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This is a painting I made. And actually it's the first one I ever bothered to complete lol So I'm pretty proud of myself.

Nice work! I like it!

So there was this AD on Instagram and I was like "Hmm 50 bucks for a drawing...... Why? When I could do it myself?" 

So I drew over their examples and this is the result XD

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Yoooo so I'm bored so I'm doodling
XD I'm out of practice 
Anyway I tried! XD

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It's pretty good. A lot better than I could do.

Shego things I'm working on
Cause why not. Hahahahahahaha 
She always called Kim, Kimmie and basically teased or fought her the most. I swear as a kid I got way to happy to see them fight, but it's only now to I realize why. It hits you like, "Gurl, you into that shit." 
One time she called her Princess and I was like, "YO What?!" I mean even in a semi-movking way to call another girl princess is like huh haha

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Yeah Kim x Shego is a good ship for sure. XD Nice work.

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