Totally Spies character tier list

I went ahead and decided to make a tier list for Totally Spies characters.

I obviously couldn't include every character, because that would take forever lol. So i only included the more well-known characters instead.

Here is the link to make your own tier list: Link

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noice tier list!

only thing i'd change would be to have Sam in the A tier and move jerry all the way down to D tier

Ha, I've never seen one of these for TS. You included some obscure one-shot characters, like Alex's goth ex-boyfriend and the Japanese (literal) waifu.
I like that you have Shirley, Luna & Feline.

Lol at the D-crowd. 
I agree on Sam needing to be much higher. She's greater then the faceless robot head & the pig.   Oh My

Thanks for doing this! 
(Please raise Sam & bump a non-human or unattractive/no development 'extra' )  Sweat Drop

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