Thought I would mention this to pay tribute to him since its unlikely that it will get any airtime on CNN, the nightly news, etc. due to that black singer/actress dying today as well.

Anyways, if you don't know who this is, he was probalby the greatest and most influential artist in the fantasy genre. So I think nerds definitely owe him some decent thanks for having a big hand in helping shape everything nerdy and cool that has come from the fantasy genre, as well as having some decent work in the horror art genre and helping popularize certain characters like Conan and Vampirella in fandom. He also of course made some pretty damn cool artwork.

I for one a fan of how he painted the females, which helped popularize the very strong and very scantily clad female fantasy protagonist. XD Here is sample of that. Note these videos probalby have some decent nudity in them. But it's art, and it made it past youtube censorship, so I'm posting these here. If you're too young to see artwork with the human form, you're too young to be here anyways, so leave already. XD

Here's the wiki article on him for more. I also have to say even though it says the movie Fire and Ice was a commercial dissapointment, I thoroughly enjoy that film. One of the few cool animated films for adults not to come out of Japan.