Japanese Totally Spies Opening (Updated with Japanese ED)

Going to make a new thread for this.  If you haven't seen this before, this is the opening Totally Spies had in Japan!

Due to how frequently Totally Spies videos are deleted off of Youtube (there was also a pretty cool Japaense promo for TS that is now deleted Sad), I've decided to rip the video and upload it as files.  You have two choices, MP4 and WebM:

.mp4   Totally Spies! Japanese Opening [360p].mp4 (Size: 7.27 MB / Downloads: 1)

.webm   Totally Spies! Japanese Opening [360p].webm (Size: 8.66 MB / Downloads: 0)

My thoughts:

This OP seems to be very low budget compared to most anime opening songs, but I kind of like it anyways. 

Its tone seems to be more serious than the show is, which is a bit strange. 

I think the Japanese opening is also longer than the ones we saw in the US.  That's probably because Japanese fans tend to like the longer OPs.  In the US, openings are now cut shorter to make more time for commercials.

I really like the Japanese TS logo.  Never seen that apart from this opening.  It's really cool looking. 

Also, I'll give this opening extra points for including the cut away threesome makeout scene from Eraser.  This was shown in Japan, have to include some yuri in there somewhere.  Yuri

I honestly liked the JP opening, and i wish that there was a full version of the song available.

Worth of note, there was also an original Japanese ending song aswell, which i really love. This song does happen to have a full version aswell.

Ending Song

Ending Song Full Version
[Image: alex_britney_sig.png]

Nice find, BradleyEX!  I went ahead and ripped the video for the ED in case YouTube decides to purge it in the future:

.mp4   Totally Spies Ending JP [360p].mp4 (Size: 4.23 MB / Downloads: 0)

.webm   Totally Spies Ending JP [360p].webm (Size: 4.92 MB / Downloads: 0)

I think this song is probably better than the OP, but it looks like it may just be an off the shelf j-pop song instead of something that was made for the show.  Actually sounds like it's from 1987 or something instead of 2001/2002.  Pretty cool.

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