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Full Version: YouTube can fuck a dead goat.
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I'm not sure if this is old news, but here goes, since this just happened to me today...

[rant mode]

So yeah, I was going to YouTube again tonight, just going to do some general browsing...well it wouldn't let me on. Know why?

"Link your YouTube and Google Accounts

You will no longer be able to sign in to YouTube without a Google Account.

The above came up. It's similar to a page that only said "Link a Google Account to your YouTube account", but I could simply get away from THAT by clicking my profile.

Not anymore. No matter what I tried, I just couldn't pass by it. Incensed, I tried linking my Hotmail account, if only to try and save my list of favourited videos. Well, it asked for a cellphone number, which I don't have. But hell with not having one, I wouldn't give it anyway.

But you know what? If at all you are able to sign in to YouTube now, Google can track EVERYWHERE you are browsing. Every. Fucking. Site. This is a HUGE breach of privacy and I'm not giving in to this bullshit. Ever since YT and Google decided to have their big fat meek wedding a year or two ago I've been completely pissed off at all their antics. This takes the cake. Facebook I (rarely) use as a site to connect with some friends, but even it is getting pretty bad. Google...aren't getting another ounce of my info, thank you very much.

YouTube isn't the same YouTube it was when I joined it back in early 2006. It's dead to me now. Fuck them. I'll go to Veoh or some other similar site.
I never log in and register to Youtube anyway. I just go there only to browse videos. What they're doing is kind of big-brother-esque.
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