Ep. 049 - Matchmaker (Thread Commentary - May, 30 2013)

Old episode commentary repost:

Doing a new commentary for this classic Season 2 episode!  Feel free to post your general comments about the episode as well.  You can do that with any thread I post a commentary in. These also all serve as talkback threads.

For this commentary, I will be using disc four of the Canadian Season 2 DVD boxset that was released several years ago. I'll be watching it on my Oppo Blu-ray player, which is the best upscaling player I'm aware of.

Running Commentary - May, 30 2013

I'm still curious about whether or not that is Sunny Day on that advertisement on the mall.

I like how the Matchmaker pod is just dumped into the mall by a robot like no one would ever notice or do anything about it. Perfect example of TS logic.

My first thought after seeing the advertisement for the "Valentine's Day Sweetheart Dance" that Sam and Alex are reading at school is of course that Sam should go with Mandy. Mandy 01 Heart Sam 01

The blonde girl behind Alex when Sam says, "That means we have less than a week to find the loves of our lives," before doing the Home Alone expression is wearing a gold belt that is kind of suspicious. It kind of looks like something a stripper would wear, and it's hanging so low on her it probably stretches across most of her ass diagonally like half of the letter X. XD

I like how Alex says nature will take its course in regards to them getting dates. I mean they're so hot, that has to be pretty accurate in regards to nature. LOL.

Sam wants poetry, and Alex wants a "teddy bear with heart shaped eyes" from her date. LOL.

The aforementioned girl with the booty belt as well as a dark skinned fellow are just kind of standing behind them like mannequins frozen in time during this entire conversation. LOL.

Clover dumps her current boyfriend because he bought tickets for a monster truck rally for their three day anniversary. This of course means Clover is officially off boys. Maybe Chelle has a shot here? XD

As soon as Clover says "no more boys," Alex and Sam put their hands all over her. XD Sam in particular holds her wrist in a slightly suggestive way. Yuri

Arnold with a Scottish Arnold clone in a kilt, "Salutations, lovely ladies." LOL.

Some of the store signs in the background as Clover and Alex are trying to force Clover into finding a date in the mall, "BOOMTOWN," " Food PALACE," and "MTB."

Clover - "I'm so not looking for a boy." Are you looking for girls then? LOL. Again Sam and Alex have their fingers all over her. LOL.

I wonder if the pod for "Arrow Through the Heart Dating Experience" was actually based on something. It looks remotely familiar. Maybe I'm just thinking of the pod from Cronenberg's remake of the Fly. XD

There's more non-moving mannequin people behind them when they're talking about the service. This is getting creepy now that I've noticed it. XD

Sam - "Digital love? I don't buy it." The title of a great song by Daft Punk.

The inside of the pod is also very scifi.

I like the SAT like "*inset stupid thing* is to *insert stupid thing* as *insert stupid thing* is to what?" Sam's answers of course play off of how much of an activist poseur she is. "Intellectual honesty and political courage," which is contrasted against Alex's, "Smoochies."

Guys hitting on Clover, "Hey, I'm Stan- Standing here hoping you'll go out with me!" and, "Hey, gorgeous. They say beauty is only skin deep. Let's you and I get shallow!" These are great. Xd The second one is an obvious reference to sex.

I honestly don't know how the villain in this episode afforded all this equipment, but they are in Beverly Hills.

Interesting note about Sam's outfit in this episode. Her shorts have two hearts on them firmly planted over her ass cheeks. XD You can see them when she stands up from her seat inside the pod. Seems like nice targets for when she wants people to squeeze them. Whistle

The ceiling to Bev High's gym must be like 2,000 feet off the ground. It may as well be a stadium.

Nice shot of Alex's cute little butt in her shorts after she falls on the mat after trying to grab her love letter floating by attached to balloons.

Alex's date's name is Chet, and she falls in love with him immediately based on the name. Definitely part of a running joke in TS where they give all the male love interests really annoying sounding names.

I like how Clover's rose wilted in the test tube. LOL.

Sam's is Marco, which is in the same vein. The poem was also incredibly corny, showing how shallow Sam actually is. LOL.

Clover re-organized her handbag closet due to tons of free time thanks to the no boys thing. XD

Classic TS anime-style sweat drop. They do that slightly less in newer seasons.

For some reason, the sign on the gym on Rodeo Drive is labeled "Pititi & Co." LOL.

Fanservicey shot of a guy in speedos lifting weights. Alex seems to be perving off of the weight lifters too with her blushing, swooning expression. LOL.

Chet manages to give Alex the same exact bear she was fantasizing about earlier. How is she not suspicious? LOL.

Sam is at the "Pomme De Terrre Restaurant." The English translation is "Potato Restaurant." LOL.

Sam's low hanging top is kind of hot here. Looks like it's pretty much going to just slide off of her at any moment.

Sam - "Creamed calamari is my favorite!" This sounds disgusting and sashimi is my favorite food. LOL. Marco also refers to it as octopus. As a pseudo-intellectual, he should know calamari is squid.

I don't recall this design for Clover's house before, but it's very interesting!

LOL at the scene with Clover angry, flipping through the channels only seeing hot guys. She seems like she's about to explode from sex deprivation at any moment.

The box of pop corn she's eating from hilariously has the words "Pop Corns" on it.

Holy shit at the moment she puts her ass in the air and her head under a pillow. Ridiculously fanservicey doggy style butt shot there. XD Like Alex, Clover has a really cute butt!

Clover walks into the school looking like a zombie. Maybe she should just consider masturbation. XD

LOL at her walking into Dominique's locker door.

Dominique's voice is super squeaky here and so is Caitlin's.

Their dates are "Roy-friend" and "Petey-Pie."

Alex's ring is made from "genuine imitation diamonoid." I love jokes like this. XD

Clover is shocked that Sam and Alex are dropping out of school to spend more time with their "soul mates." I think she's beginning to realize her friends with benefits are dumping her. XD

Clover - "Even the studs are duds? Something is seriously whacked around here!" And Clover didn't even do the whacking this time. Whistle

Another slightly warped map on Clover's Compowder, but not nearly as bad as ones from previous episodes. lol

Clover is in the janitor's closet. I'm sure that's not the first time she's been in there. LOL.

It's interesting that Clover has a stash of gadgets in her closet. Does that mean WOOHP lets them keep them after missions?

Clover doesn't like the taste of the old chewing gum. LOL.

I like Clover's black trench coat outfit. Looks like she could be flashing people. XD

The exhibits in the art museum are pretty funny. I like how they're just taking a generic tie-dye pattern seriously as a painting.

Sam - "Ha! Marco, your intellect is dizzying!"

Clover says the tracking gum is "liver flavored."

Sam - "Parting is such exquisite pain." I think that one may be wrong. LOL.

The tracking gum gadget is rather simplistic. LOL.

The "Kimichi Club's" design is also rather interesting. Nice huge Yin and Yang sculpture.

I like the big "Z" in the dialogue balloon while Clover is napping in the bush. I wonder if hiding in bushes and spying on people is something she has done before. LOL.

And now the public bath scene. Oh yeah. XD It's called the "Posh and Wash Spa." And it's filled with girls in what look like just towels or loosely tied cloth that could open up at any moment, some of them in a huge bath together.

Clover crossing her legs in her towel thing was quite nice. Hubba

And this is the Mandy foot rubbing scene. Few things to note here. It's very fanservicey. It ties into the foot fetish incident from WOW when Mandy demands Clover attend to her feet. And her male date somehow managed to get into this public bath to do this for her. Is it co-ed? XD Seems like a nice place to go. Whistle

Nice side boob shot of Clover in her spa towel. XD

"Fabiere" says he loves Mandy's voice. Well, I don't blame him. I love it too! XD

"Sacre bleu!" Mandy in reaction to Fabiere speaking French as he rubs her feet.

The ring he gives Mandy is from "Glittery Snit." It says so on the box. I'm pretty sure that's from a previous episode. It's also a hilarious name and sounds like something dirty. XD

Mandy - "I will allow it. Wee!"

OK, Clover is going to Glittery Snit herself. Maybe I was just thinking of this episode. LOL.

LOL at all of Clover's fur.

Sexy shot of Clover crawling over the counter! Gotta love that ass. Mmm. Hubba

The next shot looks suggestive, like Clover is giving Eugene head. Whistle

Clover's Zsa Zsa Gabor impersonation is terrible. LOL.

Eugene's mother is scary. Even Clover is sweating beads. LOL.

Clover - "Yes, sir!" as she's running away from her in chibi anime form.

There's a sign above the drinks in the Bev High cafeteria that says "Slurps."

"Will you marry me?" the guys are getting desperate after the Arrow Through the Heart Dating Service pod was put in school.

Alex - "Pink is Chet's favorite flavor." I wish I could eat those baked goods right now. Yum.

Alex - "Marco likes it up," in a suggestive voice. Pretty strange since she seems to be finishing Sam's thought.

Alex - "Chet likes me to wear sea foam nail polish." Possibly a reference to the sea foam nail polish from the Fugitives.

Clover starts crying after Alex and Sam leave her to go to their dates. It's almost like Clover was just broken up with. Or maybe she was? XD That must be why she's crying. Her gal pals aren't going to give her any more loving! xd

More super suggestive squirting of white liquid goo that looks like something else by the villain. This is a reoccurring theme/joke in TS for sure!

When he grabs Clover by the legs, my only thought is he could look up and see a lot of Clover. XD Sorry, I have a on track mind. XD

I like how Clover is just whipping those frying pans at him. LOL.

I don't know what's with the triangle in the circle on Eugene's backpack. LOL. I think there's also an exclamation point inside it. Hard to tell.

I actually like that blue striped tie he has on in Clove's mind. XD

"Ok, Eugene, if all's fair in love, than this means war!"

The guys are chanting, "We want dates!" Some of their character designs are pretty fucking ugly. I can see why they wouldn't have any regardless. LOL.

Looks like a real gold watch Sam is wearing.

I think Eugene's plan is pretty funny, dumping every girl in a high school on Valentine's Day. XD Not that I would ever do anything like that, but it's still funny. Whistle

First shot of a spy in uniform during the entire episode. Clover is looking good.

I like how Clover is acting like this is a serious crime. I don't think you would go to jail over this one. XD Fraud usually involves money or contracts or something, not just dumping someone to hurt their feelings. LOL.

Eugene's VA sounds familiar. I think he's Robin from Teen Titans.

I like how he uses a smoke emitting ball shaped device to transform into ninja garb.

I like how insanely Dominique's lips are curling before she cries over her Royfriend. Aww. I want to console her. She's cute, same thing with Caitlin. XD

Looks like they console each other by hugging tight. Awwww. Yuri

Mandy is still in denial. Just dump Fabiere and take me instead! XD You can share me with Caitlin and Dominique. Xd

Ninja Eugene - "You can't resist me! No woman can resist me!"

And he uses the orb thing to transform into a sumo wrestler. WTF? Random much?

Interesting how Clover is holding onto that rafter with her knees and hands. LOL.

And right after he transforms into a sumo wrestler he defeats himself. Perfect TS timing here. XD

I still don't understand how Clover was able to go in front of her entire school in uniform, explain how the villain fooled them with the orb device, and keep her secret identity as a spy. This was one of the rather larger TS plot holes. XD

Sam - "I can't believe we shared the eternal bonds of poetic, artistic, and intellectual enlightenment!" Alex - "I can't believe we jumped up and down!" Mandy - "I can't believe I let you exfoliate my feet!"

Random girls after throwing their rings at him - "Tear off his head!" "Rip out his heart!" Mandy - "Cut up his credit cards!" (That's the same thing in Beverly Hills! LOL.)

Clover - "I got one better than that!" Eugene - "Wha-wha-what are you going to do?" I was thinking they were going to gang rape him for a moment. XD

Mrs. Snitt - "Eugene!" Eugene - "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" *camera switches to outside shot of school* Hilarious bit there.

As the WOOHP chopper leaves (with Eugene? I don't know what happened) Clover is still in uniform surrounded by Mandy and other girls, and they're not asking about her being a spy! WTF? LOL.

Mandy as she's raising her eye-brow, "Come on girls, what do you say we get this party started!" The DJ (looks like Alex's hand) scratches a record and starts playing generic TS background music that's been in a ton of episodes. LOL.

Two of the guys that pop up have Col. Sanders bow tie things on. One of them looks very Irish. LOL.

Mandy is dancing with some black dude with a line across his cheek and a serious haircut. Clover is still in her uniform leaning against the wall! No one cares she's in a skin tight, full body jump suit! LOL.

The speaker in the background looks like it's 50 feet tall. WTF?

Alex - "We are so sorry, Clover?" Sam - "We should have never let boys get in the way of our friendship." Do you mean "friendship" as in friendship with benefits? XD Alex - "Can you forgive us?" Clover's lip starts quivering, she hugs them , and cries. Obviously glad she's no longer dumped. LOL.

The thing Clover is in looks more like a kissing booth to me! LOL.

Turns out her dating service is just a way to get guys to date her. Of course she would need an entire service for that to quench her sexual appetite. LOL. "The fringe benefits" she was referring to are pretty obvious.

I like how Sam leans her elbow on Alex's shoulder as the camera pans out. Yuri

Interestingly enough, the closing is exactly the same for both Season 1 and 2.


It's a great episode. Maybe a bit on the unbelievable and silly side, but it's so much fun! Lots of great dialogue, gags and characterization as well as a pretty original plot. Since the villain plot tied in with school, I think this is one of the few episodes without a genuine b-plot, and it worked great!

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