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Full Version: Hi guys! nextstopplease here :)
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Hi guys!

Long time no see but hope everyone’s doing well ☺️

Still a TS fan and a Sam x Clover shipper ?

Looking forward to new content on here!

Might have to catch up on some fanart ?
Hi, Nextstopplease!  Super happy you signed back up on the new website!  I missed seeing you here.  Missed seeing your fantastic art too.  Clover 4 I hope you're doing well with all the craziness going on.  ^ ^

Edit: I'll go ahead and re-promote your account.
It's great to see you again NSP!
Hi there. I'm eager to see your fan art.
Welcome back Next! hope you are doing well.
Yup, glad you stopped by. I think you had an entry in the previous round of the art contest in progress.
suh dude! it's awesome to see you back!