Soul Calibur 6

Got this (finally) some weeks ago. 
Character creation, in-depth story, etc.

Used a video guide to make Labrys (P4A/BBCTB). Not sure if anyone knows her.

This was the last game released before Soyny instituted their Commiefornia anti-sexy censorship regime, so probably the last game for Censor Station 4 you should buy.  I have it, but haven't gotten around to playing it yet.  Got a decent backlog going because I want to make sure I collected some of the uncensored games before I give up on buying Sony products forever and switch to PC.

I bought SC6 a while back when it was on sale, and have barely touched it (just like most of the games that i buy lol). I messed around in the character creator for while, and thats pretty much it.
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Thanks for the replies!
If you love good art, deep lore, etc., maybe give it a shot.
I love exploring all the content for a game, though I only have weekends.  Doh

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