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Full Version: Favorite Emoticon?
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Okay, so TSUG has a HUGE collective of some awesome emoticons. I have to say personally that I haven't thoroughly looked through them all, but I've seen some ones that always make me laugh/smile. Heres my top five emoticons biggrin.gif

1. x045.gif

2. y83.gif

3. x006.gif

4. tard2.gif

5. fail2.gif

Post yours! Common you know you want to biggrin.gif
Kira Yamato
Hmm... this is just a pretty hard question. Most emoticons are awesome. Let me try to list my favorites:

1. y84.gif (No further comments are needed)

2. y57.gif (Weird, yet funny)

3. y42.png (Kawaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

4. e7808.gif (Abduction)

5. runsies.gif

6. kiwf.gif (This guy looks evil)

7. Hammertime.gif

8. backstab.gif

9. j07.gif (It's-a me, Mario !!)

10. g03.gif
Here's some of my favorites.

banned.gif boom.gif e7930.gif tumbleweed.gif glomp1.gif g03.gif musik37.gif e7744.gif musik35.gif ph34r.gif
GAHH! I like the one with he bouncing boobies, I must have missed it! crap!
Yeah, I like the way they bounce, too. biggrin.gif
c30.png <cuz it's yummy
c11.png <cuz I'm King of the Corncobs
nescontroller.gif < I <3 Nintendo :]
star.gif < I like stars. Especially Super Mario stars ;]
zzzzz1.gif <cuz Hello Kitty = Bomb Diggity.
x003.gif < cuz Chun Li is 100% Badass.
y65.gif <HA one of my fav animes.
e7804.gif < cuz I literally geeked when i saw this XD
Possibly my top five:

1. x021.gif

2. y20.gif

3. j07.gif

4. c30.png (this is because of an inside joke, seriously XD)

5. p01.gif
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