Ep. 012 - Incredible Shrinking World (Thread Commentary: November, 16 2013)

Old episode commentary repost:

Okay, even though I'm kind of tired and not feeling well, I've decided to do a commentary for episode 12 of the first season of Totally Spies, Incredible Shrinking World (aka Shrinking), off of my new DVDs. I think there were other episodes requested, but I want to do this one since I haven't seen it since it last aired in the US around 2004 or 2005.

Incredible Shrinking World: Running Commentary - November, 16 2013

Opening looks flawless compared to the older Season 1 DVDs. No compression artifacts at all. Definitely pick up the new ones!

I don't know if the public viewing area for Mount Rushmore looks like I remember it, but it looks nice in the episode. Going to see if I can make it back up there again this upcoming summer.

Weird "TS extra" character with striped red hair who seems reminiscent of Thundercats and is wearing a "I 3 TRAVELS" wife beater. One of those WTF things that turns up in TS, especially earlier episodes.

Presidents Jefferson and Lincoln definitely look like inbred retards in the background behind Thundercats kid.

Kid - "It's just a rock with a bunch of dead guys on it." Pretty edgy dialogue for TS. XD

The shrinking effect on the monument is rather humorous.

Love the custom episode title screen. Awesome! Never seen this one before.

Another weird looking extra with a beanie and a boombox. Shockingly, this was before the iPod. I still don't have one because mp3s are shit as far as audio quality goes.

Random bikini shot, although very brief. lol

Some fucked up looking cars in the background including what looks like a purple limo that was chopped in half. XD

Little Elvis is amusing, and here comes our spy babes on rollerblades.

They're definitely way skinnier in Season 1 than later episodes and even more so during this sequence. They almost look like Utena or like Leiji Matsumoto girls as far as lankiness goes here.

Clover's already horned up for some random guy and the episode has just started. Poor Sam and Alex though just seem to want to touch her as she's flailing around after spotting fresh cock. XD

Clover bumps into him, is all over him, and then pushes him down so she's on top of him. Money says she purposely touched his penis during all of that.

Sam doesn't seem amused. She's either jealous or thinks she's being a whore.

"Saturday night would be perfect, Jason!" Jason is getting laid.

"I just got a date with Jason Roberts! Mandy is going to sooo hate me!" Yeah, this is an early episode. lol

A hole just suddenly appears in the ground to WOOHP them. Not ultra creative, but it works I guess.

Clover ends up on top of Jerry's desk. I bet that's not the first time she's been there. Devil 2

Wow, Jerry literally does a face palm. XD

Clover while playing with things shaped like a penis, "Ohhhh..."

LOL at Jerry's water-skiing being accidentally included in the footage. Sam and Alex's reactions both make them sound like they were sexual excited by seeing Jerry without a shirt. lol

It's sad that Alex thinks the Taj Mahal is in Mexico when she is of Mexican heritage. lol

Clover is still slinking on Jerry's desk and seems impressed almost in a sexual way by the dress that Jerry gives her, "Wowww." XD

One of the gadgets is a "Titanium Extendo Rod." Clover's reaction seems to be excited until she says she looks "horrible in pinks." Then why do you wear them in so many damn episodes? XD But I bet Clover could get great use out of the Titanium Extendo Rod. It's made out of titanium, so she can't break it when she fucks the hell out of it. I'm sure she likes that part. XDD

Another standard joke where Alex thinks a gadget named with an acronym, a CADBOT (Climb Anything Dirtbike that's Octane Powered ?), is a fruit flavored snack.

The bikes are hideously pink. Definitely a first season episode. lol

Jerry WOOHPs them as soon as Clover starts talking about her date with Jason. He seems kind of jealous.

I like them being WOOHPed to an underground rocket train or something. That didn't happen as often in later seasons.

The Taj Mahal looks good. Nice work on the backgrounds here.

Alex - "It's even bigger than some of the houses in Beverly Hills." lol

There's a lot of conflict with Sam being annoyed by Clover's antics in this episode.

Clover - "Number one rule in dating, the outfit is everything! Wait... Isn't that the number one rule in life." Alex and Sam do a sexy, fashionable face palm in response.

The guy guarding the Taj Mahal is kind of funny in a stereotypical Indiana Jones extra kind of way. Also the fact that it's closed for renovations.

"Four days until Jason, can you think a little faster?!" Shut up, Clover. Xd

Glad they cut up the "saris" they're wearing so we can see some leg and spy tummy again! It's still weird they don't have belly buttons in this season, but oh well. lol

Clover - "Since short is last year's long..." I bet the boys of Beverly Hills are happy about that one.

The Indian investigation music is nice. Wish they would just put out the entire show's music in a CD boxset or something. Audio is also nice on these DVDs.

Sam - "Let's do what we do best!" Sorry my mind is in the gutter. xD Clover - "Cool, point me towards the gift shop!" Sam is pissed. LOL

The big, retro-techno ring thing Alex picks up is from a movie. Stargate maybe? I'm not sure.

Clover - "It's either a tracking device or a way cool mood ring." It's big enough to fit over your head, you dumb blonde. XD

I don't know why the spies aren't shrinking while the Taj Mahal is shrinking at the same time. Makes no sense, but that's TS "science" for you. XD

The Taj Mahal appears to be shrinking way slower than Mt. Rushmore.

Random shot of Alex holding Sam's hand. Maybe because she thinks they may die soon? XD

I like Clover massaging her huge ass bang thing on the left side of her hair after they fall to the ground. I don't remember her doing that in any other episodes.

I like how Clover is sitting cross legged in that skirt. XD

Again, the picture quality is excellent on these DVDs. The interlaced video feed they are looking at of Jerry on the compowder looks great! Much better than previous DVD releases. Definitely a high bit rate here.

Alex thinks the Great Wall is in Peru. Yes, she's dumb as rocks. Sam tells her off about it, and Alex does a cute pouty reaction "Hmmph!"

Those glasses gadgets shaped like green flowers look ridiculous!

Those are some big ass platforms Clover has on. Jesus Christ!

And they destroy the ring better than the stupid green glasses gadget that Sam was trying to use.

The Chinese disguises are interesting. I think Alex is supposed to be dressed like Bruce Lee when he wore a hat or something. I'm tired. XD

Sam seems to be showing off for Alex while she's looking around with the other glasses gadget, the one that was in more than one episode. She looks cute in the fish eye lens. XD

Alex - "That's a black blimp with two people on board!" You can't see the people at all even though it's showing her POV

*unzipping sound* Suddenly Sam and Clover are in their spy uniforms. Jeez, can't you let us watch them undress? XD

Alex sort of makes sex sounds/expressions when she's trying to open the blimp's door.

Alex - "And they're like two feet tall!" You totally can't tell that with the POV provided by the animation. lol

Diminutive Smalls sure has a deep voice. lol

God, the goon in the purple jump suit, spiky hair and big glasses looks like he belongs in a Swedish 90's dance club or something. XD

The fight with the midgets is interesting. I'm already getting perverted ideas. This episode definitely plays into another stock fetish regarding changing size.

The fact the spies are getting their asses kicked by people the size of dolls is pathetic.

LOL at Sam catching tiny Clover, and then Clover sitting up in her palm. Sam can obviously feel her little butt. XD I can't believe this hasn't been made into hentai yet. XD

Sam seems to really enjoy handling Clover when she's this small. She also loves keeping her on her shoulder.

The shrinking device is pretty mundane looking for a Totally Spies weapon. I like the idea of them having it on a blimp though.

Jerry - "An analysis of the strange purple substance on Clover's pants reveals this could only be the work of one man, Diminutive Smalls." Diminutive Smalls has purple sperm! XD

It's still funny that Smalls was a real last name before even Biggie used it.

Alex - "Diminutive who?" Jerry - "Smalls." This was funny. XD

Okay, Diminutive Smalls was another WOOHP scientist who went bad. I had forgotten this!

In the flash back photo, his two goons are still wearing their ridiculous jumpsuits under lab coats.

Okay, the experiment was a way to increase strength by reducing mass? Does this make any sense? Yes, an ant can lift a tiny crumb of food much bigger than itself, but it is still a crumb of food.

His goons are also apparently his siblings.

How Clover is leaning on Sam's shoulder with her crotch pressed against it as she talks to Jerry seems very sexual now. Sam also looks surprised. XD

Wow, "Jarmesia" has some pretty out there geography. That island/mountain looks like something from fantasy artwork.

Another good shot of little Clover pressing her boobs and crotch against Sam's shoulder and arm. XD Yeah, this is femslashy.

And wow Clover is really grinding her naughty bits against her now when she says, "Hey, what about me?!"

Jerry still seems very pissed off about Clover talking about Jason. I'm definitely sensing jealousy.

Clover - "Did I tell you about the dimple he has right in the middle of..." Jerry - "Oh so sorry, I-I think we're breaking up!" Right in the middle of his what? His ass? His cock? XD

Riding out of the hangar on a plane on bikes. That's pretty extreme. lol

"Alex, these CADBOBs rock!" Sam - "And roll!" More cheesy dialogue. And yes it sounds like she said CADBOB instead of CADBOT. I have no fucking clue what the real acronym is supposed to be now!

The idea of a pink dirt bike with a rocket booster is kind of amusing though.

More awesome original background music for this episode with a Chinese twist.

That castle on top of the island/mountain sure doesn't look Chinese however.

Yeah little Clover is doing a lot of Sam shoulder humping in this episode. lol

Sexy pose for Alex and Sam as they hop onto the mountain on their bikes with their butts sticking out and their breasts forward. XD

And now the shrinking device is on a tank! Okay, it's actually a really tiny tank. lol

Alex - "We're in a real life video game!" Another groaner. XD

Holy shit, major shot of Alex and Sam's boobs as they go up the tree on their bikes. O_O Looks like they both suddenly grew several cup sizes. XD

Sam - "Ha, let's try to see them get us now!" Yeah, it was obvious they were going to shrink the tree, Sam. That was almost as dumb as Alex.

Clover screaming as she fell off Sam's shoulder was funny.

Another nice scream from Andrea Baker.

When they stopped their bikes at this part of course my eyes were immediately drawn to the Alex's butt pressing down on her bicycle seat. Angel

Alex - "Clover we're cumming!" Oh, I'm sorry, that was coming. LOL

Sam - "Follow that tank!"

I do like the idea of riding up a wall on a bike. XD Uh oh, they ran out of rocket fuel! XD Again, the poses here are pretty nice and sexual as they try to peddle fast to make up for the lack of rocket power.

First girl dog pile of the episode! Not as immediately sexual as the other ones, but still nice to see!

I like Sam taking off her belt here. XD You can also see where the spy suits zip down, which is nice!

Alex - "That wasn't the belt I lent you, was it?" They have more than one belt for their spy suits?

More crawling through tight corridors with Alex's ass in Sam's face.

A half way decent shot of Sam's bosom from below the vent.

Diminutive's original plan was to shrink the monuments of the world to decorate his island? Jesus, why didn't you just buy an old goofy golf course for fuck's sake.

Even little Clover eventually had to find her way into a bondage situation.

Yeah, Diminutive Small's voice is hilariously manly, like he's going through a second puberty.

Ridiculous evil villain group laugh there.

Sam - "I'll tackle the annoying one, you grab the other two." Only one of them are annoying?

Wow, they jump down, bump into other in epic yuri fashion, and collapse over a balcony. Epic fail much?

Freeze framing that, Alex's face is directly in Sam's breasts! Hubba She ran into her boobs! XD Remind me to take a screenshot of this later! I don't remember this part. XD

Ok, the "who is the annoying one" was to set up for the upcoming joke. Got ahead of myself there.

The bondage device here is interesting. Not as inherently fanservicey as the others, but still good. XD

Sam - "Strap on your Jetpack Backpacks, and let's blow this joint!" Sam always trying to come up with stupid one-liners.

Tokyo looks a little like Megatokyo or the city from Blade Runner. XD And LOL at the sun looking like the Japanese flag for no reason.

Alex's hair while she's flying here is pretty WTF. She looks like an anime character.

Smalls - "How did those annoying little pests get free?!" Maybe you should have stayed to find out if they bought it or not? Of course, this is a spy cartoon. XD

Japanese billboard with a white looking person with a drink and text that says, "DURINKU." Is that real Japanese? LOL.

So Diminutive's plan is to shrink the entire city of Tokyo building by building and car by car. What is he going to be doing this over the next month and a half? LOL.

Diminutive - "Try this on for size!"

And the shrink ray bounces off of glass. There's another TS weapon failure standby.

Alex doesn't get that Clover and Sam are acting about running out of jet fuel like usual.

Sam's face went slightly off model there.

So Diminutive Smalls is defeated the same way Gilee was in Ski Trip, I guess by reflecting the laser off of a shiny surface.

Plot hole! When the shrink ray hit the Taj Mahal, the spies didn't shrink inside, but Diminutive and gang are shrinking inside this blimp that was hit with the same ray!

WTF is with that voice acting when they are shrinking? This has to be heard to be believed.

The hamster cage the WOOHP agents put the baddies in is rather funny!

Wow, Jerry suddenly hugs Sam for no reason! So much for him not crushing on them. XD LOL at shoulder Clover getting crushed. Sam seems shocked by the hug. LOL!

Another fucking blooper. The text that tells the time and location says "Beverly Hills High School" when they're at Clover's house. *face palm*

Clover's fucking house is ridiculous as far as the pink goes!

Clover looks cute with the doll clothing and make-up! XD

The gun the delivery guy brings looks like it could be stuck up her cooch or something with that tip on it. XD

Sam and Alex are fighting over who gets to use the gun on Clover. Maybe it does go up her cooch? XD

Awesome shot of Clover's butt in the doll underwear when she gets big. Her trying to cover herself up is both cute and sexy! XD

Oh come on, Clover, you have more clothes than what were in those suitcases that got enlarged!

So long, Jason! Go get into your Hot Wheels looking sports car, you loser!

Wow, another nice shot of the doll nighty and undies on Clover. XD

Oh, Mandy bumped into him on purpose. Now I really hate him! Stay away from my woman, you bastard!

Her hands should be on me, not him!

Clover - "How totally lame! He's actually falling for that?!" Clover is a total hypocrite. This is an integral part of her character. lol

I'd date Clover in that outfit! XD Just meet me at my place. We can play horizontal polka.

Alex - "I'm glad Clover's back to her normal self." Sam - "I'm not sure normal describes it." God, Sam sure hates Clover in this episode!

Nice shot of Mandy looking at Jason love struck as they drive away. That should be me!

LOL at Clover still trying to hold that undersized nighty down over her crotch region.

Well, that's the end for this episode. What is there left to say other than this is a certified Season 1 classic!

This episode didn't make much impression on me the first time. I watched it again recently and realized it's pretty hot that Clover has to dress up in a doll outfit because none of her clothes will fit. I don't know why she also has blush on as if she were one of the dolls in "Child's Play," but it works for me!

As Ryofu says, it makes zero sense for Clover to think she's suddenly unattractive because she's wearing a now badly undersized doll outfit. To the contrary, one look at her and the guy would probably need a change of clothes himself.

It's interesting to think what could happen if Clover were unable to return to normal size. Sam and Alex (or Mandy) might amuse themselves by building her a doll house, making doll outfits for her and dressing her up...

Nicely done! So much writing, covering every scene.
I was chuckling so much- more than in a while. LOL 

Good points on Smalls' voice, the ridiculous group laugh, the Tokyo plan, Jerry's jealousy, and Clover's sexuality (including on Sam when small).
Poor Clover w/Sam being annoyed by her.
Also, their going out the plane on the bikes(!) and their hot looks on riding them. Sweat Drop

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