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Okay, I'm going to do the next commentary today even though I had a serious bumper car accident. LOL. Anyways, I've been looking forward to this episode for a long time, so let's not delay this anymore. Below is my commentary for Nine Lives based of the English version currently available on YouTube that as mentioned last time is shrunk to only part of the full screen.

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Running Commentary for Episode 132 - Nine Lives - May, 31 2014

Okay, this episode started of weird enough with a parody of the famous Atlas statue as a cat man holding a giant ball of yarn.

The beginning, while the trademark mysterious intro bit regarding the villain, is sort of reminiscent of Martin Mystery. Or maybe I'm just imagining things. I think I said this before already in another commentary.

Clover is "studying" Sam's ear lobe. XD Am I crazy to thinks this is yuri some how? Maybe Clover can study other parts of Sam's anatomy. Whistle

Stella is a way successful "earlobe contouring surgeon." I guess that's a way of saying she's a plastic surgeon that focuses on earlobes!

More info, Clover is a fashion design major!

"History of the Ear Lobe Volume 1." Great TS style satire.

Random yuri moment with Clover hopping her butt up into Alex's arms when she hears Stella's voice.

Stella has the Season 4 style character design and the Andrea Baker voice. Would have kind of preferred if they reverted back a bit to the Season 2 design/voice. I thought the moms were more interesting back then and less like clones of Sam, Clover and Alex.

The shot when Clover is like climbing out of Alex's arms is also pretty yuri. Yuri

Stella hugging Clover with Clover's awkward wavy mouth look is also quite cute!

Despite I think Baker doing Stella's voice in Season 4, the performance sounds a bit weird to me compared to what I remember.

Wow Stella pinching Clover's cheeks and hugging her tight. Sorry, I'm getting yuri thoughts here. Angel

Extremely cutesy anime shot of Alex in front of the "animal lovers' mother-ship."

Wow, that cat in the vet shot out a pretty fucking big hair ball. And that's a lot of cats.

Professor Feline Dion. She sure has a sexy voice and attitude. Obviously the villain. LOL at another celebrity parody name.

Feline is like bending over on the table in front of Alex. Yuri

"I'll see youuu later." Are we sure she's not trying to seduce Alex here? LOL.

The pets in TS seem to be kind of exaggerated in size.

Sam may have used that jogging outfit in an earlier episode. I'm not sure! I like the exposed midriff. And yes, they actually have belly buttons this season. I'm glad they got over that belly button phobia from the early seasons. LOL.

WOOHPed into a garbage can. Very stereotypical, although it was weird because Sam was alone when she was WOOHPed this time.

Clover - "Premed is like sooo medjicational, you know!" Good one, Clover. LOL.

And Clover is WOOHPed into the fridge. Yeah, Jerry is definitely omnipresent. I wouldn't be surprised if he could literally get them from anywhere inside the penthouse.

That weird ass psychedelic painting from Season 5 is still on the wall! If I didn't know better, I think it may be a really distorted image of Janis Joplin. You know what, it is Janis Joplin! I found the original photograph with Google image search. So there's a new piece of trivia for you. I honestly don't know how I knew this. I've never even bothered to listen to her music.

WOOHPed to the jet this time.

LOL at Sam being WOOHPed to the overhead luggage compartment.

Jerry has gone transgender. LOL.

Okay, it's just a mask, but he's still in drag and has breasts and feminine legs! Remember all the times I pointed this persuasion of Jerry out to people and they wouldn't listen to me? LOL.

Clover - "Yeaah, so thrilled you forgot you're still wearing a skirt!"

Amazingly Jerry has his regular suit under the skirt with bare legs. LOL.

LOL at the Sphinx and Mt. Rushmore being defaced with cat faces.

Typical girly TS gadgets. Could have fit into Season 1 or 2 seamlessly. Although, these are a little less pink.

Good shot of Clover's cleavage when she lands on her knee on the roof. Her thighs are also looking quite yummy there.

Looks like this is going to be a non-Mandy episode. I guess this is a Stella episode, so that's to be expected.

Some very European architecture here.

LOL at the Leaning Tower of Pisa being changed into a giant cat scratching post!

I didn't really need to see a Lady and the Tramp, two people sucking on one spaghetti strand parody with Clover and the security guard. Good to see Clover getting the hots for possibly older guys again though. LOL.

Some Sam cleavage. I don't think their boobs are too bad this season. It's in line with Season 1 and 2. LOL.

The Chameleon Eye Shadow works in a way that makes no sense in regards to making them transparent except around the edges. It's kind of in line with the weird blown up head gadget from the previous episode.

Sam - "Are you guys coming?!" Clover - "Uh, coming!" Wow. XDDDDD Someone rip that audio! XD

Just having them being outlines and almost invisible must be another weird fetish someone has on DeviantArt. Just saying. There's fetishes for everything on there.

LOL at the carpet just ripping off and them falling down.

Yay, they fall into a classic TS yuri dog pile! Yuri

Nice ninja agility there by Clover. I thought she wanted to be caught by the hot security guard (as Sam put it earlier)?

More fancy moves. This is a pretty nice chase sequence actually!

Classic way to escape detection from TV and movies by hiding above. Still cool though in the context of TS. The alley seems to be narrower on the top than it is in the bottom. Fun little blooper there!

Clover - "Wow, talk about thigh power!" *starts squatting up and down with nice movements with her butt* "I guess those WOOHPalates classes are really paying off!" I can help test that for you Clover, just get on top of me. Whistle

That shot of that pizza behind Clover is making me hungry. LOL. Pretty cutesy shot of Clover's eyes too.

There's a pair of slightly oversized panties on that clothes' line the villain is hiding behind.

Weird design for the vet clinic. The sharp angles are kind of Frank Lloyd Wright-ish.

Nice that there's a compact instant DNA analyzer in a vet clinic room full of cat cages, but I guess this is the richy rich part of California!

Professor Dion looks like she wants to get it on with Alex again.

Random reference by Alex to FroYos again. Holy crap. LOL. I think those go all the way back to Season 3.

She still looks sexy with whiskers! You know since Alex likes pussycats maybe Professor Feline Dion should let her pet hers! Whistle

Alex - "Okay, well, I'll see you later!" *runs away* Dion - "Yes, you will! And you will be more purrrr-fect!" Okay these yuri overtones are intentional. I'm convinced now! LOL.

Sam - "Are mutant merman attacking the WOOHP yacht again?" That sounds like it would have been an interesting episode.

This b-plot about Clover fibbing to her mom about taking medschool is fun even if a little non-extraordinary. This is the kind of thing that made the b-plots of old TS episodes enjoyable.

How Sam said freak was a little freaky. LOL.

Random civilian walking down street - "I'm not leaving a tip." Okay? LOL.

Are the girls and Stella in the Mali-U Cafe?

Stella is sure obsessed with ear lobes, but I guess Clover is pretending she's interested in them too. It's kind of weird to have a favorite ear lobe shape though. Seems almost sexual. xD

O_O Wow at Alex rubbing up against Sam like a cat and smelling her. Yuri much? And in front of Stella no less. LOL. She was rubbing her cheek against her boob and everything. Really intentional here. Yuri I guess she's got the cat DNA in her from the scratch on her hand?

And now she's lapping milk out of a bowl. Yes, there's nothing fetishistic about this at all! LOL.

Wow and now she slowly licked Sam's cheek! *_* Holy crap! I remember posting the screenshot of this, but I had totally forgotten about it. Yuri

Clover - "Don't worry, mom, Alex is just tired! Sleep deprivation makes her do all kinds of outrageous things?" Like what else? LOL.

Alex is like purring and reaching for Sam's boob, and Sam has to push her off! Nice placement for Sam's hands on Alex's body btw!

Stella - "I remember being tired in college, but I didn't do anything quite so peculiar." Do you mean so lesbian? LOL.

Yup, Feline Dion definitely wants to have sex with Alex while she's like this! No way around it!

Sam randomly puts her hand over Alex's shoulder when they stand up after hearing the guy shouting.

And Clover gives her mom a random big kiss on the cheek. XDDD

Pretty geeky ear rings Clover is wearing with her scrubs. They could almost be little vibrators. LOL.

Clover - "Thanks for acting weird and covering for me, Alex!" And Clover liked seeing that! LOL.

Alex - "What do you mean acting weird?" Yeah, she rubs against you guys and licks you all the time! It's normal!

The Bev Hill's fountain is full of kitty litter. Does this mean we're going to see Alex take off her pants and pee into it? XD

And Alex sniffed it to find out what it was. Holy crap. LOL.

This is the second time Sam has said freaky in this episode. But I guess it is a freaky episode. XD

Awesome, so Mandy is in this episode after all. My goddess! Heart

And now she's gone! Apparently Trent was in the cart too even though you only see his head as she drives away.

Is Jerry playing croquet?

The whiskers were on her cheeks, not her lip, Alex. lol

Cool, Alex has a tail now. She's a full-fledged cat girl.

Nice chibis for Sam and Clover there.

Sam - "It's like-it's like you're turning into a cat person!"

Cat Alex is pretty sexy! Cat 2 I like how she randomly started clawing at the ground. LOL.

Sam - "Nice kitty!" Oh, I'm sure you want her to be nice to you again! LOL.

Apparently, it's not just a vet clinic. It's a "cat lab." LOL.

Where did they jump into the room from? A window?

Alex walking on all fours is nice! Hubba

I think Feline Dion built that giant cat stuff for Alex, because she wants her as her pet!

Sam picks up some yellow fluid off of the ground into a vial. Sam - "The question is, what is this?" I think it's piss, Sam. LOL.

Clover - "Cat DNA infused serum?" Is that what the compowder is calling cat piss? LOL.

Nice, I like the giant cat carrier trap.

Feline Dion - "Not if you love cats as much as I do!" Yup, she has the hots for Alex.

Sam - "And I see you've been using the serum on yourself!" Gross. XD

Feline - "The only thing better than petting a cat is being one!" She's a furry all right.

Clover - "Did it ever occur to you that not everyone wants to be a cat person! I mean talk about a waxing nightmare!" I wonder if Clover waxes everywhere. XD

Feline points to Alex - "She seems to be enjoying it!" in a sexy voice. *cut to Alex rolling around on the floor* Oh, yeah, there's no sexual connotations here at all.

Feline - "Everyone will share the joy that she and I feel!" Yuri

Shot of Alex licking herself on the floor.

Wow, Alex's cat claws are pretty strong.

*Clover pets Alex on the head* "Good kitty!"

Everything about Feline's body movements and voice intonations bleeds sex appeal.

Wow at the cat people in Feline's fantasy. One is a cat girl eating out of a bowl on the floor. Yeah, nothing fetishistic about this episode at all!

The boot gadgets with the springs in them have to be from a previous episode. Although, maybe they're so simplistic it just seems that way.

Seeing Alex on all fours a lot this episode is very nice. Hubba

Alex is pretty cute as a cat girl as well!

Her kicking the giant ball of yarn at them was pretty cool. XD Clover and Alex getting caught up in it was pretty funny too.

When you watch this part, notice that Alex lands on her boobs. Boobs One of Alex's feet also goes between Clover's legs over her crotch. XD I don't think it's touching it though.

Okay, that giant hair ball was gross. And Clover gets covered in the cat slime. Both fetishistic and gross. LOL.

Wow, Feline walking on all fours is freaking hot as well. Hubba Now Alex is doing it near her too. Are they going to fight or have cat sex? XD

Awesome shot of Alex's bootylicious ass as she turns around there.

And the time went off just as we went to commercial break!

And the magic yellow piss is going into Mali-U's water supply.

Sam - "This calls for a little extra spy power." Again, Sam has the lamest one-liners.

Okay, Alex and Feline are clawing at each other. This is some of the first person on person combat I can recall from the Season 6 episodes I've watched so far.

Nice shots of them wrestling! Pretty hot. XD

And Clover tosses Alex the little pink vibrator gadget. LOL.

Seriously, I don't think this was an accident it looks like a kind of vibrator.

And Alex hypnotizes herself in addition to Feline Dion.

How they are both on top of each other here is extremely yuri btw. Yuri

Alex starts licking herself again.

Wow, Sam can lift her eyebrow pretty high. Xd

Convenient use of a gadget here. I think I disagree with TB74 on this one. This is definitely how they have used gadgets since Season 3. They're only used when the plot specifically requires whatever they do. It's a running gag in the show.

Sam is great at blowing!

LOL another random appearance by Mandy to dish out some more trash in her cart before driving off again. XD

I don't know why Jerry is wearing a dog mask, but I'm sure it has to do with something perverted.

And Alex is just sitting there, crouched, licking her hand. XD

Clover - "This bad kitty needs a time out!" Yes, more quasi-sexual dialogue.

Alex wants to stay a cat girl. Well, she does look hot like that!

Alex and Jerry are holding hands. I think this may be a first. Good for anyone that would actually ship them together. lol

And Clover says OMG again. Is this going to be in every Season 6 episode?

Nice shot of Sam putting her hand over Clover and giving her a sneaky expression. Yuri

And then they give each other a sweet look. Nice. XD

Their penthouse suite is fucking ridiculous. I'm sure some Hollywood stars don't live that nice.

Those are cute fashion designs by Clover with cartoons of herself her mom is looking at.

Nice sexy shot of the side of Stella's head there as Clover is rambling. Stella is definitely hot when she's annoyed.

All this talk about "lobe shapes." LOL.

Extended scene of a super chibi Clover. Her voice has even been made squeaky.

God, pissed off looking Stella is turning me on. XDD

Clover sits over on the couch and puts her hands on her mom's thighs. Yup. Whistle

Stella puts her hands on Clover's arm, then lifts her hands up from her thighs and Clover wiggles her fingers around. And then Clover holds her mom's wrist and hand in an affectionate manner. XD

Mother daughter love fest moment here.

Clover transforms into another weird chibi thing! And now she's designing her mom new hospital scrubs.

Stella puts her hands on Clover again - "Ohhh!" Whistle

Yes, some of the yuri moments made it into the credits recap including Alex licking Sam! XD And that's directly followed up by Clover kissing Stella. XDDDD It's almost like they did this thinking of us. LOL.


I liked this episode a lot! Fun, sexy villain! Good b-plot with Stella! Some fun and amusing action scenes. And lots of yuri, fetish-fuel and fan service! Seriously, Alex licked Sam in this episode. What more do you want? 5 out of 5 for me. So this was two good episodes to start of Season 6!

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