Alex fanart from Twitter

Thought that I’d show off all of this really nice Alex fanart from this user on Twitter. She has been doing a bunch of these recently. I love this 90s anime style that’s used.

User- @ceria_solran

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[Image: alex_britney_sig.png]

Thanks for that. Good art w/a unique artstyle. Surprising to see people posting TS art there sometimes.
Hey, someone else did the Mali-U Cafe uni. Also like that Britney is there- this person knows their TS!
(I should post mine there more often)

So we can post art from other people- I can post some Sam art done by a DevArt friend (even did art trades w/the person).
Also, fav'd & commented on your art there.  Wink

These fanarts are fantastic!  Dance 3

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