Funny/Sexy TS screenshots

Thought I’d start a thread for funny and sexy screenshots from the show, since i think we had something similar on the old site iirc.

Here’s some of the shots i found


^ i found this one pretty cute lol




^ this shot never fails to make me laugh lmao


^  an obvious classic
[Image: alex_britney_sig.png]

Ha, those are crazy. Thanks for those. Props to the artists.

Here's some from I, Dude including one repeat BradleyEx posted.  I'm skipping the splooge/foot fetish ones.  lol





[Image: xmas_karen_sig.jpg]


^ Clover carrying Alex by her ass lmao


^ Another good yuri one lol
[Image: alex_britney_sig.png]

Lol, great posts from both of you. 
Those first few- then Sam's not happy w/that grope & hug.  Wink

I remember Clover carrying her like that! Crazy- so strong & getting a nice feel.  Tongue Out

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