YouTube/Video Embed Insert Bug Workarounds (Edit 2: The bug is back again.)

(Edit 2:  Never mind, the bug is back again!  Yay.  lol)

(Edit: This may be resolved.  See reply below.)

Right now, there seems to be a bug, perhaps originating from the recent MyBB upgrade, that causes YouTube and other video site embeds to not load correctly when you use the insert tool on the panel above the post box.  There are two different workarounds for this, and they are easy.

Workaround 1

Step 1

Click on the video embed tool, choose the video site you are embedding from, paste your video link and click insert:


Step 2

After doing so, you should see the video in the post box even if the link is messed up.  To fix the embed so it will appear after posting, you need to alter the bb code.  To view the code, simply press the View Source Button which should be the last one on the panel above the post box.  My cursor is hovering over it in this screenshot:


Step 3

The bug results in the some extra characters, http://, being added to the end of the link you inserted in between the video code.  Simply highlight them and delete them:


Step 4

Post your video!

Workaround 2

Step 1

Don't use the video insert button.  Instead, type the video embed code yourself and paste the video link inside it.  The one for YouTube looks like this:  


Replace youtube with another name from the drop down video embed insert button if you are using another video site from the list.

Step 2

Post your video!



I was going to try to fix this bug, but it stopped happening for some reason.  *shrugs shoulders*  I don't know what happened, but I guess this is resolved some how????

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