Totally Spies music videos I made

Sorry if I am posting this in the wrong section of the forum, but I didn't see a section under the fanworks section for things like this. Just fanart and fanfics. Anyhoo, I have been a video editor since I was a sophomore in high school since late 2001, and I have been making things like music videos with passion since then. This year, I only recently got into TS for the first time ever, and being that I am a video editor who makes music videos with a passion, I planned on making some Totally Spies music videos, and this year I managed to get four done, and I plan on making more than this in the future.

Totally Gangster
Vid link:
Song: "Gangster Tripping" by Fatboy Slim

Beat Dis
Vid link:
Song: "Beat Dis" by Bomb The Bass

Block Rockin' Spies
Vid link:
Song: "Block Rockin' Beats" by The Chemical Brothers

The O.P. Is Stupid
Vid link:
Song: "Christianity Is Stupid" by Negativland

Tell me what you think!

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