Future Fanart Contests

Well, in regards to the timeline of how things played out, the last fanart contest didn't go so well since it took over a year to finish.  Regardless, I'm going to move forward and do new fanart contests.  So I'm going to go ahead and open this thread for any input anyone has for future fanart contests in regards to rules and subject matter.

As for timing, I think I'm going to avoid convoluted selection processes like used in the last contest and enforce stricter deadlines.  I think it would go like this.

1.  Contest is announced.

2.  The contest is left open for 2 months for entries.

3.  The contest is closed for entries.

4.  The contest is open for one month for voting.

So this would result in each contest wrapping up within 3 months.  With how slow the forum is, I don't think we should have it faster than that, but that should be enough time for anyone to enter, finish and entry and vote that wanted to.  Maybe I would lengthen the entry period to three months, but not more than that for sure.

As far as subject matter and other rules, I'm open to hearing any ideas anyone has.  I kind of want to do a Mother's Day contest.  That would be kind of fun.  Stella Gabby Carmen Phoebe

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