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Full Version: Azeal's in the house!
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What's shakin', cats?

I was TerminalGT and/or KodeBreaker for some time. Been going by Azealeon for some time now, or just Azeal. I took a break from the forum for a while due to IRL issues, which I've somewhat sorted out now.

I guess since this is the new forum, I should re-iterate some trivia for you all, so here's some:

My favourite TS character is Clover, of course. Clover 02 My favourite non-TS character, however, is the minor Sailor Moon villainess, Tellu. I love her to bits. Hell, her entire team is just to die for, honestly. Wub Too bad they got little screen-time and character development, but they were pretty much made to be killed off... oh well.

The whole of Senran Kagura is pretty bitchin', too. Been in love with that series for a few years now.

Also some pretty useless info, but at times I create crossover fanscripts with a friend who lives across the country, and we have a riot with the all the goings-on that happen in those. Nothing really offensive or nsfw in them, just some self-inserting random nonsense to get all the crap, creative or otherwise, out of my head. I used to be able to write in story/paragraph form but I've lost my touch with that, and script form is way more up my alley anyway. I can share snippets/quotes from those if there's interest. (I kinda doubt it, but...)

And yeah, that be it. I'm somewhat of a long-time TSUG user, but I'm nowhere near as active as I used to be. I'll at least say hi every now and then, though. So... hi. ^^
Welcome back!

I have Senran Kagura Peach Beach Splash, and while it's not a favorite of mine, I liked it enough to get the Dead or Alive and Ikki Tousen characters when they were on sale. There's a whole lot more DLC and to get it all, even on sale, would be almost $100, no thanks!

Who's your favorite Senran Kagura character?

My favourite SK character has changed quite a few times, but at the moment it's the relatively new character, Fubuki. She's actually a hybrid human-yōma, which for some reason makes me like her even more lol. Then again the Witches 5 are half-humans as well so I guess I have a thing for half-humans? Though not to the extent of the Monster Musume series. Tongue Out
Hey, forgot if I met you before. Maybe you left before I (finally) showed up at the old forum.

I also write fics and am a SK fan, having watched playthroughs of Estival, Shinovi, and Splash.
Even use Yumi in BlazBlue Cross Tag a bit.  Wink
Perhaps? I took a huge break back in early 2017 so it's possible. Regardless, good to see you, and also good to see another SK fan. Smile
Awesome to see you on the new forum Azealeon! Glad that you doing better!
Thank you! ^^