Hi guys! nextstopplease here :)

Hi guys!

Long time no see but hope everyone’s doing well ☺️

Still a TS fan and a Sam x Clover shipper ?

Looking forward to new content on here!

Might have to catch up on some fanart ?

Hi, Nextstopplease!  Super happy you signed back up on the new website!  I missed seeing you here.  Missed seeing your fantastic art too.  Clover 4 I hope you're doing well with all the craziness going on.  ^ ^

Edit: I'll go ahead and re-promote your account.
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It's great to see you again NSP!

Hi there. I'm eager to see your fan art.
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Welcome back Next! hope you are doing well.
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Yup, glad you stopped by. I think you had an entry in the previous round of the art contest in progress.

suh dude! it's awesome to see you back!

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