New Britney Blue Banner with Art by Katira Moon!

(12-09-2019, 12:12 AM)Ryofu Wrote:
[Image: britney_bikini_banner_portal.png]

I'm very happy to announce that a new banner for the Britney Blue forum skin has been completed and launched!  The new banner features wonderful art of Britney, Alex and Mindy by the extremely talented Katira Moon!  She also did the art for the water, pool and cocktails.  I added the neon logo as well as the wall and floor in Photoshop.  If you wish to use this banner, simply log-in, scroll to the bottom of the page and choose the option for Britney Blue from the drop-down menu. 

I'd really like to thank Katira for contributing her art for another great banner, perhaps the greatest banner of all time!  Britney 03 Alex 03
The new banner is very cute and sexy! Hubba  Katira-chan made another awesome artwork.
[Image: GIbJ1sy.jpg]

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