Inspector Gadget

I thought it could be interesting to do a thread about Inspecteur Gadget (IG) from the old 1980s cartoon (which also include Caporal Capeman, the counterpart of Scrappy-doo), the live-action movies, the series Gadget & the Gadgetinis (not aired in the US but episodes are online on Youtube or Dailymotion) and the 2015 reboot. 

One thing is sure, they won't do a series where his niece Penny got in numerous dangers like she was in the 1983 series like these ones like that today.

However I wonder if Penny Gadget might be one source of inspiration for creating Totally Spies besides Charlie's Angels?  Whistle  And could you imagine a TS-IG crossover where the Spies are assigned to babysit Penny and by a twisting irony they're being saved by Penny?

Edit: I forgot, in the 2015 reboot, Chief Quimby don't smoke anymore but still got self-destruct message blowing on his face.

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