New Gallery and 560 New HD PNG Screenshots!

[Image: CloverMandyKick.png]

I'm happy to anounce after much anticiapation and delay, the new TSUG gallery has launched!  You can find the new gallery linked to here as well as on the header and footer of every TSUG page.  Currently, the gallery consists of four sections.  This includes sections for screenshots, cosplay (featuring Mandy cosplayer, Miho Shizue) and two sections for member fanart.

560 New HD PNG Screenshots for Evil Coffeshop Much?!

To help commemorate the new gallery, I went ahead and made 560 new screenshots for the classic Season 3 episode, Evil Coffee Shop Much?, that featured Mandy as a spy.  I took these screenshots from an officially licensed DVD release and created them in lossless PNG image format for the highest accuracy and color fidelity possible.  I also took these screenshots in HD aspect ratio to produce large images.  While the original source was not in HD, you can barely tell because the DVD video quality for this release was extremely high.  You can find the gallery for these screenshots here.

How To Use the New Member Fanart Gallery Sections

Member fanart in the new gallery is currently broken up into two separate sections.  First, there is the Member Totally Spies Fanart by Subject section.  This includes subsections like yuri, Mandy, Clover, Alex, etc.  Any member can submit their fanart to these sections by pressing on the Add Picture button at the top of the new gallery and selecting the appropriate subsection.

The second member fanart section is named Member Totally Spies Fanart by User Account Gallery.  This section allows members to create their own gallery folders only they can add fanart to.  Galleries can be created by pressing on the MyGallery button located on top of the new gallery and clicking on the Add Category link.  User accounts in this section are ranked by the amount of images uploaded.

What's to Come

The new gallery will continue to be updated.  This includes restoring more content from the old gallery.  While this won't happen immediately, I do plan on re-uploading most of the old gallery's content. If you lost your old gallery images, don't worry.  I have them all backed up and can restore them for you by request.

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