Mysterious Japanse Totally Spies Doujinshi

Repost (Originally posted on Sep, 24 2013):

Years and years ago I said there was a TS doujinshi.  No one really believed me, but I was confident one existed and could be dug up if people tried hard enough.  Well, like almost freaking everything, I turned out to be right because here it is, the fucking holy grail of TS fandom:


It's being sold by this auction site (Edit: Link is dead, but saved in zip below):

In case the auction page goes down, I saved it and put it into this zip file:

.zip (Size: 383.31 KB / Downloads: 1)

Here's some info I got from Google auto-translator:

[ Magazine name ] Totally Spies Trek
[ Issue ] Aberukain
[ Author ] Fujimaru Anteater / Hirokawa Koichiro
[ Issue Date ] 02/10/6

And this is a different translation from Bing's auto-translator:

[Journal name] totally spies mission
Abel [issuing] Cain
[Authors] Fuji Maru anteater and kouichirou Hirokawa.
[Date] 02 / 10 / 6

So it's either named "Totally Spies Trek" or "Totally Spies Mission."  Second one sounds more accurate to me, but "Trek" may be the more common mistranslation if it pops up online.

Case in point, the same manga can also be found for sale on this page in Russian as "Totally Spies Trek" (Edit: Link is dead, but saved in zip below):

I backed that one up as well:

.zip (Size: 155.68 KB / Downloads: 0)

Now all someone has to do is actually buy this fucking thing.  I'm not used to dealing with Japanese and Russian stores, so can someone else volunteer?  XD  (Edit: No one actually bought it.)

I think there's two distinct possibilities here.  It's either hentai manga or not.  No telling at this point, since it's pretty hard to discern that from the cover alone.  XD

Someone who can read Japanese or Russian should give us some more clues though.

Update (Sep 24 2013, 03:30 AM):

I found a page for one of the artists, and all his work is hentai! Here's the link:

WARNING (There's no hentai on this link, since it's just data about manga, but there's a link to his official website on there that has suggestive artwork on it, don't click on that if you're not supposed to.)

Edit: Also decided to back-up this one for this repost just in case:

.zip (Size: 179.46 KB / Downloads: 0)

He was also active in 2006, so it lines up! Nothing on the Anteater person though.
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