that didn’t quite conceal the fact they were both very embarrassed and blushing. “D-d-don’t make it sound so weird!” Clover stammered.

“Yeah, we’ve been naked together hundreds of times. Maybe even thousands. It’s normal,” Sam said. Alex and Clover gave her odd looks due to how strange that sounded.

Suddenly, the door to the cabin swung open, and in stormed Mandy, the girls’ long time rival, decked out in a stunning tiny bikini of her own. “What are you losers doing in here?! This is my room! I can’t believe this!”

“Mandy!” All three girls shouted in disdain simultaneously.

Mandy barged in and pushed all three girls, who were too shocked to fight back, out onto the deck, which overlooked a beautiful view of an ocean sunset. “Get out!” she shrieked

“Listen, you crazy bitch,” Clover shouted before stomping back into the room and pulling her ticket from the bed stand, “I don’t know how you ended up on the same cruise as us. God must really hate me, but our tickets say Room B169 is our room!”

Mandy quickly dropped to her knees in front of Clover, and Clover raised an eyebrow before blushing. Mandy then snatched her suitcase from under the bed, opened it and showed Clover her ticket. “Mine says B169 too, you bleached haired bimbo!”

Clover growled. “That settles it! We fight to the death for the room!” Alex and Sam quickly grabbed Clover’s arms and held her back to prevent her from physically assaulting the dark haired girl.

On the floor, Mandy breathed in some of the pink gas that was quickly filling up the lower portion of the room. She then slowly rose to her feet and dragged her dainty fingers up Clover’s leg, thigh stomach and the side of her breast to where they came to sit on her shoulder that she squeezed tenderly. Clover was too dumbfounded to respond.

“Oh, Clovikins, I’m so sorry for this mix-up!” she said in the sweetest tone her whiny and abrasive voice could muster. “Let me make it up to you. For the rest of the cruise, I’ll be your personal slave. I’ll apply all your sunscreen for you and do anything you want,” Mandy said with her face mere inches from Clover’s, staring into her blue eyes and breathing some of the pink gas she had just inhaled into Clover’s nostrils.

Suddenly, Clover’s rage completely dissipated and was replaced by an even stronger sense of desire. “Anything I want?” Clover asked before gulping audibly.

“Anyyyyythiiiing…” Mandy responded back, trying to sound as sexy as possible and leaning in even closer.

“Well, I never admitted this to anyone, but I always wondered what it would be like to kiss you. I mean you’re a huge evil bitch, but you’re a hot bitch even though I would never tell you you were hot to your face or anyone else for that matter. I don’t know why I’m admitting this in public. What the heck am I doing?” Clover asked before laughing nervously. It seemed like her subconscious had bubbled to the surface completely and it was now impossible to keep submerged. Alex and Sam’s jaws were dropped open in horror.

Mandy didn’t waste any time and immediately closed in for Clover’s lips with her own. The two then started mashing their lips and tongues together wildly like sex starved animals. Finally, Alex and Sam pulled them apart. Both seemed upset that the physical bond between them had been broken and gave cute puppy dog stares to the beyond befuddled Sam and Alex.

Clover then wrestled free of Alex’s grasp with the use of a Kung-WOOHP maneuver and grabbed a squeeze bottle of suntan oil out of her unzipped duffle bag. She then squeezed out some of the oil from the bottle which went directly into Sam’s eyes, blinding her and causing her to lose her grip on Mandy. Clover then grabbed Mandy by her waist, which caused her to squeak with utter girlish joy, and ran out of the cabin with her. “Come on, Mandy! These two don’t understand how deep our love is!”

“No they don’t! Losers like them could never love each other like we do, Clovey-Wovey!” Mandy squealed with delight as they made their escape hand in hand exactly like two lovers eloping.

Sam rubbed the oil out of her eyes. “How could Mandy kiss Clover instead of me?!” she whined. The gas had filled the room entirely at the point.

Alex looked love sick and hurt at the revelation from Sam. She then tackled Sam to the heart shaped bed and pinned her to it tightly with her toned bronze body barely covered by her teeny bikini. “How could you want to kiss Mandy before kissing me, you inconsiderate meanie-head!”

“Alex, I had no idea you felt that way about me,” Sam said, blushing madly.

“I’ll just have to make love to you until you forget Mandy even exists!” Alex said as she drove her lips down onto the unsuspecting Sam’s and pinned her to the bed even tighter as they both got lost in the torrent of desire that had overtaken them.

To Be Continued

Two entries were created for the contest. These included:

Entry A by Jettmanas:

Click to view attachment

Entry B by NinjaNick101:

Click to view attachment

Since there were only two entries, I'm going to make this simple. Just tell me who should win via private message. Voting will be open for one to two weeks.

Good luck, everyone!
Only one vote so far so I'm just going to keep voting open for another two weeks with the hope more people see the thread. We're going through a slump in traffic right now, which isn't a big deal imo, but I'll try posting more in the future when I'm less busy to get things moving along again.
One vote. Wow. Well, I've got to refrain, but thanks for the info.
Going to extend voting indefinitely. More votes will help make sure I close it faster, but I'm not in a rush right now to finish this one.
Ok, sounds good.

Since the forum's had a little activity the past month or so, any change?

I was thinking it could since it's a summer contest, maybe we can end this summer (9/22)?

Though it was started last summer. tongue.gif It kind of works out.

Happy I survived the past year though. Thanks for this, by the way.
QUOTE (jettmanas @ Sep 12 2017, 11:19 PM) *
Ok, sounds good.

Since the forum's had a little activity the past month or so, any change?

I was thinking it could since it's a summer contest, maybe we can end this summer (9/22)?

Though it was started last summer. tongue.gif It kind of works out.

Happy I survived the past year though. Thanks for this, by the way.

First there were barely any entrants so I was waiting for more (you did great though). Then I was waiting for votes. Only one vote still so far. I'll end it in the near term. I haven't forgotten about it.
Ok, thanks for the info.
Usually I wouldn't ask about on a contest, but- if people are posting in other topics, I wonder why they won't vote?

Well, hopefully this topic bump catches someone's attention. x019.gif
This contest is now closed. Results will be posted shortly.

Edit: Can't close the contest yet, because it's a tie. lol I'll try to get a friend to break it for me.

Edit 2: Done! Results are now up.
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