Return of the Matchmaker: Totally Random Love Fanart Contest (Story and Rules)

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It’s time once again time for another TSUG fanart contest!  This contest may in fact be the most unexpected of them all, because no entrant yet knows what they will draw!  Much like how love is a mysterious game of chance in the real world, so will this contest be left up to Lady Luck!

Contest Title – Return of the Matchmaker: Totally Random Love Fanart Contest

Contest Story

It was a busy day at the Groove, Beverly Hills' premier outdoor shopping center.  Exceptionally wealthy shoppers dressed in the latest fashions could be found throughout the massive complex’s multitude of boutiques and cafes maxing out their Ultra Platinum credit cards, unafraid of the mountain debt being accrued due to the fact that it would undoubtedly be paid off by their hefty trust funds.

However, one shopper in particular was not bustling along as normal.  Instead, she was standing, several shopping bags in hand, staring mystified with her jaw agape at the sudden emergence of a strange metallic pink Easter egg-like pod that had displaced one of her favorite non-fat latte spots in the outdoor mall.  The girl with the golden fan like hairdo, affectionately known to her friends and countless boyfriends as Clover, looked like she had just seen a ghost. 

“It’s back,” she said to herself in complete bewilderment.

“You too can find your truest love,” the device spoke back to Clover in its robotic yet acutely female voice.

Clover peered at the strange contraption closer and once again read a shiny plaque with the words,  Arrow Through the Heart Dating Experience

Suddenly, the metallic hatch-like opening of the pod split open like a spaceship door straight out of a Ridley Scott science fiction film.  The pod door remained open, beckoning Clover to enter and sit in one of the creepy futuristic dentist office-like chairs inside that her friends, Alex and Sam, had sat some years earlier.  A cold chill ran up Clover’s spine.

To Be Continued

How this Contest Will Work

This contest will work differently than any other contest TSUG has held before, because entrants will not immediately know what they are drawing.  Here are the six steps to entering the contest and choosing a randomized pairing.

1.  Post on this contest thread that you wish to enter.

2.  Wait for the remaining contestants to also enter the contest.  The maximum number of participants for this contest will be six fanartists.

3.  Once the number of contestants has been determined, numbers will be drawn for each participant with a randomized list generator.  The fanartist that draws number one will pick his or her pairing and setting first.  Two will go second, and so on.

4.  Six completely random yuri (girl x girl) pairings will then be generated by me using the TSUG Ship Generator.  A video will be published showing me pressing the generator six times to ensure that the results were indeed randomized.

5.  A list of six possible settings for fanart entries will be published at the same time.

6.  Contestants will then choose one of the randomly generated pairings and one of the settings to use to create their fanart entries.  Once a pairing and setting have been selected, they will be removed from the pool of choices.  Contestants must make their choices in the randomized order drawn for them.

Rules for Entries

1.  Your entry must contain the pairing and setting you have selected from the available choices.

2.  Only yuri pairings are allowed because we are using the TSUG Ship Generator that only produces yuri pairings.  Also TS male x female pairings are generally boring.

3.  The fanart produced must be romantic or sexual in nature.  This isn’t a “let’s be friends” contest.

4.  Your fanart can include a lot of skin but not fully exposed nipples or private parts.  However, if you want to go further with an alternate version of your piece and publish it elsewhere other than in this publicly viewable forum, we can’t and won’t stop you.  You can’t, however, enter such a version in the contest.

5.  TSUG fanart contests are generally lax in regards to time frames for submitting entries.  However, please keep in mind that the contest will not remain open forever and please be considerate of your fellow entrants.


The 1st place winner will receive a trophy that will go in his or her signature.  That winner's piece will also be placed in the Featured TS Fanart section of the front page portal for all to see.

1st through 3rd place will receive:

1.  A mysterious mystery prize to be revealed with the results of the contest.

2.  Acclaim and fame from having your piece featured in a folder in the TSUG fanart gallery labeled "Totally Spies Fanart Contest Winners" and on the front page news.  Non-placing entries will also appear in this gallery folder.

Good luck to all entrants!  May Cupid’s arrows fully pierce the hearts of the characters you choose.  Who knows what fanart we will see.  It’s really all up to chance!  Anything can happen!

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