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Full Version: New Digimon Adventure TV anime announced
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Looks like we are getting a new Digimon TV anime series this April. It’s gonna be an entirely new series based on the original from 1999.

Lets just hope it won’t end up like that disappointment Digimon Adventure Tri lol.

I watched the original on Fox Kids.  The first hentai doujinshi I remember reading was a Digimon one with Koshiro Izumi x Palmon in like 2000 or something.  lol

I liked the idea from your post before it was edited that it could be a remastered version or something like Dragon Ball Kai.  Honestly, there was nothing wrong with the original version of Dragon Ball Z.  It's on film and still looked good, but I think some of the mid-2000's anime that were digitally colored in standard definition really need to have that re-animating process done.  They all look like crap when upscaled to HD, and then they do absurd stuff like apply a lot of DNR that actually results in the original version having more detail than the HD version.  I'm sure that's too expensive for most series, but still.
I haven't even seen Tri, but I'm kinda looking forward to this.