What games are you playing right now?

Self-explanatory thread title.

I recently played through Helltaker. It's a puzzle game where you go into Hell and collect a harem of demon girls. It's really short. You can beat it in 15 minutes if you know the answers to all the puzzles, but I still had fun with it. The demon girls are cute as well.

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I'm playing Project Diva Mega Mix for Switch. I totally broke and got it... I was like nah it's okay. Then I was like... "But I want it!" Hahahahahaha I lasted about a week before I just got it. XD (Got it today and already played it for several hours lol without even noticing what time it was... XD I have work tomorrow and it's 12am and I work at 7:30am)
It's a lot of fun for me. And actually I still have my psp with the Project Diva 2nd game. So it's like nostalgic for me! I grew up playing the game and still would turn it on every once in a while cause it was expensive to get the other games in psp form.
Anyway I'm happy I got it! I loved the Vocaloids and the music for them. Actually a few songs got me through my darker years. Like Rolling Girl, Kokoro (heart), and several others (Tokyo Teddy Bear) and some that I'm too lazy to look up and spell right now. I was almost in tears with Kokoro cause it's a song about a "machine" that wanted to feel and have a heart. And when I was depressed I related to that and hoped one day I would get a heart or feel love too. Well I was almost crying cause I do have one and I'm in a much better place. So yeah it was oddly sad and like "I made it, I came so far" kind of way.

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Posting for 2021, ha.
GranBlue Fantasy Versus has been fun. Has co-op for RPG mode.
May get Persona 5 Strikers this weekend.

Still playing other various fighting games, including some Tekken 7.

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