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Full Version: Alex ethnicity confirmed!
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I went and messaged Stephane Berry (series director) about Alex’s ethnicity on the show, and he got back to me and said she is in fact both Asian and Latin-American.

Added info, plus her confirmed surname is also ‘Vasquez’
Yes! That's totally boss! Awesome! Good job and now everyone knows. :D
Did you remove one of the screen caps? I thought I read more on it earlier if I'm not hallucinating.
(05-15-2021, 10:18 PM)Mandy Wrote: [ -> ]Did you remove one of the screen caps?  I thought I read more on it earlier if I'm not hallucinating.

When i asked him about Alex’s canon surname
I admit I knew about the Vasquez surname, but the other stuff is a bit confusing to me.  Carnen is obviously latina, but were either of the versions of her father we saw in two episodes Asian seeming at all?  And wouldn't the Vasquez surname come from the father regardless?  Maybe her father could be Filipino, but I assumed it was a reference to the Mexicana from Aliens since the other names were pop-culture references.  Otherwise, it might just be TS being loose with the canon-facts that were developed originally for the show.

Anyways, I don't think you need to bug Stephane about the specifics.  I kind of liked that the background info on the characters was mysterious anyways.