Future Fanart Contests

(01-09-2022, 02:25 PM)jettmanas Wrote:
(08-20-2021, 03:33 PM)Mandy Wrote: BradleyEX decided to close the Discord.  I think it was mostly because it was slow and the amount of trolls Discord attracted wasn't worth the effort.  I'm sorry if you weren't warned beforehand.  I think I may have tried to tell you, but I can't remember anymore.

I definitely think the contest needs a specific theme, other wise people would submit art they had made previously which would be unfair to newcomers.

Ok, thanks for the info. Wow, delayed reply on my part.  Sweat Drop

Well, the Twitter announcement of possible future TS reminded me of the site. 
If it's real, maybe a TS revival theme.  Wink

No problem.

Well, I saw the Tweet.  I think I will wait until I see an official announcement.  It was nice of the creator of Miraculous to clue us in though I guess, but a lot can happen right now that can chagne things considering the pandemic isn't over.

And whether or not a new season of TS is a good thing is up in the air too imo.  If the original people who made it are involved, I will be excited, but we've seen a lot of cartoon revivals made by outsiders form the original productions that fell flat.  Thundercats and He-Man come to mind I think, but we'll see.  lol

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