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Okay, this is going to be my first commentary for a Season 6 episode in English! This thread will also act as the discussion thread for this particular episode, so please feel free to add any thoughts you have in a reply whether they relate to my commentary or not.

Running Commentary for Episode 131 - the Anti-Social Network - May, 7 2014

I'm watching this with the tiny partial screen version on YouTube. Hopefully, I can find larger sizes for future commentaries.

Again we are treated to another mysterious danger type scene that occurs before every Totally Spies episode and I believe Martin Mystery (and probably Amazing Spiez) as well. But why mess with a formula that works?

This character who is trying to make Mandy popular has a poster of her in his room! I hope this isn't based on anyone I know. LOL. Hair color would be wrong though.

Hopefully, I don't have to tell anyone the title of this episode is a parody of a movie directed by David Fincher.  lol

Video quality isn't good. It was hard to read the location subtitle. I'm glad it's uploaded though so I can watch it. If you read this commentary, uploader, thank you so much!

I love those hover-craft student transportation things they have at Mali-U. This is a riff on how stinking rich certain people are in that part of California btw.

Sam obviously has a journalism major. I guess that's in character. Snooping 101 being a class is a classic TS type joke.

And wow, My Little Pony reference right off the bat here with Alex's pony self shown (There's a term for that isn't there, or am I just thinking of "fursonas"? LOL).

Clover - "OMG, girls!" Obviously, trying to make the show more current since TS was mostly pre-social media, and maybe only partially into the texting age in later seasons.

Previous Season 6 news leaks I think sort of suggested they would be going to a separate fashion school, but it makes more sense now to see it's actually just a fashion design class at Mali-U.

Too bad about the group hug being interrupted, but at least it was by Mandy! Mandy 03

"The Mandy train is coming through!" I want to be the conductor of the Mandy train! Hubba

I like her kart thing, which also appears in the opening of course.

Mandy is going to major in being famous for being famous. I believe her!

That's me worshiping her while she's on her throne! lol

Trent is an intern. No further thoughts on that. He doesn't appear to be happy about that. I don't like him already! lol

Trent - "*moans uncomfortably* Everything you say is right, Mandy!" Me - "Yeah, everything she says is right, you loser!"

She even stomps on his foot to press on the gas! That almost counts as footsie. You son of a bitch. xD

I also like that the Mandy theme song is back!

BTW, I have this many comments and I'm only 1:48 in. I guess this is going to be a long one. LOL.

LOL at Alex's long comment about earthquake codes.

I like that the WOOHP tunnel ride was more elaborate again. I think that got kind of lost after a while after the first couple seasons.

I don't like this subtext with Trent! LOL. With them shaking the kart and stuff and her pulling on his ear. The way the kart puts on armor to give them privacy though seems like a reference to Tim Burtons's Batman movie.

I wish I had all those pictures of Mandy! Mandy 4 Hubba The first one is bordering on being suggestive. Maybe some kind of hand signal she would give to Sam, signaling her wishes for oral satisfaction. Devil 2 Yuri

Okay, I guess Trent didn't create MandyBook!

This episode is original considering I don't remember any other plot involving the villain specifically targeting her! I'm glad she's getting more attention, but maybe I could have done without the male lacky. LOL.

After exiting the WOOHP tunnel, they land on each other in an awkward/slightly suggestive position on top of each other again. Glad to see that back! It had been missing in a lot of episodes previously.

Wow, that scene with Jerry high on helium with a balloon head was both creepy and trippy. WTF? LOL.

Good to see Jerry acting as bizarre as ever with the Hawaiian setup.

The new floating Compowders are weird. LOL.

Clover mentions a "slimy bad guy with creepy tentacles." Wow, hentai reference much?

Transformation scene was nice, but they need to slow it down a bit to go all the way magical girl with it.

The WOOHP segway gadgets are amusing. Are those still popular? lol

The fact that the bracelet gadget greatly tightens onto your wrist until it's painful is vaguely S&M. lol

I'm pretty sure you can't do flips and climb up walls with regular segways. lol

Alex - "It's going to be a tight fit." I know, Alex. Devil

The commercial break eye catch thing hasn't changed too much, but it looks more computer animated now.

Clover fell over in the doggy style position, and Alex randomly feels her shoulder. I like it when they randomly touch each other. XD That was more of an earlier seasons thing as well from what I recall.

Some of the office, home appliance stuff that is attacking them is pretty sharp. There was some concern that the violence would be taken out after we saw the Versailles episode, but hopefully this alleviates that fear a little bit.

Nice fanservicey shot of Alex's butt being sucked into a vacuum!

Wow, they got their asses kicked. Wasn't really expecting that, but I guess it helps build up the baddie's credibility a bit if his gadgets whipped their spy butts.

That thing that comes out of the fire hydrant from WOOHP that snatches away the tooth brush almost looks like it grabs Alex's butt when it grabs the tooth brush, but it might just be the very low resolution I'm watching this on YouTube in.

Alex - "Uh, you're welcome, Mr. Grabby!" This is her talking to Jerry. That says volumes! LOLOLOLOL. XD

They're changing costumes right in the middle of public (via the compowder of course, I wish it was the normal way), and there's no one around to notice. How convenient! But this is Totally Spies. I love the in-universe logic for everything or lack thereof. xD It's fun!

Great fanservice shot with Clover riding on Sam's shoulders and pushing her vajayjay against the back of her neck/head when they're falling down! It looks like it's under her dress at points. Pausing the frames definitely underlines the fanservice. Sam and Clover can both definitely feel something here. Nice work! Love it! XD

I like that there's a random smoothie stand right there on campus grounds. Very TS. LOL.

Like the random hug Clover gives Alex for no reason!

LOL at everyone being so hypnotized by their "smart phones and tablet computers" as Sam put it that someone bumped into Alex and knocked her food over. Apparently, they are obsessing over MandyBook and Mandy's updates on herself!

Those two girls under the tree are hot and one looks sort of like Mindy! Oh Mindy, I miss you already!

Mindy Clone - "I'm just glad we have MandyBook to keep us up to date on her awesomeness!" Gosh, I wish I had MandyBook!  Heart Mandy 03

People are wearing Mandy shirts and erecting a Mandy statue! This keeps getting better. I remember Justin mentioning Samandy subtext in this episode. Maybe Sam gets hypnotized too? Yuri

Holy crap, did Mandy read Clover's mind? She just pulled up and answered her. xD

100,000 followers is impressive! Nice job, Mandy! XD

Mandy is already famous, Sam! I have an entire site devoted to her!  Heart Mandy 03

I like that Clover randomly grabs Alex's hand to take her to class. XD

Oh, you don't want to make Mandy fall, you mysterious evil apartment guy!

That image with Mandy's vajayjay eating hand signal is on his computer. LOL.

The gay fashion designer professor is awesome. Love the character and idea. He also has a weird accent in the English dub. XD

I like that he mixes up their names and compliments Alex on having smoothie on her sleeve as a fashion statement. LOL.

Clover crying with her thighs crossed while standing up was pretty hot. XD

Yurilicious group cheer-up hug with them pushing their heads against each other (twice). There should be one of these per episode! Alex and Sam both touch Clover's bare shoulder in this scene. xd

I like that Alex messed up their names too and called Clover Sam. Nice little touch there.

Now they're hug walking down the hallway!

As they're hug walking, Sam's hand is conveniently behind a bag over Clover's ass, her right cheek specifically. Yes, Sam is probably feeling her butt! XDDD Awesome. I love you, Marathon. XD

Oh god I love this. Updates about Mandy charging for autographs and not shaking hands unless she's wearing designer gloves. XDD

There's some imagined shot of some guy kissing Mandy's hand over and over while some girl is on her knees in front of her with money falling through the air. XD

They're still hug walking. Seriously, this is overt couple (or in this case, menage a trios) behavior.

Wow, one of the "bad" updates was a shot of Mandy in her Madonna Mandy outfit from I Hate the 80's! Awesome!

Mandy - "Make way, followers! The princess of popularity is coming through!"

Mandy - "I am an icon! I deserve respect!" I love you, Mandy! Hubba xD

Alex cutting off Sam - "Totally! We better go help her before the crowd mauls her!" I was expecting Sam to do this. LOL. Alex seems very enthusiastic and serious about helping her too. So points for Alex/Mandy I guess. XD

That bracelet is definitely an S&M torture device. LOL.

Mandy - "Those people are crazy stalkers!"

Awww. I feel sorry for Mandy having to hide in the sewers. I almost feel like crying for her. Wah

I liked seeing Mandy on all fours too. Angel

Mandy - "Why are all the best hiding places always the nastiest?" Yes, I can read something into that too. Angel

And now she's being kidnapped by a robot arm thing!

And it was actually Alex's belt grappling hook!

Mandy holding her butt - "Ouuch." Hubba

Sam helps her up! And they're in their spy suits. What is going on? XD

I love Mandy pushing her finger into Sam chest and imposing herself over her to the point Sam has to bend backwards. *_* *Mandy looks down at Sam* "- you and your freaky outfits!"

Wow, that was a weird chibi Mady went into. XD

Sam in a concerned voice - "Mandy, we have nothing to do with what's going on." Sam doesn't want to get on her bad side. Yuri

This is pretty brazen of the girls being in uniform and stuff in front of Mandy.

Wow, the villains name is Telly Hardwire. XD Pretty goofy pun name there! Might as well be Hardon, as in the one he has for Mandy. lol

Wow, he's a student form Bev High, president of the computer club, who was mad about Mandy not accepting his friend request during high school. LOL. Odd Arnold wasn't the president of that, but I guess he was the president of the math and science club probably. lol

He's pretty emo goth!

Telly - "You would probably know me if you bothered to cyber friend me..." Sounds like something else, "if you bothered to cyber me." XDD

Mandy - "Seriously, dude, that is like sooo pathetic!"

Some Dawn of the Dead type zombie sounds there for Mandy's followers/haters. lol

After Mandy, he's going after everyone in the world who rejected one of his friend requests. LOL.

Yes, Sam going behind Mandy and touching her while she's bringing her backwards! Sam - "We need to get Mandy out of here!" Then Alex and Sam get on Mandy and touch her when Clover starts going brainwashed. I was waiting for this. xD

They still haven't taken their hands off her as they're backing up. Nice shot of Sam close behind Mandy here!

They rescue Mandy by using the CHIPs to inflate their heads like balloons and float away. This was probably pretty freaky for Mandy. LOL.

This is possibly the creepiest TS gadget ever! LOL.

Fuck you, Trent! I hope someone blows off your head with a shotgun while you're still zombified. XD

Mandy to Trent - "You traitor! You are so fired!" Maybe this will be Trent's last episode, and they will bring back Mindy. XD

Alex squeezing Mandy by the waist was nice! When it switches to the back view, it looks like Alex's boob is pressing into her.

Sam after kicking Trent - "Mandy, hurry up get in!" Yes, exactly what needed to happen. Samandy will triumph over adversity!

That kart has serious horse power! Holy crap!

Alex - "I'm not so good at driving one of these things!" You're not good at driving anything. LOL.

Psycho Clover - "Pull over and give us Mandy!" Wow, I wonder what she wants to do to her. XD

This kart-segway chase is pretty awesome!

Clover has to bend over a bit while she's on the segway. So her butt is a bit up in the air due to her posture. XD

Oh god, they're using the CHIPs again to blow up their heads. I can't take this! LOL.

Now they're going to battering ram them with the Mandy statue.

Well, Mandy Kart is destroyed! Sam lands in a super sexy position btw. Make sure to check this part out. XD

Last commercial break

Mandy looks good on the ground too! Hubba

Nice shot of Mandy on the ground and Sam stepping over her. You just see her legs over her head. XD If she looked up, all she would see would be green booty and crotch. xD

Great shot of Alex's round tush when she lands in front of the vacuum, cutting robot thing.

Nice shot of Mandy hiding behind Sam with her hands on her shoulders. Love it! Yuri

Here's the image of Mandy laying on the ground next to Sam in DaarksMelo's signature! Very nice!

The vacuum's metal Dr. Ocotopus-esque tentacle is pounding holes in brick. Look like it's pretty strong!

There was the Million Dollar Man/Bionic Woman sound effect. LOL.

Wow, Alex had Clover run into the killer robot. Pretty harsh fighting against her bff!

LOL at the segway rammng into the wall over and over again.

Nice agility by Alex when she lands on and balances on that rail.

And Clover's clothes were partially burned off by the explosion. XD This is reminiscent of her torn uniform from Wild Style.

She looks pretty sexy like this! Her legs and tummy are nicely exposed. It's even better when she gets embarrassed, blushes and tries to cover herself up. XD

Fucking flying compowder that gives them a make-up touch up when it detects their coverage being compromised. Hasn't anyone seen Phantasm? This reminds me of those floating spheres that suck out people's brains.

Wow, Alex kicked that thing's ass fast!

And then after standing in a flamingo position, Clover glomps/hugs Alex with hearts flying everywhere! Heart Yuri

Mandy in a super sexy pose - "You're still my loyal and devoted followers, right?" I am, Mandy! Heart Mandy 03

Mandy running back to Trent! Boo! You should be running to Sam's loving arms instead!

He doesn't even sound happy. You spoiled bastard! XD

Alex catches Telly in a funny fashion with the segway and says he has a date with WOOHP prison.

Trent is cleaning her boots now! Bring back Mindy! LOL. I can't take this.

And Mandy is having her mind bleached again by WOOHP. Jeez. I was hoping she wouldn't have to go through that again! Poor Mandy! Wah

More shots of Clover in her shredded uniform with her bare legs and everything.

Professor Plunkett pulls up and raves over Clover's torn outfit and messed up hair! "Now that is what I call fierce! How many girls would dare rock the singed cat suit, bird's nest hair look after labor day?!" Perfect. LOL. And now he thinks she's Alex.

Clover again with the OMG out loud.

And then she transforms into a chibi!

Another random, cute group hug/head cuddle and fireworks suddenly in the background. Yuri

Outro is the floating video player thing we've seen before with highlights from the episode. Was kind of hoping for something new, but that's okay too. The instrumental version of the new theme song isn't too bad!


I liked this episode a lot. How can you dislike an episode that's about Mandy and then about rescuing her? It was great!

Also, overall, this is the same Totally Spies we've come to know and love. The character designs are slightly more cutesy, but I don't think the change was too drastic. They're sort of more similar in physique to their Season 1 and 2 selves and they certainly had plenty of boob and booty fan service in those seasons. xD So I don't know if the concerns expressed by others on that have been justified at this point.

Questions This Episode Hasn't Answered:

There's no explanation on how the evil came back to the world after the conclusion of Season 5.

There's no explanation for what happened to Mindy.

While they did fight a killer robot and fan blade, the spies didn't do combat with human baddies yet. There was some concern the violence would be toned down a notch, so we'll see if person to person fights occur in later episodes.

while i do have my problems with season 6 I am happy that the season started off with a Mandy centered episode!

they missed a great opportunity when introducing Telly Hardwire on the roof 
Mandy: "Tally who?TALLY HO! 
how in the fuck did they miss the chance to make that joke!?!?!

by far the best thing about this ep for me is that we get to see lil baby mandy~
AAAAAAAAAAA her hair looked so cute curly/bedhead! Heart Heart and she has freckles!!! and she had braces!!! she had such a cute quiet girl/nerd look when she was younger! I would guess she was 10-12 in that photo? I know she's not an actual infant but any character under the age of 13 is a baby in my eyes and shes just so adorable my dudes! wait does this mean Mandy doesn't actually have a beauty mark under her eye and that it's just one of her freckles and she covers the rest of them with make-up? oh no
baby who hurt you???

Also, i can’t help but notice how good these pics of Mandy are. I especially like the tennis one.

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(01-15-2020, 12:34 PM)BradleyEX Wrote: Also, i can’t help but notice how good these pics of Mandy are. I especially like the tennis one.

dude it kills me that the concept art in the show is so much more appealing than the animation itself, it's so good!  Clover 6

Wow, I love your reviews. 
Agreed on it being a great ep, despite unanswered questions at the end- and the unfortunate head-inflating gadget (how was that approved?)

The way you pointed out all the yuri moments was so funny, including the three-way hug walk & glomps.
100,000 appearing when Mandy was talking of her follower count was so clever, and yes, the car chase was excellent.

Background art in this season is really impressive. Lol, the Bionic Woman sound effect for Alex's action. That was quite a finale!

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