Returning Members, Please Make a New Account with Your Old Name

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I just want to remind any returning members who may visit the new site that you have to make a new account to replace your old one.  You will not be able to log-in with your old account name and password.  Due to software issues, we had to restart the forum with new software and data.  Please make a new account with your old name so I can easily recognize you and restore your previous forum privileges.  If you wish to change your name afterwards, I can do that for you via request. 

Keep in mind that the account activation e-mail that is sent out after you register may end up in you e-mail's junk folder.  Try to find the e-mail and press on the link inside to complete your registration.  If you have problems completing your registration, you can let us know in the shoutbox in the forum index.  Please don't be afraid to make a new post in the New Recruit Tunnel Drop to let everyone know you have returned.  I'm sure everyone will be happy to see you again.  Thank you!

Edit: For your convenience, I have temporarily removed e-mail validation for new accounts. If you register, you should be able to post automatically.

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