Ep. 040 - Stark Raving Mad (Thread Commentary: March, 14-15 2012)

Old episode commentary repost:

I'm doing a new running commentary as a request of this classic Season 2 episode. For this commentary, I will be using the uncut English version from the Season 2 DVD boxset released in Canada that I imported several years ago. Didn't get as much as sleep as I wanted to yesterday, but hopefully I can produce an interesting and amusing commentary for you all.

Running Commentary - March, 14-15 2012

A note of interest, this episode's villain, Sebastian Saga, appears in the opening. His giant head is in the background of the spies running across some kind of rooftop. He is followed by Vladimir Cosiryev (Child's Play), Macker the Safe Cracker (the Fugitives), and Dr. Hephestus/Jerry in disguise (the Getaway).

Sebastian is also notable for being in the first episode of Season 1 as well as my first TS femslash fic, Double Life. XD

I like the giant roller-skate in front of the "Roller Disco." It's very Route 66 or something. The idea of a Roller Disco is also very TS-esque.

"I'm so psyched! This rave is supposed to be live!" You have to love how well they do dialogue for poseur characters in this show. The girl next to him is obviously voiced by Jenifer Hale. I don't think Mandy speaks in this episode, and generally VA's are only allowed to do two voices per episode according to union laws.

Before they go into the rave at the Roller Disco, they put on pacifier necklaces. Anyone who isn't stupid knows this is actually drug paraphernalia. If you're on Ecstasy, you put the pacifier in your mouth to make sure your teeth aren't chattering too hard. The fact this made it into this show is amazing, but they really get away with A LOT of stuff in this show.

I really love the rave music for this episode. I might have an MP3 of it somewhere. Need to find that.

Their roller blading outfits are vintage super girly TS. It's the aesthetic the show certainly had during the first couple seasons.

LOL at Sam saying she wants to see a "Pablo Picardo" exhibit at the museum. Obviously, a reference to Pablo Picasso. Another thing I love is the endless faux celebrities in TS that have some kind of link to real world people. They're all very humorous, and it adds a bit to the surreal nature of the show.

Alex refers to roller skating as "retro skating" another attempt at subtle humor by showing how pretentious and stuck up they are in this early 2000's era where everything is outdated and uncool. Thus the only way roller skating and not roller blading could be mentioned is as something "retro." The joke is later compounded by Alex thinking her roller skates are actually roller blades with the wheels put in the corners by mistake.

Immediately, Clover and Sam start primping once they hear the words "cute guy." Stuff like this is also why the first couple seasons were very entertaining.

Alex broke the mirror on her makeup kit and now thinks she has bad luck. A very typical "stupid" Alex subplot. Can't get any better than that.

Roller Disco is trashed. Alex seems upset. I guess they've been there before. Since she doesn't know what a roller skate is, I guess they do roller blading at this roller rink. LOL.

Clover and Sam are looking pretty hot in those shorts. XD

WOOHPing by aa random car pulling up. They should do stuff like this more often in newer episodes.

Disappointingly, a non-suggestive WOOHPing this time with no dog pile. Although Clover is hung over the couch in the doggy position with her butt up in the air, although her face is facing the camera. I'm sorry my imagination is working now. Angel

Jerry - "So glad you could drop by." That one would probably get rotten tomatoes.

Another weird ass map on the screen in Jerry's office. This time it's North America with Alaska being totally smushed into the wrong shape and a Central America not being attached to South America.

The other locations hit by the crazy ravers were "Smoothie King," "Pumps, Platforms and Piggies," and "Scrunchie City." Clover is traumatized over Scrunchie City. XD

I think Sam just wanted an excuse to hold Clover's hand while she's consoling her.

LOL at the fact this was made when the idea of raves were remotely new. Jerry doesn't know about them yet, which Alex finds weird. Somehow I think the position would be switched now if they tried to talk about it with girls their ages in present day. XD

LOL at them being given "Expandable Cable Bungee Belts" as a gadget. Proof this is an old episode since they've had them for every episode for quite a freaking long time now.

If you slow-mo the frames when the couch is turning over during the post-brief WOOHPing you get one slightly sexy frame of them in interesting positions, not super major, but I may as well catalogue everything. XD Jerry is holding the remote behind his back btw.

Nice city scape. I always liked those in this show.

They are also using the flying motorcycle things from an earlier episode, The New Jerry. Overall, they have a really cool anime-esque design.

Alex's shirt that is unbuttoned around her rib cage, leaving her belly exposed, is pretty sexy.

Clover is talking about the Infrared Sunglasses clashing with her outfit and not being in "fashionable colors" even though they're pink and match exactly with everything else Clover is wearing that is also pink. This is one of the more common kinds of goofs in TS. The scripts sometimes refer to colors that aren't that way in the final product!

I still think Clover's hair design is somehow descended from Sayla Mass from Gundam. It's not really the Farrah Fawcett look at all.

Honestly, I don't think anyone would care that much about ravers destroying a modern art museum. Some might say that modern art is already trash. XD

Really nice shot of Clover and Sam's asses as Clover puts her ear up against the wall.

I love the designs for Rave David and Rave Mandy. Mandy's hat in particular is epic. They also put on the drug paraphernalia. I guess this answers the question of whether or not Mandy has been high before. XD Ecstasy is of course used a lot during extremely intense sex. Whistle

I like Clover's extra valley-girl voice in this episode. Andrea Barker's performance definitely sounds a bit different later on in the show.

Clover is upset about David being with Mandy, but Sam literally says, "Who cares." I guess she's over him by this episode. Or� maybe she's jealous of David being with Mandy. Yuri It's a possibility, just saying. Xd Alex has a really weird WTF expression during this scene.

I liked the door just being slammed down on them after a stampede. Simple, but effective. XD Love that classic wuh-wuh-wuh TS sound effect that goes with it too.

Rave Arnold is also great. He's wearing a big ass sock like hat, a wife beater, army pants and what looks like some kind of urban boot-wear (not Timbs though). XD

When Clover pops up her chest is looking pretty decent. XD Yes, I'm going to make sure to commentate on those kinds of things. xD

Sam's leg is in a really weird position on the ground. Another thing in early episodes of TS is that animators liked showing off the flexibility of the female body in different ways. xD

Sam - "Oh no, they destroyed that Picardo painting!" Clover - "How can she tell?" Alex - "Don't look at me."

Rave Sebastian crouching behind a wall. A pretty good horror movie shot there. Lol

I freaking love Sebastian's metal claw. They definitely need to bring him back for another episode!

I love all the classic museum pieces in the basement. Again, this is very film like.

Alex and Sam are not good at using the Expandable Cable Bungee Belt. WTF? LOL.

Nice crouching position by Clover on the banner pole. LOL.

Clover to Sebastian - "This is where you get off." I don't think I need to add anything to that. LOL.

Love this variation of the TS action music. God, I would so love to have a complete sound track for this show!

When Clover falls on top of Alex and Sam after the helicopter escape rope is cut by Sebastian, Alex's hand is directly on Clover's vajayjay. Like seriously she's getting some action there. XD When Clover gets up, she's winking at Alex too. O_O

When Alex tries to investigate Mandy in the bathroom, she makes a few "Mandy noises" but doesn't speak. See, I was right about Jenifer Hale not being able to do any lines for her for this episode. XD

OK, I guess I was wrong. She has two words, "Hyper rave." "Is the wave" and "of the future" is then finished by David and Arnold.

I like the girl with funky pink Pippi Longstocking braids. XD

Clover is suddenly wearing the hair clip gadget on her head even though she didn't have it on at any earlier point in the episode. This of course conveniently happens when she remembers to use it to snoop in on the other students' conversations.

Purple haired dark skinned girl is kind of cute. XD

Clover is willing to put her hand on Arnold's chest to investigate. Just a note here. Not that that's OOC for her or anything. Lol

The invitation to the rave at the Beverly Hills Mall is labeled "Art Invitation." Umm, the art museum rave already happened. Oops. LOL.

Clover is relived that they are finally going shopping. Sam and Alex are embarrassed with huge anime-style sweat drops on the side of their heads. They usually only do this when Clover's hormones are out of control. LOL.

I would also note that Alex looks extremely nice in those jeans. XD

Another blooper. It says 8:30 AM - BEVERLY HILLS MALL, and it's clearly not morning. On the side of the mall there is a picture of a model that could actually be a cameo by Sunny Day from "Here Comes the Sun." The businesses advertised on the side of the mall are "Kacy's" (obviously a play on Macy's) and I think "Berry" (although it could also be Derry, it's hard to read).

Alex, Sam, and Clover look pretty hot in their rave duds. I love Sam's braids and hat, also Clover's hella big chain.

Psychedelic lighting in the mall rave. Love the art direction here.

Again, Clover's chest looks nice while she's in front of the "Rings and Things" store. XD

Mandy has a, "Hey!" as she dances by. Obviously directed at Sam. XD Sam and Alex have sweat drops that intensify after Clover starts lusting after another hunky guy that dances by.

The, "We can't hear you," gag is perfect. XD

Jerry refers to the CD as a "benign collection of mediocre, monotonous music." I'm guessing the writer isn't a fan of trance music. LOL.

Sam's four braids sticking straight up is super cute. XD

Random shooting star in the city shot. Nice little detail there.

"Hyper rave is the wave of the future!" One the greats TS quotes I think.

I love that the burly male spies in sunglasses are using bright pink CD players and head phones. You have to wonder who is designing all the stuff WOOHP uses. XD

"I think I just discovered what is weird about this rave. It's completely tame!" - Sam. Is she referring to the lack of drug-induced make-out session with strangers? XD

Sebastian's goons are wearing dark suits, turtle neck sweaters, gold necklaces, sunglasses, pink pins with a green letter R, and arm bands with the words "RITY" on them. I have absolutely no explanation for this at all. I don't recall bouncers dressing like this, but maybe I'm just clueless. LOL.

I like the one goon tying up Sam with her hair.

Alex's capture is even more extreme. Alex - "Talk about a wedgie!" Holy crap. XD

Clover is captured by her hat being pulled down over her eyes. The girls went down easy this time. XD

I also like them being placed in a grocery catt like food items and then kicked away by one of the goons.

The spies ARE AGAIN in a total bondage situation and in a fanservicey bondage position as they're sent up to Sebastian's control tower.

I still love Sebastian's character design with his long silver hair covering half of his disfigured face. Easily one of the best villain designs in the entire show.

Sebastian's theme appears to be a heavy metal guitar riff. Pretty cool actually.

Clover - "So not inviting us to your raves is your revenge. Boy are you rusty in the villain department!"

The idea of a "micro-digital virus" being sent through sound waves is definitely goofy TS science. LOL.

Sebastian to the girls - "This is where you get off." I guess it was his turn to get them off instead of the other way around . XD

The hidden Sonic the Hedgehog like spring platform was a nice touch.

Another TS yuri dog pile. That is two for this episode so far.

Alex's expression under Sam's legs (and on top of Clover's ass I imagine) is pretty cute. XD

Sam referred to "Beverly High" in dialogue. There is some confusion about whether it is Beverly High School or Beverly Hills High School. I think both are actually used in the show, but I'm not completely certain.

OK, there's a big ass sign in the next shot that says "BEVERLY HIGH SCHOOL." So I guess for this episode, at least, that's what it's called.

Sexy dancing blonde in the gym with a ripped off midriff. Nice. XD

The first shot of the three in their spy-suits in this episode, and holy crap are they in a super sexy pose on the ground in them. Definitely some fanservice with the cleavage and positioning here.

I like how they just jump backwards while crouching. Pretty cool.

The sign on the principal's office just says, "Prinicipal's." Another slightly weird art thing.

The girls getting brainwashed is pretty hilarious. "Hyper rave is the wave of the future!"

The girl with the crazy pink rubber band hair is great. XD

Jerry is acting pretty cool here. I like how he just says thank you when the door is busted open by a flying object. "And thank you, WOOHP laboratories, for these Sensible Soundproof Ear Plugs." That's a quick way to deal with exposition. LOL.

I like the shot of the empty destroyed gym. Looks like a set from Escape from New York.

And Jerry is also randomly using a non-electric two wheeled scooter also most likely supplied by WOOHP. LOL.

There's certainly a lot of pizza boxes in that room. LOL.

Jerry with the badass ninja blocking skills.

When Sam tries to kick him, her leg goes way over his head. I like her flexibility. Hubba

Clover - "Care to dance before you die?" Great line from brain-washed Clover. Xd

Jerry easily throws the headphones shaped ear plugs on her too, aiming it so the head band covers her mouth. His martial arts skills probably surpass every other character in the show.

I also like Sebastian's green shirt with the swirly red line on it. XD

I like the goons randomly watching soccer on TV in the escape helicopter. XD You can tell this episode isn't written by an American due to that bit.

Some more super sexy fight poses from another super high Sam kick and Alex spreading her legs in both directions in the air upside down. The Alex shot in particular is super nice. *drools* Hubba

The girls put the guys in bondage. Turnabout is fair play.

More super sexiness. First there's a shot of a door, then it smashes open due to Sam pushing it open with her leg high in the air, and then she just leaves her leg up in the air half-cocked. Pretty hot. Hubba

Sebastian doing a nose dive to throw them out of the helicopter was pretty awesome.

Good use of vertigo and some nice sight gags with the girls holding onto the bottom of the helicopter for dear life.

Him taking them through the underpass was also pretty great. This is from a movie, but I can't remember which one right now. Maybe I'm just thinking of the helicopter chase scene in Terminator 2.

Triple cleavage shot. XD Sam looks the biggest here.

They both sort of hug Clover here

I like how they flip inside the helicopter. Pretty cool and sexy too. XD

Another remotely fanservicey crouching position for them.

Alex - "I guess Sebastian is pretty fly after all." After he's hanging from the bungee belt on the outside of the helicopter. TS is also great at corny one-liners as satire like this. LOL.

This is part of a running TS gag in which they are on a plane with no pilot. This happens in multiple other episodes. It's sort of like the other running gags like Clover being transformed and Sam having bad one-liners. It's the subtle stuff like this that really gives the show super great replay value.

Alex takes over the pilot's seat and of course immediately crashes the helicopter. This is of course another running gag. XD Alex is not only dumb, but she's a terrible driver as well. Thankfully, no one died. XD

Third yuri dog pile in this episode after the helicopter crashes. This one is perhaps the most suggestive. It pretty much looks like Sam and Alex's crotches are pushed up against each other. Clover is also doing an incredible version of the splits. Pretty nice. Hubba

The girls also look sexy wearing those purple coats over their spy uniforms when WOOHP shows up. It's kind of suggestive in a way since the coats are unzipped and open and their spy suits look like a second skin. XD Sam in particular is in another fanservicey pose on the car. XD

That particular purple coat, by the way, appears in the New Jerry when Sam is trying it on while shopping. This is another reference or possible recycling of a design from that episode.

Alex inadvertently crashed into the sign where Sebastian was broadcasting the music from. Great luck there.

LOL at the goons still watching soccer as they're dragged away.

They're outfits in the "b-plot resolution" scene are a bit weird. Alex is dressed like a preppy tomboy. And Sam has this sexy belly chain thing on top of her dress around her thighs. It kind of bends down a bit near the top of her pelvic region. Whistle

"Ew! Somebody's school needs a serious make-over!" More vintage Clover.

David comes in with his super sexually androgynous political activist do-gooder attitude he has in most of his appearances, this time in regards to cleaning up the school. It's pretty funny actually because of the subtle satire. I really love the sense of humor in this show.

Fooling Alex with simple logic like "more bad luck cancels out the previous bad luck" is totally a statement on her naive character. LOL.

Also worth noting, Alex is wearing a weird ass looking backpack here. XD

And Clover and Sam get water dumped on them for also going under the ladder since they didn't have bad luck before. Yuck, yuck, yuck!

They look pretty cute with wet hair and holding their wrists up like cats here. XD

Alex gives them a wet hug, and it ends with them giving super weird expressions with slanted eyes and gaping open mouths.


Super classic episode. I'd put it in the top 5 best Season 2 episodes and probably in the top 15 TS episodes over all. Not much else to say except for, "Hyper rave is the wave of the future!"

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