The Fashionista and the DJ (By:TST01)

A woman with brunette hair is humming into her phone.
When suddenly a blonde girl calls them a freak.
To which the girl replied,"Well this 'freak' works 3 days out of the week and still makes ends meet."
"Oh yeah and what kind of job would that be? I bet any idiot could do it if you work there."
"You think so? Then how about you stop by the Brash Vixen on Saturday anytime from 9pm to 3am."
"You don't mean the 3rd best night club in the entire city?" The blonde girl asked with an eyebrow raised in disbelief. 
"Yes, that's the one! And here you'll need this to get in." The other girl said and handing her a pre signed business card,"I'll see you there. uh.."
The blonde girl snatches the card out of her hand while rolling her eyes. "What gone stupid again? You were so close to being impressive, but guess you really are just a moron."
This got the girl to narrow her eyes and huff. "No, jackass I was gonna ask for your name, but you can forget it. I'll be able to tell you apart by how obnoxious you are!"
Then she flipped her off with a smile and one handedly put her laptop and phone away in her black leather satchel because she's still flipping the blonde girl off.
Leaving the cafe partons and rude blonde girl slack jawed.
Delilah despised people like that. Judging someone they didn't even know. This is also the reason she normally worked on her musings at home rather than in public. People usually left her alone. Especially in a setting like a cafe where everyone was working on their own projects while being able to drink delicious fresh beverages and pastries. But every once in a while someone would say something to her as if she were bothering them on purpose. She closed her eyes for a little while and let the sun warm her face since it was actually quite cold in the cafe.
Delilah walked about 5 minutes until she came to the local park and she decided to sit and draw a little. She took out a pencil and her sketch book and was completely absorbed to the point where she barely noticed the setting sun. Just when she was nearly finished with her pond scene her phone rang. She jerked her head to the right in annoyance. Then dug through her satchel until she found the suspect in question. Roughly tapping the screen to answer it,"Yes? How can I help you?" She said politely but firm enough so whoever it was knew to answer her question. "Could you cover for me tonight?" Puzzled Delilah asked who it was. "It's Josh! Ya know the weekday main DJ for the Brash Vixen. Please? I already got Mr. Pierce to say yes if I got someone to cover for me."
Delilah considered it for a few seconds before saying,"Yes but only if I get 15 minutes at the end to play my songs. Like I normally do."
"Deal! I'll go tell him right now. Oh and it's going to be from 9pm to 5am Hope that won't be a problem." Delilah checked her phone and saw it was 5:57pm. So she knew she had to go home to feed her cat, and prepare her equipment as well as dress the part. 3 hours gave her just enough time. If she was also to shower and eat before the eight hour mind numbing weekday shift. In other words it was pretty boring during the week because most people had work or were there just to drink. None of them really caring about what was played.
That's what she initially thought but when she got there it was packed. Why on a Wednesday was it this packed?! Not that she was complaining oh no this changed things she could enjoy having song requests, tips, and playing little advertisements for the club and their drink specials.
A week later on a Saturday night Delilah sees a familiar blonde girl in the crowd of the club and makes an announcement. "This goes out to a special girl whom I met in a cafe. She's blonde, has green eyes, and is a piece of work." Delilah and the blonde girl made eye contact. Delilah smiled and played 'If you're a freak like me' by Halestorm and straight up jams to it. The crowd loves it and also rocks out.
Mindy was furious and stormed through the crowd in search of the owner. 'How could they let an employee act that way?!' She thought,'And they were so smug about it like they were being nice. They know what they did the asshole... just wait until I get your boss you won't be as stuck-up or condescending.

As the Delilah watched the blonde girl grumble away they blasted their own original songs. It was her favorite time of night when the owner allowed her to play her songs 15 minutes before she got off her shift. Once her 15 minutes were up she could go home or mingle with the other patrons. Though out of the two she preferred to go home. After all why would she want to stay at work for another second longer than necessary? Sure sometimes she stopped by to say hi to a few hardcore fans. Once she was done with formalities and being professional. She wanted nothing more than to be home to continue her projects, to unwind, watch some TV, or even sleep. Sleep could be good cause by the time she got home it'd be super late or early depending on your point of view. 3am is about the time she got out and it took 45 mintues to drive home. The club closed at 5:00am, but if her boss wanted her there later which sometimes happened.Then she'd have to stay. She was about to send Mr. Pierce a text when she felt a hand on her shoulder "We need to talk." She froze and looked over her right shoulder to see Mr. Pierce and that blonde chick from the cafe smiling while twirling her short hair innocently yet had a cold calculated glare that said "You're totally fucked."

Now sitting in the office of Mr. Pierce.
"Delilah, I love your work both in actual work and the songs you yourself produce. But what's this I hear about you singling out uh Miss Mindy? Was it?"
Mindy nodded.
"You've never gotten any formal complaints, but she was pretty upset that you uh..." Mr. Pierce looked to Mindy as if he couldn't quite remember her exact reason for being distressed.
"She made an announcement and totally humiliated me in front of everyone!" Mindy made sure to emphasize the last word and said it in such a whiny tone even Mr. Pierce's brow was furrowed with a strained business smile.
Mr. Pierce coughed and continued "Actually that's not all... A video has gotten very popular which also made attendance triple in the last couple of days because you said the name of the club." 
Mr. Pierce showed them a video of what happened at the cafe Mindy's face was visible but Delilah's was not. 
"Now because they didn't get your face your reputation is for the most part in tact especially since none of the patrons have heard you speak besides the club advisements or song dedications. Delilah, this isn't like you. Why would you do something like this?" He asked closing the laptop.
Mr. Pierce was in his mid 30's and Delilah looked up to him as a mentor, friend, and boss. He had dark brown hair which was always gelled to one side with side shaves and a short neat beard that was groomed daily. He dressed in suits and today it was a deep red with a grey button up shirt and black shimmering tie.
Delilah sighed and said,"Well a week ago I was at a cafe minding my own business and she called me a freak out of nowhere and insulted my intelligence by saying any idiot could do my job. Usually, I wouldn't have let her get to me but you see what she's like." As she gestured to Mindy with a hand up and down then up. 
"I didn't even think about it before I picked up the microphone and dedicated a song to her."
"Which was?"
"Freak like me by Halestorm"
Mr. Pierce put a hand to his mouth started shaking and then burst into full-blown laughter.
Delilah was shocked and let out a weak nervous chuckle unsure of what to do. Mindy was dumbfounded and had her mouth agape.
Once Mr. Pierce had finally stopped laughing Mindy immediately whined,"I cannot believe you! Laughing like this. You're supposed to be mad at her. What kind of boss are you anyway?"
Mr. Pierce ignored her and spoke,"Delilah, I can't say that I'm pleased with your actions. ... However, I am somewhat amused that for once you're acting your age and since this is the first time anyone has tired to complain about you I'll let you off with a warning. Besides, you were outside of work when you told her off and I'm not going to hold it against you. Plus you also gave her free admission so if anything you helped the club more than you hurt it." Mr. Pierce said fluently as if he had a mental checklist prepared beforehand,"Then there's that saying 'No such thing as bad publicity.' I'm seriously surprised, *but* since you're one of the best employees I have compared to Josh, Miss. Dakota, and even Ryan ugh what am I saying especially Ryan. There will be no repercussions. I'm sure you learned your lesson." Mr. Pierce repressed his laughter and finally directed his attention to Mindy.
"Miss. Mindy how about a free drink courtesy of Delilah and I'll give you a voucher for free entry for you and a friend to the club. How does that sound?" He asked with a huge smile.
Mindy squinted at him then glanced at who she now knew as Delilah. Looking her over Delilah was dressed comfortably but nice enough that she could be admitted to a more formal establishment. Delilah's complexion was tanned and her dark brown hair almost black was tied up into a high ponytail. Which allowed her neck to be visible and showed she was wearing a leather necklace of some sort. Delilah wore a Black coat style button up jacket that was partly open semi covering the T-shirt underneath which was bright red with writing on it in the style of spray paint. Along with black pants that were clearly not jeans, but actual slacks and all black converse with black socks. Comfortable but altogether a nice look for a female club DJ. She shook her head and said, "Get a drink from her? Plea~se! As if I'd need anything from her. Why would you think I'd be happy with a single drink?"
"Okay, so no drink then. Would you care for the vouchers?" Mr. Pierce asked.
Before she had time to answer however Delilah interrupted.
"The offer stands you can take it or leave it." Delilah said getting up and putting her hand out to Mr. Pierce. "You have a good night sir. My shift is over and if it's alright with you I'd like to go home. I'm sorry about all this. Won't happen again, sir. I'll make sure of it. Best behavior from now on!" Delilah paused and gently squeezed his hand,"Thank you for being so understanding."
"Of course good night Delilah and try not to publicly embarrass anyone else on your way out." Mr. Pierce laughed hearty and waved good bye.
Mindy sat a little longer annoyed things had not gone her way. At the same time she was extremely displeased that a video was made of their encounter. "Oh that's right Miss. Mindy your vouchers here." Mr. Pierce said having gotten two slim tickets and wrist bands from his desk drawer which both got signed with his signature. "Although a signed business card also works this is less likely to be questioned at the door." He said factually.
Mindy took the slips of paper and put them in her purse and said good bye to the owner.
She got up and followed Delilah out. She didn't get two steps before she lost her in the crowd. No surprise there, it was absolutely filled with people and Delilah was familiar with the layout. Mindy looked once more before deciding to call it a night she didn't much feel like dancing anyway. She felt more like punching or kicking something cause she was still ticked off.

She walked outside to find Delilah leaning on an orange car waiting for her.
'Great',she thought. 'What does she want? To rub it in?'
Delilah walked over to Mindy and put her hand out "I'm sorry we got off on the wrong foot. If you're willing to move passed this then so am I. What do ya say?"
Mindy walked passed Delilah and said "In your dreams, loser." 
Delilah briskly walked after her. 'Don't do anything rash',she thought. 'I just wanna make peace ugh why is she so damn difficult?!'
"Hey, Mindy!" Delilah yelled.
"I just want to talk. Give me a minute and then you can go."
Mindy turned around and walked slowly back in displeasure making every step louder than it needed to be until she was in Delilah's face,"What could you possibly have to say that would interest me?" Mindy was seething and glared into Delilah's hazel eyes.
Delilah signed and breathed in deeply preparing herself to be fake nice if she had to,"We should put this behind us. If we say that everything's all good then even if people bring up the video. We'll know that we resolved our issues, and they'll be disappointed that we're no longer at each other's throats. How does that sound?" Delilah finished with a smile.
Mindy wanted nothing more than to tell her off... But she kinda had a point so she got out of her face and thought for a moment.
Delilah also remained quiet and looked Mindy over to find her outfit was actually pretty nice. Shades of pink from the sweater, the purple spaghetti strap tank top, the magenta skirt which was purposely a few shades darker than the sweater, and purple zip up boots that ended at the mid of her shin.
When Mindy was about to speak she noticed the look Delilah gave her and smirked a little "Like what ya see?" She raised an eyebrow curiously.
This caused Delilah to cough nervously and then said,"Yeah, yeah whatever. Look, can we reach an agreement or not?"
"Tch! All business, all the time aren't ya?"
"And? I hardly see a problem with that."
Mindy rolled her eyes,"Yes, I'm sure you don't. Anyway fiiiiiiine. If it gets us home faster then yes we can put this behind us. However, you're taking me shopping tomorrow."
"I'm sorry, what?"
"Yeah, if we're gonna be getting along then as a 'friend' you're gonna take me shopping and maybe we'll get lunch too."
"Hahahahaha! You're joking! ... You are joking right?" Delilah was hoping she was and that this was payback for everything.
"I'm completely serious." Mindy said in a firm tone. 
"You're gonna pay for everything and then carry all my things too." She added equally as sincere. 
"Uhh... and if I refuse?"
"Then we still hate each other."
"Uh..." Was Delilah's only response.
"I mean you did say you made enough money that you ONLY have to work for 3 days every week. Or were you lying?" Mindy said with a smirk growing across her face and a twinkle of mischievousness in her green eyes.
Delilah sighed loudly and groaned internally. 'This was gonna suck...'
But she steeled herself as she sealed her fate by replying,"Okay, fine. I'll agree to your terms, but we take my car and I pick the music cause it's my damn car."
"Deal! Here." Mindy slipped a piece of paper into her hand. "Text me now so I have your number too."
Delilah begrudgingly did as she was told.
"Hey this is my number. Mindy, why do you feel the need to torture me? :(  -Delilah"  She said out loud as she typed the message and sent it. Her frown deepening.
"Oh calm down it won't be *that* bad, promise." Mindy said with a little too happy looking of a smile.
"Riiiight....." Delilah said unconvinced.
"Well good night I guess."
When Delilah saw Mindy wasn't walking towards a vehicle she asked,"..Do you have a ride home Mindy?"
"Of course I have a ride home! I'll get an Lyft or Uber duh!"
Delilah sighed for what felt like the hundredth time that night and said,"No. I'll give you a ride home." Clicking her car key to unlock the orange car she had been leaning on not too long ago.
Mindy was a little surprised but quickly recovered, and walked to the passenger door opening it without hesitation.
Delilah looked up and silently cursed herself for being too damn nice. Then trudged to the car and as soon as she was seated, she put her seat belt on, started the car, and messed with the Bluetooth until her phone was paired. At least music would make the car ride bearable. She lowered the music for a moment and asked where Mindy lived.
Mindy laughed,"I'll tell you where to go relax."
Delilah answered with,"But if I'm gonna take you shopping tomorrow am I not picking you up? Thought we'd be taking my car? Or were we gonna meet up at a mall?"
Mindy hadn't considered this so she gave her the address. Delilah put it into her phone and hooked it up to the phone holder on the dashboard. Now that she knew where to go Delilah took the car out of park and into drive.
The music wasn't terrible Mindy concluded just not what she normally listens to. It was mixture of genres from club dance mixes to orchestrated pieces to punk rock and modern love song covers. It wasn't bad at all and the only interruption was the GPS giving directions or Delilah changing the song.
The 20 something minute car ride passed by quickly enough. Soon Mindy was in front of her apartment that she shared with her cousin Mandy.
Delilah saw Mindy's realization. She parked the car, got out, and opened the door for Mindy. 
"Come on, I'll walk you to the entrance." Delilah said quickly.
Mindy put her hand out left hand out and Delilah stared at it in confusion.
"Help me up and out of the car, genius."
Delilah rolled her eyes and put her left hand under Mindy's. Delilah grabbed Mindy's palm and wrist to pull her up and out. 
Mindy felt the calluses on Delilah's hand and looked at her quizzically but said nothing.
Once Mindy was out of the car Delilah immediately released her hand and started towards the apartment entrance.
They both stood for a few moments unsure of what to say.
"See you tomorrow then? Uh what time would you prefer me to show up? I figure you'd want to be the one to decide..." Delilah sighed as if she already knew that was the case and there was no fighting it.
"You learn fast don't ya? That's good, makes things easier." Mindy snickered then paused briefly,"What time do you usually get up? It's already 3:42am." Mindy said glancing at her phone.
"I normally sleep until 1pm buuuuut somehow I think you'd wanna go sooner. Oh and I work tomorrow night too so you'd have to be done by 7pm cause it takes me 45 minutes to get to work and then getting ready and everything..." Delilah rambled off clearly tired.
"Right, right. Yeah 1pm will work just fine. Heck, I'll text you around 2pm and we can have lunch before hand then shop til we drop. Well until you drop." Mindy giggled at the idea.
"Great... Okay, good night Mindy." Delilah said yawning and begun descending the steps of the entrance.
Delilah looked back slowly,"Uh.. yeah?"
"..Thanks for the ride home." Mindy said in the softest and lowest tone Delilah had heard all night.
Delilah blinked stunned slightly,"You're welcome. See ya." Then once again turned to leave. 
Mindy stared after Delilah until she saw the car turn on. Then focused her attention on getting inside to call it a night. 

[End of part 1]

Thanks for sharing, TST! Good work!

To say Delilah didn't sleep well would be an understatement. She woke up several times during the night and finally at 7am she stayed up heading to her living room. She sat at her PC and began working on one of her musical projects. It had a good beat, it had a drop, it had everything she liked in songs, but there was still something missing and she couldn't figure it out. So she listened to it again and again on a loop until it dawned on her. Of course! How could she miss it? The audio sounded too clean there wasn't a reverb and no breakdown. Once satisfied with her progress she looked at the time: 8:53am. She went back to bed and woke up to her alarm at 12pm even though she told Mindy 1pm. Delilah did not like being unprepared so she ate then got her clothes together. Which consisted of a black sports bra, black underwear, black compression shorts, a maroon pocket T-shirt, very dark blue jeans, and maroon converse to match the shirt.
A showered Delilah, brushed her hair, and put it up in a high ponytail. Then put her clothes on, donned her blue galaxy faux gauge earrings, and got the 20,000 cash she thought she'd need in a plain looking black shoulder bag. She didn't want to risk not bringing enough and possibly having to go through something like this again. She also took her debit card which had 2,500 of emergency money for meals or extras.
When her phone chimed. The text read:"Hey, loser get over here!" Delilah rolled her eyes knowing it was Mindy despite not putting her into the contacts. She double-checked everything and headed to her car.
Delilah texted Mindy that she was outside and leaned against her car to wait. Soon she saw the perky blonde waving at her and Delilah stared at her outfit. Mindy wore a light pink V-neck crop top, capri blue jeans, and pale almost pastel purple sneakers with low-cut no show socks. Mindy also had a small pale purple wrist bag that added to the entire outfit more than it distracted.
"Hey, Mindy. Nice outfit!" Delilah said with a friendly but neutral tone.
"Thanks! You look good too. Especially like the earrings." Mindy said genuinely as she automatically sat in the passengers side.
Picking up Mindy was the easy part Delilah concluded. Since she now found herself stuck playing nice over an expensive lunch at some uppity place. Which almost told them to get more formal attire, but when she put a 20 in front of the host he quickly said,"Right this way." Delilah fought the urge to roll her eyes and followed him. While Mindy linked arms with her happily. Once seated Delilah looked over the menu. She got a soup and their specialty shrimp lemon caper angel hair dish with a mimosa. Mindy got the most expensive thing in the entire restaurant making Delilah groan internally. Mindy also asked for a bottle of the most expensive rosé. Which Delilah raised an eyebrow to yet remained quiet. It was after all her "treat". Though she felt like if she had known peace meant spending so much on someone she personally didn't care for much, then she probably would've reconsidered. She closed her eyes for a second and then directed her attention towards Mindy. Who was telling the waiter how exactly she wanted her kobe beef, lobster, shrimp platter which included rice, sautéed vegetables, side order of salad, and she'd decide on a dessert later.
Once both their orders were taken Delilah took this opportunity to set Mindy straight. "Mindy could you not be so...clingy? "
"Oh lighten up! You should feel lucky that I'm in such a great mood." She said head resting on her hands smirking towards Delilah as if this was only the beginning.
Delilah shook her head in response praying her mimosa got here before her soup did. If she'd had known Mindy was gonna be so extra she would've bought a pitcher instead of a single glass... 'Ugh', she thought and switched her focus on the interior of the restaurant taking in the designs of the wood finishes. As well as the paintings on the ceiling a nod to the cathedrals in Italy and the renaissance. 'At least it wasn't a complete waste', Delilah thought. Mindy noticed Delilah staring at the ceiling in admiration,"Do ya like art?"
Delilah was surprised,"Y-yes, I do."
Mindy looked at her as if she wanted her to continue.
"I took art appreciation in high school, and as a kid I would always doodle on anything at hand including assignments." Delilah added.
Mindy laughed,"I can kinda picture it."
"I would even draw on math assignments." Delilah laughed.
"So you were always an artistic type?" Mindy asked.
"In a way, but at 19 or 20 I thought I needed to get serious about working and adult life."
"Get serious? In what way?" Mindy asked confused.
"I gave many of my hobbies up to be a journalist for a while. I thought that if I got a job, job that it'd be feel like I was actually doing something with my life. I also worked as a freelance photographer, and I ended up a web designer for a couple years. Finally, I felt drawn to music after covering for a friend's set when they were sick. I had a knack for it and I worked small gigs until I got hired at the Brash Vixen by Mr. Pierce. Which took 2 years of part-time DJ-ing and working as a web designer still. I've been at the Brash Vixen for 2 and half years already."
"Wow, I never would've guessed. That long, huh? That's actually pretty impressive." Mindy admitted.
"Thanks. I'm surprised you'd say that." Delilah said.
"Oh cause of the whole how we met thing?" Mindy asked.
"Well yeah." Delilah said softly.
"How about we talk about it later? For now I just wanna enjoy most of the day." Mindy stated in a way that Delilah knew meant 'definitely later, not now okay'.
"Do *you* like art?" Delilah asked politely.
"Yeah, I do. My favorite pieces are of landscapes. Grass, water, mountains, beaches, and even abstract city landscapes." Mindy replied fluently.
Delilah raised an eyebrow curiously,"Okay, that's pretty cool. I like those too." Delilah smiled at Mindy. Mindy grinned back.
The waiter appeared with their orders.
Mindy and Delilah ate and drank in comfortable silence for a few moments.
"How's your lunch?" Delilah asked in an attempt to make small talk.
Mindy smiled,"It's pretty good. How's yours?"
"Very good. I liked the spices in the soup. The pasta is amazing too."
Mindy picked up her empty fork and looked at Delilah.
Delilah stared back and said,"You can have some only, if I can have some of yours too."
Mindy pushed her plate closer to Delilah as she twirled her fork getting a fair amount of pasta and sauce carefully bringing it to her mouth. Delilah took a little of everything some kobe, some lobster, shrimp, and vegetables. The kobe practically melted in her mouth which she savored and then ate the lobster and shrimp together. Damn it that's good what the fuck did they do to make that flavor!? She had some vegetables they too were delicious. Delilah glanced up to see Mindy smirking at her as if she knew this was going to happen. "So I guess mine is pretty great huh? You're awfully quiet over there. Practically, melts in your mouth doesn't it?"
Delilah took this opportunity to take Mindy's plate hostage. "I'm assuming you're done right? Since you have all this free time to talk shit. Maybe I'll just finish this for you."
Mindy was slightly taken aback,"You wouldn't."
"Really you don't believe me? What would stop me? Certainly not you." Delilah chuckled.
Mindy glared at Delilah,"Don't. You. Dare."
Delilah took the rest of the shrimp and lobster then put them on her plate. She looked at Mindy then begun to eat the delicacies.
Mindy frowned,"No! That's alright. I'll stop ... for now."
Delilah gave her plate back slowly as if maybe she could take it back at any second. Once Mindy held it Delilah let go smiling and raised her glass in amusement. "Cheers." As she downed her entire glass.
Mindy offered her some rosé which Delilah accepted and found the taste elegant, subtle, and kind of sweet. She actually enjoyed it and got another glass. Delilah couldn't take the bottle with her. So she had to drink what she could, and encouraged Mindy to do the same.
"Hey?" Mindy asked.
"Yeah?" Delilah responded.
"How about we make this interesting and play a drinking game?" Mindy smiled.
"Hmmmm, okay. Never have I ever or Truth or Dare?" Delilah asked.
"Never have I ever. Cause if we did truth or dare here well it wouldn't be appropriate or as much fun without more people." Mindy answered.
Delilah nodded,"Wanna go first since it was your idea?"
"Fine. Never have I ever worn white after labor day." Mindy didn't drink.
Delilah drank,"What? I don't pay attention to any of that."
"My turn?" Delilah asked. Mindy nodded. "Okay. Hmm. Never have I ever cheated in a relationship or a board game." Delilah said.
Mindy drank.
Delilah raised an eyebrow.
"Which do you think it is?" Mindy begun.
"I'll give ya the benefit of the doubt and say board game." Delilah said drinking some water.
"Well you'd be right. I never felt compelled to cheat. I'd simply break up with them." Mindy concluded.
"Alright. Let's see...Never have I ever skinny dipped." Mindy said.
Mindy drank.
Delilah looked at Mindy, and then sheepishly drank too.
Mindy was surprised,"I thought I'd be the only one to drink. Haha you're more interesting than I thought. So, why did *you* skinny dip?"
"I did it as a dare from a close friend who told me,'There's no shame in being comfortable in your own skin.' Once my clothes were removed she pushed me off the boat into the cold ocean waves. I had to swim around the boat 3 times and then she'd helped me up and give me a towel. It was basically a girls party cause our mutual friend at the time had gotten dumped recently. The ones with boyfriends had them play video games together below deck while we did stupid shit." Delilah explained.
Mindy laughed,"Of course you wouldn't do it unless someone else told you to. So you still friends with any of them?"
"Sadly, no. People get busy and then drift apart, but it was fun while it lasted. When or why did you skinny dip?" Delilah asked curiously.
"I was 16 and my boyfriend had a pool. Really that's all there is to it. I only ever did it once or twice because of the thrill of getting caught by his neighbors or parents. Of course swimming without clothes wasn't all we did." Mindy said with a little smirk.
"Okay, that's uh interesting. But should you really be talking about something like that so early in the day?" Delilah asked slightly unnerved.
"I don't see why not. We're adults aren't we? So there shouldn't be a problem. Unless it makes you uncomfortable." Mindy stated with a mildly concerned expression.
"No. It's just that I don't know you well enough to be alright with intimate details. Anyway, never have I ever faked enjoying a date to spare someone's feelings." Delilah said changing the subject.
Both of them did not drink.
Delilah chuckled,"At least I know you're as honest as I am."
Mindy shrugged,"If we didn't click what would be the point of continuing?"
"I completely agree. If you see it won't work out then politely end the date, dinner, or whatever."
Mindy nodded.
"Never have I ever got into a fist fight." Mindy said evenly.
Delilah drank and Mindy did not.
Mindy was stunned,"You've gotten into a fist fight before?"
"Yeah, I have." Delilah replied.
"What happened?" Mindy asked.
"When I was 15 at school a kid wouldn't leave my friend alone so I punched him in the stomach as a warning. They kept yelling and coming at me to fight more. They landed a few hits, but I ended it with a punch to his jaw. They were knocked out and their jaw was fractured, and my hand was fractured too." Delilah said.
Mindy was wide eyed,"My goodness didn't know you could be so violent." Mindy said the last word in a joking tone to show she wasn't actually upset.
"At the time I wasn't going to let anyone hurt my friends. Needless, to say no one bothered my friend and I again. The bully later became a friend. I ended up with a 2 week suspension and having to take a calming elective like arts and crafts or another music class. Joke's on them though I took and loved both of those classes. The ex-bully was given a month suspension and had to take anger management outside of school." Delilah said amused.
"Wow, I would've never guessed. I kinda understand though. If anyone hurt someone I cared about. I'd probably get just as mad. Not enough to punch someone, but I'd definitely do something about it." Mindy said with a mildly somber expression.
"Yikes, didn't know you could make an expression like that." Delilah chuckled to show she was joking.
"Never have I ever G**gled someone before a date." Delilah said to continue the game.
Delilah didn't drink.
Mindy did.
"So who were they?" Delilah asked.
Mindy looked away and then nodded towards Delilah,"So far? Only you and one other person."
Delilah gave a look of understanding and nodded,"I figured you would. Hell, I bet you looked me up from the business card before today."
"Yeah, I did. Only after your little stunt at the club though. I originally wanted to find dirt and tease you about it. However, what I found out was very interesting. You've been interviewed by a club and partying magazine for the best up-and-coming female artist. They also did an article on the club and Mr. Pierce was interviewed. You actively practice 3 times a week at a mixed martial arts dojo. You have a 3rd degree black belt in two different martial arts. On weekdays, you volunteer at a troubled kids school as a part-time music teacher."
"Okay, okay, okay. How did you find out about the last one?" Delilah interrupted.
"It was easy enough. The school newspaper did an article on it because you were considered the most influential volunteer by teachers and students alike. All I had to do was look up Delilah Fuertes and it was a piece of cake. You were featured in one of the main photos for the school website 'cause for free you DJ'd at their homecoming dance. You're one of their best volunteers and the kids really take to you. I called the main music teacher and they had nothing, but good things to say about you." Mindy said with a little grin.
"Okay, so you've G**gled me. What else do you know?" Delilah asked cautiously.
Mindy smirked,"What now you're scared of what I know?"
"No, I just. I'm surprised that you went through the trouble of looking me up. It is a little off-putting especially calling Mr. Hampton, but everything you've said *is* public information. Technically, anyone could have that information or look it up. You're one of the first to actually do it." Delilah said bewildered.
Mindy started drinking normally,"I only called to see if it's true that you actively volunteer there. Even with everything I've already learned I bet there's still more I don't know versus what I do know about you." Mindy gave a mischievous smile.
Delilah raised an eyebrow,"Yeah? You're probably right. Oh? So you fact checked me? Hahaha! That makes it a little better. Wait, who the heck did you introduce yourself as?"
"Hmm? Oh I said I was a journalist working on a local spotlight column. Mr. Hampton was more than happy to tell me everything you've done since you started volunteering 2 years ago." Mindy said with a warm and playful smile.
"Is the game over?" Delilah inquired.
"Yeah, I wanna get shopping soon. We could be here all day at this rate." Mindy stated.
Between the two of them they drank about two third's of the bottle, and knowing her limit Mindy declined any more. Delilah however borrowed Mindy's glass to drink the bottle faster without chugging straight from it. That'd be distasteful in such an environment. Once she was satisfied with drinking most of the rosé leaving only a little. She asked for an order of croissants to sober up and to snack on later. Mindy admittedly had trouble finishing all her food. She considered not having dessert, but she had to get one to really rack the price up. She ordered a creme brulee with fresh fruit on top. While Delilah ate her croissants with honey.
'Ha!' Delilah thought,'That alcohol was weak sauce.' She felt great and convinced Mindy that they should walk around first then go shopping. Which helped both of them sober up. Once both were content with their current physical state. Mindy made her first stop at a perfume store. She had Delilah smell many scents on paper strips and her wrists. "Cause everyone has their own body chemistry and perfumes react differently for everyone." Mindy begun and Delilah finished the phrase.
Eventually, Mindy selected 5 and got two of each one. Delilah paid in cash for them and Mindy gave the two bags to Delilah to hold.
They walked around again until Mindy stopped and took Delilah's right hand dragging her to some other store. This time it was one Delilah was sure she hadn't stepped foot in. A really, really pricey name brand clothing outlet with a sitting area that had an attendant that served coffee or sparkling water. Stores like this one were not her cup of tea. This however mattered very little because Mindy appeared to be right at home.
"What do ya think about this one?" Mindy said holding it to her body and looking expectantly towards Delilah.
"It looks uh good." Delilah said still distracted by the sheer amount of expensive clothing everywhere.
"That's what you said about the last one. Can't you give me any other answer?" Mindy chided.
"Okay, then it suits you?" Delilah asked sheepishly.
Mindy stared at her and rubbed her temple with one hand while holding out the outfit with the other. "Here, hold this while I look around."
Delilah took it and stared at the article of clothing as if it had insulted her.
Once Mindy had given Delilah over 15 pieces of clothes to hold. She decided it was time to try everything on and in different combinations. So she went through the 15 pieces for about 45 minutes before she was satisfied. Out of the 15 she found 4 worked super well together as their own outfit. Mindy showed Delilah the final outfit and Delilah softly clapped her approval. Mindy got the 4 clothing items and 2 others that were accessories. One a shimmery pink scarf and the other a light cyan woman's fashion tie.
Then it was on to the next store.
A shoe store. An entire store for shoes Delilah groaned while Mindy on the other hand was on cloud nine. She had already spent about 3,897 dollars that weren't hers and she couldn't be happier.
"Come on, pick up the pace! We don't have all day." Mindy had practically sung the last sentence.
Store after store after store. Eventually, Delilah was desensitized to both the amount of money spent and the store hopping. Thus she begun to relax. She spoke more freely and even helped Mindy pick articles of clothing.
"Hey, Mindy?"
"This isn't so bad. I can't believe what I'm about to say, but this is actually kinda fun." Delilah gave a small smile.
Mindy's eye's widen slightly, but she smiled to mask it. "That's great! Does that mean you're game if we start picking out things for you?"
Delilah's face went from relaxed to horrified in a literal second.
"Tch Delilah don't tell me you're afraid of dressing up."
"I'm not afraid. Just didn't think I'd be trying stuff on too. . ."
Mindy made disapproving sounds,"Oh Delilah of course I was going to make you wear something." Mindy giggled as if it were so obvious.
Delilah was dragged into a changing room by Mindy and told to stay put as Mindy picked out her clothes. Delilah was bewildered, but still sat arms crossed in the dressing room to wait for Mindy.
Soon Mindy was back with two articles of clothing. "Here put this on." Mindy said handing over a dressy blue shirt and tan short shorts. Delilah could tell the shirt would barely cover the shorts. "Okay fine but get out so I can change."
Mindy raised an eyebrow,"There's no need to be shy. We're both women. Aren't we? Just change."
"Mindy, I'd really prefer it if you at let me change in peace."
"Whaa~t? Got something to hide?" Mindy teased.
Delilah stared blankly and decided her next words carefully,"I always change by myself. I don't think that's asking for a lot. You've changed alone this entire time or did you want me to join you?"
Mindy felt an uncomfortable shiver down her spine. "Ugh... You're right. I, I didn't think about that. That would be kinda .. much."
"Thank you, now please get out." Delilah said relieved.
"I'll look for more clothes." Mindy said disappearing behind the curtain.
Delilah sighed as she started changing when the curtain opened again and Mindy poked her head in,"Hey real quick what kind of clothes woul..."
Delilah froze briefly her shirt already halfway off and at her arms. She took it off completely and hastily sped walked to Mindy.
"Oh my GOD! You have tattoos?! And are thos-" Mindy was promptly cut off by Delilah covering her mouth with one of her hands, and the other was behind her neck to keep her in place. Mindy was stunned. Delilah's back was covered with tattoos and bite marks. The bite marks were visible nearly everywhere including her collarbone and stomach.
Delilah whispered,"Mindy, are you going to speak normally, if I remove my hands? No shouting? Okay? Nod in agreement and I'll release you."
Mindy nodded and was freed.
"First of all! You ruined my lip gloss." Mindy whined reapplying the pink shimmery substance in the dressing room mirror. "And second, you have tattoos?" Mindy asked softly as she turned towards Delilah.
"Yes, I have tattoos."
"How many of them?"
"I have 5 tattoos." Delilah said wearily.
"Wow, really? Like seriously? That's kinda neat."
Delilah perked up,"I didn't think you'd be so interested in body art."
"Well an ex-boyfriend of mine had two tattoos. I learned a bit about ink and a few other things like motorcycles."
"That's great! But I'm gonna finish changing so you gonna like leave or? I mean at this point I guess you could stay, but don't ask me questions until afterwards."
"Okay..." Mindy said subdued.
A quiet Mindy stared at the tattoos that were visible. One was on the left side lower back of a tree with pink flower petals falling. The other was between Delilah's shoulder blades and it was decorative lotus with water on all sides making a wavy box. There was even one on Delilah's upper right arm and Mindy only saw it for a few seconds while Delilah put on the blue shirt.
Once she was wearing the shirt and shorts Delilah turned around.
"So? You think this is my style?" She gestured to the attire.
Mindy looked her up and down,"It looks good, but I take it you don't normally wear anything close to this." Mindy eyed the upper right arm tattoo which was a pair of vampire fangs biting at the bottom lip dripping with blood.
"I don't." Delilah said tugging at the shorts to make them seem longer.
When Mindy noticed one of the other tattoos. This tattoo was on Delilah's upper inner right thigh. It was partially covered by black shorts she was wearing underneath the tan ones. From what she could tell it was vines or words.
"What kind of tat is that?" Mindy inquired pointing to the hidden ink.
Delilah sighed,"You really wanna know?"
Mindy crossed her arms,"I must be mistaken, but did you not say and I quote: 'Don't ask me any questions until afterwards.' That was what you said. Isn't it?"
Delilah facepalmed,"Fine. I deserve that." She turned towards Mindy before continuing,"It's a series of vines connecting together in a pattern around a rose seeming to meet behind it. With text on the outside reading: 'The rose looks fair, but fairer we it deem. For that sweet odour which doth in it live.' It's a Shakespeare sonnet. The rose is basically a metaphor for youth. That we judge others on their outward beauty, but those who seek true beauty also look within a person. That we keep them around because they're sweet inside and out." Delilah finished with a enigmatic expression.
"That's interesting... So why did you have it placed there?"
Delilah blinked,"I thought it would be..." Delilah paused,"Sexy there...Heh, ironic isn't it? I have a poetic quote and yet I wanted it to be somewhere that was appealing to others."
"Not really. People can get tats for any reason. Heck that ex-boyfriend of mine got one when he was 16 and drunk. The only one he got on purpose was an inside joke with his friends."
"Wait, a minute are you trying to console me?" Delilah asked mischievously.
"Don't make a thing out of this." Mindy said with a playful huff.
Delilah smiled,"Fine, fine. I won't I just think it's nice is all."
Mindy grinned,"Did you almost give me an actual compliment?"
"Yeah, and? Is that gonna be a problem?" Delilah asked an eyebrow raised.
"Nooo. Not at all! Sooo... How'd you get the bite marks?" Mindy said changing the subject.
"I'm sure you know already."
"Yeah I have an idea, but how about you answer my question anyway." Mindy shrugged.
"Fine! I had relations with someone." Delilah stated.
"How long ago was it? Mindy inquired.
"About 2 weeks ago." Delilah answered.
"The way you worded it..'Someone'.. Was it a woman? That would explain a lot actually. Not wanting to be overly friendly, changing by yourself, the look you gave me the other night, and even when you picked me up earlier. That's the one thing about your social media it was set to private or friends only, so I couldn't see many photos or anything. You hid your tattoos too 'cause when you dressed for work your arms were covered. You like your privacy, and I respect that. But attempting to hide your preferences and still being so obvious is kinda hilarious." Mindy said thoughtfully but wore a mischievous smile.
Delilah narrowed her eyes.
"What?" Mindy asked innocently.
"Didn't think I'd figure it out? That you prefer women? I may be a lot of things, but I'm not stupid." Mindy finished with a knowing smile.
Delilah sighed,"Yeah...That's *real* cute. You think you got me all figured out. A quick search in G**gle, a single day spent with me, and you're an expert! I assure you I'm much more than I seem." Delilah said sarcastically and pushed Mindy out so she could change again.
Mindy was stunned and stormed right back into the dressing room. Only for a deadly glare by Delilah to stop her in her tracks.
Mindy was not amused. Being moved so easily ticked her off. Delilah giving her that look pissed her off. Mindy was seriously irked, but she didn't stay mad. How could she when Delilah was at her beck and call? Still Mindy made a mental note to bring it up later as she happily dragged Delilah by the arm into another store. Delilah rolled her eyes.
The day passed by without too many incidents and this made both women happy. It was actually a pretty good day despite that little disagreement earlier. Delilah wore anything and everything that Mindy told her to try on. No longer being secretive or modest since Mindy knew about her tattoos and the bitemarks. Mindy soon found that Delilah's eye color changed based on what she was wearing. Which only further encouraged Mindy to dress Delilah up.
Delilah also got a few things that Mindy "recommended" (aka nagged) her to get, and had the employees tie a light blue ribbon on them. This continued until Delilah had about 7 bags that were "hers". But if she had the choice she wouldn't have gotten them. Mindy knew Delilah was a practical sort and told them to throw the receipts away once Delilah had already handed the cash over. With every receipt thrown out Delilah felt as though someone punched her in the stomach. Mindy patted her shoulder and said,"What's done is done so let's get a move on." Delilah would move slowly and eventually get over it. With each purchase it became easier and soon she didn't whine when Mindy told her to get something for herself.
"What a day!" Mindy said throwing herself into a chair in the food court.
She had to admit she may have gone overboard with the shopping. As she watched Delilah carrying about 60 bags of her purchases. Delilah had an extra belt in her bag and used it to carry about 18 of the bags across her body. She also had rope which Mindy had been curious about, but Delilah glared as if daring her to say something. The bags carried by hand were maybe 5 in each hand and the others wrapped around her body. The 60 bags excluded the ones Mindy made Delilah get for herself. Delilah carefully set the bags down on the floor and chairs before collapsing into the 4th chair across from Mindy.  She closed her eyes and breathed in and then out until her breathing was normal. To see that Mindy had walked off. Delilah scanned the food court until she saw the familiar blonde haired girl at a StartUp (starbucks clone) and she came back with two ice coffees. One for Delilah and one for herself. Delilah tilted her head slightly and took the drink,"Thanks, Mindy!"
"No prob! It's least I can do."
Delilah chuckled,"It's strange isn't it? That we're actually getting along."
"Kinda...I mean we haven't fought, fought once. Well besides the dressing room thing..." Mindy trailed off.
Delilah drank thoughtfully and took the croissants from earlier out of her bag. Set them in the center of the table and ate while occasionally taking sips of coffee. Mindy also ate some croissants and found them to be light, delicate, and buttery. It melted in her mouth much like the kobe beef she had ordered hours prior.
"Are you going to tell me what that outburst was about? Ya know in the dressing room or what?" Mindy asked impatiently.
"Mindy... I don't know you and I don't think assuming things is a good thing..What I mean is you were getting on my nerves with the whole 'I see through you' routine. That may work on other people, but it pisses me off. You don't know me, what I'm about, or what little things make my day. So when you acted like you did I got frustrated." Delilah said firmly.
"Okay, okay. I guess if someone pretended like they knew me without actually *knowing* me then maybe I'd have reacted in a similar way..."  Mindy admitted with a slight frown.
"Hey, don't worry about it. I'm not one to hold a grudge." Delilah said with a dismissive wave of her left hand. "Besides, everything else went pretty well. I didn't think I'd try on so many clothes in one day though hahaha." Delilah mused.
Mindy was surprised,"You seriously aren't mad anymore?"
"Nah, why would I be? I mean shit all you did was tease me a little. There isn't anything technically wrong with that just the approach could've be different."
"That's good. Cause I had some more questions. The woman from 2 weeks ago. Did you meet her at the club?" Mindy leaned in curiously.
"Oh her. God, no. I never bring costumers home. Not good for business. Ya know the whole 'don't shit where you eat.' I met her at a bookstore. She talked me up and I thought she was kinda cute so we went bar hopping. She was a local college student and we never exchanged real names or numbers. We fucked in a luxurious hotel suite. Which I covered of course." Delilah recalled.
"So it was a one night stand?" Mindy asked rhetorically.
"Sort of? We fucked the morning after too." Delilah stated.
"If you didn't use real names, what *did* you call one another?" Mindy pondered.
"Ha, well I wish it was something more exciting...My favorite flowers are Tiger Lilies so I was called Lily. She loved Morning Glories so she was called Gloria."
Mindy laughed,"You a Lily? Haha."
Delilah shrugged.
"It kinda suits ya. Lily is a nice name." Mindy nodded.
"I told you a little about me. You G**gled me too. So what about you?  How come you're free to blackmail me today? Also the teasing. You do that to everyone or is it a form of flirting?" Delilah begun.
"Oh? I'm free today 'cause I don't have classes or work today. As for the teasing. Yeah I tease or joke with basically everyone, but a lucky few get my undivided attention." Mindy finished with a winning smile.
"Riiight." Delilah dragged the word out in disbelief.
"It's true." Mindy confirmed.
"Well, what about your work? What are your hobbies? Would you rather me look it up or keep asking you questions?" Delilah looked at Mindy curiously.
"I work as a magazine model sometimes. But mostly I have my own business. I use a popular clothing only website to sell brand name clothes I don't want anymore or to sell my original ideas. I have been interviewed maybe 3 times already and have frequent customers. Plus my modeling helps with exposure 'cause if they look me up they'll find my clothing shop as a top result." Mindy said happily.
"So wait, you said original ideas..So you design clothing?" Delilah inquired.
"Yeah, I design clothes. My goal is to be a well-known designer and have my clothes be common in the fashion capitals of the world."
"Wow, that sounds awesome. I'm sure you can do it! You already seem to know what you want and how to get it. All you gotta do is keep working and you'll be there in no time." Delilah gave the thumbs up.
"Wow, you mean it?" Mindy asked in disbelief.
"Yeah, why wouldn't I?" Delilah raised an eyebrow.
"You're one of the only people to accept my future goals. No asking if it's a good idea. You support it and with no pretense." Mindy said softly.
"I know this is gonna sound bad, but I didn't think I'd see you look so diminished. This is the least confident you've been all day. If people don't accept your dreams, then they don't accept you either. Your dreams are a part of who you are and part of what makes each us different or special. If you have people around you like that. It's better to cut them loose. There's no need to be friends with people who don't support you and make you doubt yourself." Delilah finished with a sympathetic look.
Mindy looked at Delilah with watery eyes, but quickly composed herself. She wiped her eyes, fixed her hair, and took a deep breath. Then she said,"This must be why the kids like you so much. I think you went music teacher on me for a moment there." Mindy finished with a small laugh.
Delilah gave a warm smile,"Hey, everyone needs someone to talk to. Would you like a hug? They usually make people feel better."
Mindy thought about it. She looked at Delilah who seemed to mean it, but still she wasn't sure if she should.
When Delilah begun humming the running out of time Jeøpardy music.
Mindy glanced at Delilah and raised an eyebrow,"You can't be serious."
Delilah kept humming.
"Okay, okay. Fine. I'll accept your offer." Mindy said in mock annoyance but a smile was etched on her face.
Delilah smiled and stood up,"Come here. Bring it in." Delilah had her arms out to welcome Mindy and Mindy placed herself in Delilah's arms.
The hug was warm and comfortable. Delilah was muscled, soft, smelled good, and despite all the bags she carried she wasn't sweaty. Mindy relaxed and Delilah patted Mindy's left shoulder. The two shared the embrace for a long time until Delilah slowly let go and wiggled out of Mindy's arms.
Mindy held Delilah's left wrist,"I'm not done yet."
Delilah's eyes went wide and she coughed to cover her surprise.
"What?" Mindy demanded.
"It's nothing. Don't worry about it." Delilah said.
Mindy moved in for another hug and pulled Delilah closer. Mindy was relaxed and happy. While Delilah was tense at first, then relaxed slightly, and awkwardly held Mindy's shoulder blades.
Mindy noticed and spoke softly into Delilah's left ear,"Hey, Delilah relax I won't bite." Mindy giggled and held Delilah for a few seconds more then released her. Delilah had a face that was a mix of surprise, delight, and confusion. Mindy smirked,"So you can be speechless? Haha!"
Delilah smiled and shook her head. Delilah sat and gestured for Mindy to sit too.
"You act like one of my friends. Sandra, she's straight and yet she jokes with me a lot. She's even sat in my lap and called me her main bitch before. She's engaged and still jokes around. Her husband to be is also a friend of mine so he's cool with it. Heck, he jokes too. 'Oh, no. My wife is two-timing.' But he laughs and kisses her on the cheek. Now she is a bit more tame, but before she met Henry. People would confuse us for a couple." Delilah laughed and sighed happily.
"You got some weir-interesting friends." Mindy said correcting herself mid sentence.
"Nah, it's okay. We use weird as a good thing. 'You're so weird LMAO, but that's why I love you bitches.' Yeah they are a little weird, and so am I. Mindy, you don't have to pull your punches. Say what you want. Not like it's stopped you before." Delilah laughed.
"Okay, fine. I woooon't. I'll say exactly what's on my mind from now on. So! If your friends are like that how can you know when someone's actually hitting on you?" Mindy asked head resting in her right hand.
"They usually tell me flat-out otherwise I won't get it. Too many times I thought someone was flirting, but they were just being nice." Delilah shrugged. "I can tell sometimes if they're into me by the vibe I get from them."
"What kind of vibe?" Mindy asked curiously.
Delilah tilted her head to the right and looked at Mindy as if she didn't quite understand the question. "It's a vibe. I can't explain it, but when I feel something's there then I try to ask about it or ask them out." Delilah replied.
"Oh, I so know what you mean. I get that sometimes too." Mindy nodded.
"I think I can safely assume that you're not dating anyone right now. Are you? I doubt they'd let you spend an entire day with a stranger when you could be spending it with them." Delilah mused.
Mindy laughed,"You're right. I'm not seeing anyone right now. Even if I was I'd make you pay one way or another. Although not being with anyone at the moment has given me more options."
Delilah laughed,"You're something else. 'Even if' haha. 'More options' That's cute. Being ambiguous, but leaving it open to interpretation. Teasing 101, good job."
Mindy was slightly annoyed,"Don't belittle me."
"I'm not though." Delilah frowned. "I thought it was funny and I didn't mean it in a bad way."
Mindy raised an eyebrow,"Ooooh, you're joking back. Well, color me surprised! I didn't think you were gonna warm up to me so soon."
"You consider this being close? No. I haven't begun to be comfortable around you. If anything you asked the right questions and got lucky a few times. But you won't be getting 'lucky' with me anytime soon." Delilah laughed in a way that suggested she was both messing with Mindy and enjoying herself.
Mindy made a face that was a mix of annoyance and embarrassment. Mindy huffed,"Shut up."
"What can dish it but can't take it?" Delilah mused.
"I said shut up." Mindy said in a more serious tone.
Delilah nodded and zipped her mouth shut and took her phone out.
'So I'll take that as a yes? XD' Delilah sent the text without saying a word.
Mindy checked her phone.
"Oh, you fucking loser!" Mindy said as she shook her head with her hand over her eyes.
Delilah smirked and sent yet another text,'If I'm a loser why are you still sitting across from me? I think if you were *really* annoyed you'd just leave. Oh wait. I'm your ride hahaha! You're stuck with me! LMAO'
Mindy didn't bother reading the text.
Delilah copy and pasted it until Mindy's phone chimed every 5 seconds. Until Mindy sighed and read it. Mindy was low-key pissed. She breathed in and spoke in an overly sweet voice,"Delilah ~ If I were you I'd stop right now."
"Or what?" Delilah asked an eyebrow raised.
"Who knows?" Mindy shrugged clearly playing dumb.
"Oh hell no. I know exactly what that means. Any girl with a brain knows that's code for 'I'm already thinking of something'." Delilah said passionately.
Mindy smirked,"You think so?"
"I do and I'm not getting sucked into your games." Delilah said sticking her tongue out defiantly.
"Maybe you'd like them." Mindy shrugged and gave a sexy side glance towards Delilah.
"Huh?..." Delilah averted her eyes.
Mindy smirked,"Oooooh! Now I see. Did that strike a certain cord?"
Delilah rolled her eyes dramatically and then rested her head in one hand, elbow on the table,"It did. Just a littl

It did. Just a little, but then you pointed it out so it lost it's effect."
"That reminds me. Did you also like when I told you I wasn't done with the hug?" Mindy's smirk deepened.
Delilah shook her head in a playful way,"Oh sure I was totally and completely captivated."
Mindy was not amused and pouted.
"Fine. Look I was caught off guard, but I wasn't turned on or anything if that's what you're implying. I thought it was cute. That is all." Delilah said firmly.
Mindy giggled,"That's the second time you said I was cute and meant it."
Delilah looked confused,"It isn't even my personal opinion. It's a fact. You're cute, but then I think everyone is cute."
Mindy spoke softly,"Oh. Of course. Yeah, you're right. Everyone *can* be cute. Especially, if they're wearing the right outfit."
"I don't often pay attention to clothes, but I thought that low cut red mini dress you wore earlier was nice. I'm surprised you didn't end up getting it." Delilah stated.
"Ooooh, did you get a good look?" Mindy recovered quickly and smirked.
Delilah paused,"Truthfully, yes I did. I thought it was only fair because when you first saw my tattoos I could practically feel your eyes inching up and down my back. Also I could see you reflected in the mirror biting your lip."
"What? You saw me..." Mindy squeaked out and blushed. "That wasn't part of the plan. I thought..."
Mindy was silent.
"I didn't think anything of it. If I had a problem with it I would've brought it up earlier. But I did think it was kind of hot that you were lusting after me so much you didn't look at my eyes once. If you had, you would've noticed I was watching you." Delilah said with a disarming smile but playful eyes.
"I see what you mean. It really is annoying when someone thinks they know you." Mindy sighed deeply in disappointment being seen through so easily.
Delilah was silent and looked up at the skylight of the food court. "I thought today would go a lot less...smooth." Delilah admitted. "I'm glad though it went better than expected. I found today pretty enjoyable. So what now? Anymore stores to go to or questions to ask?" Delilah asked looking at Mindy.
Mindy paused. "Wait, you never said if you were dating anyone or not?"
"No. I'm not dating anyone." Delilah replied.
"How come? Bad break-up?" Mindy asked.
"Something like that yeah. I haven't seriously dated anyone for about a year or two. That one night stand was the first time I got intimate in about a year." Delilah said thoughtfully.
"There's more isn't there?" Mindy stated.
Delilah nodded.
"But you don't wanna talk about it?" Mindy offered.
"Right now no. Maybe later." Delilah shrugged.
"Wanna get something to eat? It's been several hours since lunch and the croissants as good as they are won't be enough to hold us." Delilah changed the subject as she stood up.
"Hmm, sure." Mindy nodded.
"Hey, Delilah?" Mindy got Delilah's attention.
"Yeah?" Delilah replied.
"I'm sorry I called you a freak." Mindy said softly as if it took all her willpower to get the words out.
Delilah was slightly stunned and sat back down,"Uh, thank you. Mindy, why did you call me a freak in the first place? I wasn't doing anything out of the ordinary...Well for me anyway." Delilah shrugged.
"I wanted to pick a fight. You were closer than everyone else and I was in a pissy mood. So when you were humming I kind of snapped. It wasn't right, but it's what happened." Mindy shrugged.
"I see. Then don't worry about it. Everyone has days like that. I tend to keep to myself for a few days when I'm stressed out. I listen to music and use healthy coping tricks." Delilah said earnestly.
"I should apologize too. I shouldn't have tried calling you out at the club. I didn't even think about it when I picked up the mic. I was incredibly surprised that you did show up and I wanted to make a statement. When everyone was jamming to the song I felt like,'Hey we're all freaks so who cares what she thinks'. Obviously, it had some sort of effect on me. More than I'd like to admit.. To be honest, before you called me a freak I totally stopped to watch you walk in. You seemed different from the other women there. I could tell you were pissed off, so I decided I wouldn't approach you and yet here we are. Funny how things work out, isn't it?" Delilah chuckled.
"Wait, so you checked me out before I lashed out?" Mindy asked slightly amused and caught off guard.
"Yeah, I mean you are attractive. Anyone can see that, but I tend to care more about the personality. I analyze people and figure out if it's worth it or not to approach them. I would've let you walk away cause any time a girl is in a bad mood; She won't be open to hear what you have to say." Delilah stated.
Mindy was impressed and looked over Delilah as if seeing her for the first time.
"Delilah, from what I've seen today I can say that you're incredible, sweet, and hard-working. I know you didn't think I'd notice, but everytime someone gave you a weird look or laughed at you while you carried everything. You didn't say a word, get rude, try to rush me, or anything. You accepted it and let them say whatever they wanted while going along with me." Mindy said softly.
"Well what was I gonna do? Fight them? Hahaha. I don't mind because they don't matter. What matters is that I know what's true. I'm at peace with my decisions and was open to whatever happened today. Besides even if I tried to rush you, you'd have gone slower or bought more items to spite me." Delilah laughed.
Mindy raised an eyebrow,"That's actually a pretty good way to look at it. Yeah, I probably would've done one of those." Mindy admitted with a grin.
"Hey, I'll be back and I'll text you the menu of whatever I find." Delilah walked off in search of delicious food.
Delilah sniffed the air and followed the scent to a crepe shop. She took a picture of the menu and asked what Mindy wanted.
Delilah's order was two peanut butter, banana, and honey crepes. Mindy's was a Nutella, strawberry, and semi sweet chocolate crepe.

The two ate in relative silence eating the treats happily. Mindy finished hers first and glanced over at Delilah's. Delilah noticed and moved the plate towards her,"Want some?" She asked in between bites.
Mindy was uncertain,"Sure..Since you're offering." She took her fork and cut a piece or two off. She was surprised by how good the combination was. "This is really good." Mindy admitted.
"Yeah, it's my favorite. I almost never get another type of crepe. Well aside from blueberry jam ones. Those are kick ass." Delilah said with a thumbs up.
Mindy blinked,"You're such a dork."
"Yeah, I know. It's part of my charm." Delilah said reaching for her plate.
Mindy pulled the plate away,"Mind if I finish it?"
Delilah sighed,"...Yeah, go ahead."
Mindy happily ate the remains of the crepe and finished her iced coffee.
Delilah looked at her phone,"Hey, Mindy are you good? Nothing else ya wanna do or get? It's getting late. It's 5:47pm."
"Hmm? Oh yeah it is about that time. Alright! You can drop me off home, after you carry my things to my room." Mindy said.
Delilah threw the plates and cups away then grabbed the 60 something bags.
The two of them walked towards the car.
Once all the bags were put in the backseat and trunk.
Delilah and Mindy sat in silence.
Mostly, to let Delilah catch her breathe.
Mindy spoke,"Oh yeah! Delilah, quick question. How much money were you willing to let me spend? I know I spent at least 17,000 dollars, and that's not including the meal earlier."
"Yeah, you had me somewhat worried I didn't bring enough haha.. I had 20,000 in cash. 2,500 on my card to cover meals and other expenses. You nearly spent both." Delilah chuckled weakly.
"You seriously would've let me spend that much?" Mindy asked in surprise.
"Well, yeah. I know you kinda blackmailed me into it, but I wasn't going to stop you. You wanted to get back at me. Okay. You have and now we're good. Right?" Delilah said as she looked towards Mindy.
Mindy blinked,"Uh, yeah. We're good."
"Okay, then it's fine. Don't worry about it." Delilah said pleasantly.
Mindy stared at Delilah curiously. Delilah smiled at Mindy which caused Mindy to look out the passenger's window. Delilah shrugged and chuckled softly.
'Steps are evil,' Delilah thought. Mindy was determined not to carry a single thing. Even if the entrance steps were only 4 or 5 stairs to Delilah it was like trudging through waist deep mud every step a fight to get up, balance, and then doing it repeatedly. Until she arrived at the doors. Mindy had to put a code in to be allowed entry.
'Mindy, did at least hold the door open so that's something if anything,' Delilah thought.
They took an elevator to the 25th floor and Delilah swore it was an eternity while Mindy claimed it was a mere 2 minutes. Once the doors opened they had to walk down the hall and took a left until they reached apartment D205. Mindy knocked then knocked again and when she got no answer. She got her key card out and opened the door. She walked to the hallway that led to the other rooms in the apartment. Delilah followed until Mindy stopped in front of her room. Which had a sign painted pink and the letters in bright green reading Mindy's room. Mindy allowed Delilah to go first telling her to put the bags down any where near the bed that she'd take care of it.
Delilah was ecstatic to be rid of the weight and sighed content that she didn't have to continue holding them.
Mindy set to work taking the items out and putting them in their rightful baskets to be washed later. Or to be put somewhere else cause of the perfumes and other miscellaneous items.
Delilah watched for a moment or two before she spoke, "Hey, can I go now or..?"
Mindy didn't take notice of her. So Delilah went to the kitchen and poured herself a glass of milk. Sitting at the dinner table in the corner on her phone.
Mindy walked into the hallway to find Delilah asleep on the light purple ish pink couch. Legs propped up on the armrest making sure her shoes weren't touching the fabric. Delilah was breathing slowly and with one arm covering her eyes while the other hung off the couch towards the floor. Her phone on her chest as if she fell asleep while on it. She looked so comfortable Mindy almost felt bad that she was going to wake her up. Mindy checked the clock it was only 6:10pm maybe she could let her sleep just until 7pm. But first to take her shoes off she wasn't going to risk them messing up the couch. Delilah didn't stir and slept through Mindy untying her shoes, slipping them off, and setting them underneath the glass coffee table.
Mindy glanced over her once more before sketching some clothing ideas she got while at the mall.
Delilah woke up and immediately looked at her phone:6:45pm 'Huh, guess I had a good nap.' Delilah sat up and scratched the back of her neck lazily then yawned and stretched.
"Mindy?" Delilah called sleepily.
"Mindy??" Delilah called again.
Delilah rubbed her eyes and looked around to find Mindy at a desk near the glass balcony doors. The light from the surrounding windows let in plenty of sun although it was setting so the room was filled with an orange, pinkish glow.
"Mindy?" Delilah called as she walked over.
Delilah concluded that Mindy was absorbed in her sketching, and tapped her lightly on the shoulder.
"Hey!" Mindy jumped with the pencil now pointed towards Delilah.
"Relax, I just wanted to say thanks for letting me sleep." Delilah said in a deep groggy voice.
"The hell is wrong with your voice?" Mindy half laughed as she placed the pencil down.
"Oh, yeah. That's what my voice sounds like when I first wake up. Sorry." Delilah finished then covered her mouth as she yawned.
"Uh, yeah...Was that all?" Mindy asked.
"Hmm? Yeah, I guess. I also wanted to see what you were working on." Delilah said genuinely.
"Sure. But I'm not done yet." Mindy rolled the chair a little to the left to let Delilah take a look.
Delilah saw Mindy's sketch book was filled with pieces of fabric, bookmarks, magazine clippings, and sketches. One caught Delilah's eye it was a simple two tone dress with a white flower print over the pale yellow upper half, a dark brown leather belt separated the colors, and the bottom color was a dark green a almost moss color with lace at the bottom of the mini train like dress. The front of the dress looked like it ended at above the knees while the back went until the mid of the shin. This style gave a fairytale look to the already nature inspired dress and somehow it worked. Delilah actually liked this design. Delilah then turned the pages until she got back to the current sketch. It was a glittery blue and pink dressy shirt with a skin tight above the knees shimmery grey skirt. The shoes were mid heels, T strap platforms, and each were half pink and blue too. A sketch of just the shoes were on the bottom left corner and a note said the shoes material would be pearlescent.
"These are great. I really like these two." Delilah said pointing to the two tone dress and two tone shirt.
"Interesting. You have a unique sense of fashion." Mindy said with a small smile.
Delilah was still looking over the sketch book when Mindy softly held her shoulder and said,"Delilah, would it be alright if I got another look at your tattoos?"
Delilah turned to face Mindy and laughed,"I think you've already seen them plenty."
"I haven't seen the thigh one or the final one. Could I see the last one at least?" Mindy persuaded.
Delilah stared at Mindy as if trying to figure out her intentions. "Hmmm...Only if you wear one of the outfits from your sketch book. You do have some made already right? It'd only be fair since you saw me change. You got a few free strip shows and I kind of want one too." Delilah finished with piercing eyes.
"What? No, why should I?" Mindy said both playfully and that she needed convincing.
"How about this: If you do then I'll show you all my tattoos for as long as you want." Delilah offered.
"All of them? Even the one on your inner thigh, and the final one?" Mindy asked clearly interested in the proposal.
"Yes, I'll take off my socks, pants, black shorts, shirt, and let you get a good look at all of them. *If* you also give me a little show. It doesn't have to be big or anything. Honestly you could change into your other clothes, or whatever as long as you change in front of me I'm happy. Although, your current outfit leaves little to the imagination." Delilah said stroking her own clothed stomach pulling the fabric up until it was at her sports bra.
Mindy laughed,"I was hoping you had a thing for exposed midriffs, or some skin showing."
Delilah raised an eyebrow,"You dressed yourself for the sole purpose of getting under my skin? If I didn't know any better I'd say that you're interested in more than just my tattoos."
Mindy leaned in and whispered into Delilah's left ear,"I wouldn't say that, but for now you do have my attention." Mindy then traced a line down Delilah's back with her right index finger which caused Delilah to straightened her stance. Mindy giggled,"Okay. I'll change into something else. How about I wear your clothes? Or would that be too much for you?"
Delilah playfully shook her head.
"That would be just *fine*. The clothes will probably fit you a little big though cause I always buy mediums." Delilah stated.
"Also, I love it when girls wear my clothes. I don't know why, but it makes me melt a little." Delilah added with a goofy smile.
Mindy got closer to Delilah once again and then decided against whatever she had planned to do and took a step back. "You gonna strip first or should I?" Mindy asked with a grin.
"How about we do it at the same time? Well actually what if I go first then you second. Like my shirt, then yours. That way I can get a good look too." Delilah said with a gleeful expression.
"Deal." Mindy said.
"Okay, then I'll start." Delilah said slowly taking off her shirt watching Mindy's face for any subtle changes.
Delilah was a few shades darker than Mindy and it complimented everything from her hair, eyes, smile, and tattoos. It suited her to be that tan or toned and she didn't have tan lines, so it was likely that she was naturally tanned.
When Delilah's shirt was finally off Mindy got close to inspect the back tattoos and traced them with her right and left index fingers. Mindy also looked at the bite marks and saw that they were going to be fading soon in maybe 1 or 2 days. "So the sex was really rough I take it?" Mindy asked as she traced a bite mark.
Delilah looked at Mindy,"It was and wasn't. Believe it or not the sober morning sex was rougher than the drunken sex was. I guess it's cause she knew she had nothing to lose and trusted me already. She really let loose and we had to extent our stay to shower before going to our respective homes."
Delilah cleared her throat and lifted her shirt signaling Mindy that it was her turn. Mindy slowly took her shirt off and let Delilah walk around her to get the full experience. When the shirt was almost to her neck she smiled and winked at Delilah. Delilah's breathe caught and she gulped hard. Her eyes unwavering from the blonde's green eyes except for the occasional glance and her now exposed chest. Mindy's bra was a simple lacey teal and it complimented her skin and eyes really well.
"Not too much for you yet?" Mindy teased hands on her hips after her threw her shirt on to the couch to join Delilah's.
"Not yet." Delilah smiled and reached for her socks the next article of clothing she'd take off. When Delilah paused,"Wait. Wasn't I wearing shoes?"
Mindy giggled,"Yeah, but I couldn't have them messing up the couch."
Delilah looked up at Mindy from her crouched position and offered to take her shoes off in return. Mindy giggled harder,"Oh? That the only reason you wanna take my shoes off? Are you sure? Maybe you just wanna speed this along." Mindy sat on the couch and lifted her right foot for Delilah to take the shoe off. Delilah happily and carefully took each shoe and put it next to hers. "Hey, would it be okay if I took your socks off too? Since I'm here already?" Delilah asked politely with her hands at the ready for either response.
Mindy smiled and used her right foot toes to lift Delilah's head up,"If you *really* want to I guess I can allow it."
Delilah froze mouth agape. Mindy giggled, but then she saw that Delilah wasn't moving.
Mindy sat up and started waving her hands in front of Delilah's face,"Uh, hello? Delilah? You're starting to creep me out staring into nothing like that."
Delilah blinked and cleared her throat,"Sorry. It's just I've never had anyone do or say that before. It's a first for me." Delilah said softly and slightly turned away in embarrassment.
Mindy came closer and cupped Delilah's face in her hands to turn her head. "Don't go gettin' all shy on me now. Aren't you the one who suggested this whole thing?" Mindy smirked.
Delilah smiled then lovingly kissed Mindy's left palm with her hands on her wrists. Mindy raised an eyebrow,"What was it you said earlier? That I wouldn't be getting lucky anytime soon?"
Delilah looked impressed and then laughed loudly,"You have a point. Maybe we should tone it down a bit." Delilah got up and out of Mindy's hands and walked to the desk to grab the rolling chair. She sat across the living room to face Mindy and have the glass coffee table between them. "Better?" She asked pleasantly.
"I was half teasing. You can come back, but no touching."
"So stripper rules?" Delilah chuckled.
Mindy gave a playful huff.
"Thanks for the offer, but I'm good right here." Delilah said pointing to the floor.
Mindy rolled her eyes dramatically and laid on the couch in a seductive way,"Fine, but these socks aren't coming off then." Mindy lifted her feet and gave them a little wiggle.
Delilah gulped audibly and a serious expression formed, but it quickly changed to a goofy smile as she walked over to Mindy.
"Okay, okay. I'll remove them." Delilah said crouched and hands out palm up to receive the blonde's feet.
Delilah happily removed the socks. Then stood to take her own socks off and undo her belt. Delilah removed her dark blue jeans and threw them on the side of the couch that Mindy wasn't sitting in. Mindy quickly saw the final tattoo which was above Delilah's left inner ankle. Waves, stars, and Saturn all put into a diamond. It had Saturn's rings outside the outline of the diamond, and the waves crashed against Saturn in the lines. Stars above Saturn and below as a reflection in the waves.
Mindy was in awe. Delilah picked up her foot and put it next to Mindy's right side on the couch for her to get a better look. Mindy didn't hesitate to run a finger across it.
"It's beautiful, Delilah." Mindy said still tracing it.
"Thanks, it's kind of a nerd thing. Saturn is mostly made of gas so it would float in water if you could fill a tub big enough. I always liked Saturn as a kid. Fun fact, it rains diamonds on Saturn which is why it's in a diamond." Delilah said excitedly like a child learning the information for the first time.
Mindy smiled,"Do you like space then?"
Delilah nodded rapidly,"I used to have a membership to the local laser and star show, but they didn't have new shows or information so I stopped going. I have an amateur telescope and a email subscription to Epic Space events. I never miss out on meteor showers, moon phases, star visibility, or planets." Delilah said fluently and didn't notice that Mindy stood to remove her pants. Mindy cleared her throat and Delilah looked to the couch then next to her with surprise. Mindy giggled as she slowly slid her pants down to expose her matching teal panties. Delilah gulped and raised her left hand to her mouth to bite her bent index finger in an attempt to keep calm. Mindy placed her pants on top of the glass coffee table and bent more than necessary. Delilah bit her finger harder. Mindy giggled,"Having a hard time controlling yourself?"
Delilah huffed,"I have loads of self-control. If I didn't trust me you'd know." Delilah sat on the couch arms crossed.
Mindy sat on the glass coffee table,"Yeah, I guess you're right. By now anyone else would've been all over me."
Delilah glanced at Mindy and uncrossed her arms,"Yeah?"
Mindy nodded.
Delilah looked worried suddenly,"Was this a bad idea? I certainly don't want you to think I'm trying anything."
"Relax, I know you wouldn't. Besides, I *did* ask to see your tattoos again. So if you'd like you can blame me." Mindy told her.
Delilah blinked and considered this,"Riiiight. Yeah that *is* true, but I agreed to it so it's on both of us. Aye?"
"You gonna quit stalling and show me the other tattoo?" Mindy asked playfully.
Delilah stayed seated on the couch lifting her hips up just enough to slip the black shorts off and put them next to her on the couch. This revealed her black solid panties and right inner thigh tattoo. Mindy marveled at it. It was exactly how Delilah described it, but somehow more beautiful as if the art belonged in a fairytale book. It had an almost mosaic look and the thorny vines were shaded to look realistic. The words were etched onto a scroll beneath the beautiful rose. The rose was viewed from above and was at a half bloom with only 3 petals fully out the rest were relatively close together. Mindy was still admiring the tattoo when Delilah shifted to the side one leg on the ground, the left leg on the couch. Spreading her legs just enough so there was no overlap. "Hey, you can touch it if you want. Unless, you think that'd be too much?" Delilah grinned.
Mindy thought about it for a moment. Delilah crossed her legs right leg (knee) over her left hiding the tattoo.
"Ya know what I'm good. Really. If I were to touch it then it'd be a little too intimate. I only learned your name yesterday and that's when you learned mine too." Mindy stated.
"You have a point. But then how many people actually do what we're doing? This is a first for me. Stripping for someone I'm not even dating. Just so they can see my tattoos or so they say." Delilah chuckled as she rested her hands on her right knee and sat straighter to look Mindy in the eyes.
"Oh hush. Hand me your T shirt." Mindy said with her left hand extended palm up towards Delilah.
"Nah, I don't think I will. You got to look at me a lot today. I still haven't gotten my fill yet." Delilah said looking over Mindy carefully from head to toe.
When the apartment door opened.
Mindy and Delilah quickly turned to see a black haired girl walk in.
"Mindy, you would not believe the da.." The raven haired girl paused. "Who the fuck is this and why is their shirt off? No, more importantly why are *both* your shirts off?"
"Heyyy...Mandy. This is uh Delilah." Mindy said sheepishly.
"Okay. Why the fuck is she shirtless?" Mandy demanded arms crossed.
"It's not what it looks like." Mindy began only to be cut off by Mandy getting into Delilah's face. "Did you put her up to this or did she decide to do this herself?" Mandy glared into Delilah's hazel eyes.
"She accepted my offer to see my tattoos if she also stripped." Delilah said and shrugged.
Mandy stared at Delilah for a long time before she stepped back and gathered Mindy's clothes to hand back to her.
Mindy took the clothes and started getting dressed while Mandy glared at Delilah as if protecting Mindy from her. Delilah spoke up,"And you are? Friends? Family?"
"I'm her cousin." Mandy replied coldly.
"Okay..." Delilah was not about to push her buttons and so instead reached for her own clothes. Mandy turned to her cousin after she was dressed,"Mindy, you could've texted me if you had someone over. Wait, is this what you had to do today? Usually we hang out on Sunday's, but you said something came up."
"It isn't like that. I swear!" Mindy replied.
"Really?" Mandy raised an eyebrow. "I mean not many people get to see the inside of our apartment much less get mostly undressed in it." Mandy finished with a glare at Delilah who was in the middle of putting her shirt on and buckling her belt.
"Seriously, Mandy it wasn't going to get sexual. Remember that time you forgot to tell *me* you had a guy over and I was in my bath robe without any clothes on and I had it open or untied. He was stunned and I was too. I even screamed and you came running out of the room naked with a baseball bat. You said 'Sorry Mindy, I thought he'd leave this morning and that you'd still be asleep. I should've told you and I'll do better next time.' Then you kicked him out after he made sure he didn't forget anything. So yeah if you could cut me some lack would be great. Besides, like I said it's not how it looks. Sure, she's nice and all that but we barely know each other."
Mandy stayed quiet and considered what her cousin had said.
While Delilah looked from Mandy to Mindy and Mindy to Mandy. Mindy gave her a little smile,"What is it Delilah? You think we look a lot alike?" Mindy giggled.
Delilah nodded,"Yes and no. You share similarities, but over-all I think you're cuter."
Mandy raised an eyebrow and looked at Mindy who was blushing slightly.
"What?" Mindy asked her cousin confused.
"Nothing." Mandy tried to hide her smirk. "Anyway, how'd you two meet? I don't recall hearing that you've made a new friend or anything. So why are you comfortable enough to bring her home?" Mandy continued.
"Ahh...Well it's a funny story *ahem* she's the girl from the video?" Mindy admitted cautiously.
Mandy stepped forward and slapped Delilah hard. Delilah stepped back and held her left cheek.
"Dude, what the fuck?!" Delilah barked.
"Fuck you! You don't get to play the victim, bitch!" Mandy yelled and pointed at Delilah.
"Woah, hold the fuck up! I took her shopping and we're square now. Thank you very fucking much." Delilah raised her hands shoulder height in surrender.
"Ha! You think that's enough to make this go away? That video has gone viral and by now everyone in her school has seen it because last I heard it aired on the local news." Mandy wickedly said.
"You watch the local news?" Delilah asked in disbelief.
Mandy grabbed Delilah's shirt by the collar with her left hand and lifted her right hand up for another slap.
"Uh, can I say something?" Mindy interrupted.
Mandy and Delilah temporarily stopped arguing to look at Mindy.
"Mandy, I think today is enough. She let me buy whatever I wanted and didn't complain once. She covered the food, travel, and even carried everything I bought the entire day."
"Hmph." Mandy responded and stuck her nose into the air.
"Come on, Mandy..Don't be like this." Mindy pleaded.
"Be like what? I'm not doing anything." Mandy's tone was icy.
Mindy sighed,"Okay, okay. Look, why don't we all sit down, have some snacks, and drinks then talk this over?"
"Pssh." Mandy sat down on the couch arms crossed.
Delilah followed Mindy to the kitchen.
"Uh, I take it she doesn't like me." Delilah begun.
"Yeah...I forgot to warn you. My bad, Delilah. I also didn't tell her about today because she would've tried to talk me out of it."
When Delilah's phone went off: 7:25pm Get your ass to work!
Delilah went rigid,"God, damn it..." She could die of embarrassment as she heard her voice announce "Get your ass to work" followed by music she made. Delilah covered her face with her hands.
"I take it you gotta go to work. Hehehe!" Mindy giggled.
"Ugh...Kill me.." Delilah groaned through her hands.
"Hey, dumbass! Looks like you've gotta go." Mandy called from the other room clearly enjoying every second.
"I can stay if you need me to. I shouldn't be late if I wear what I have on now and use the equipment there. That way I don't have to stop off at home." Delilah told Mindy.
"It's up to you. Your job and your decision." Mindy shrugged.
"I'll, I'll stay. I want to have everything cleared up. Besides I have another alarm for 7:50pm. I still have some time before I really need to get going." Delilah said quickly.
"Suit yourself." Mindy told Delilah as she placed a serving tray into her hands that had grapes, water with mint and cucumber slices, and strawberries.
This was uncomfortable. Delilah really didn't want to deal with Mandy, but she also didn't want her to think she was a pushover. That slap was pretty brutal and had already begun to turn red. The only reason she knew this was because Mandy herself literally pointed it out and cackled with laughter.
How she loathed playing nice, Delilah sighed.
"Mandy, stop it already. You already slapped her no need to kick her while she's down." Mindy berated.
"Oohhh, so cause she spent the day spending money on you *suddenly* she isn't so bad?" Mandy mocked.
"Okay. First, yes I'm not a bad person. Second, the day was surprisingly pretty fun. Third, I wore or bought whatever she told me to. I think that is more than enough to make up for a bad impression. As for the video, that wasn't me. I didn't choose to have it uploaded. If you want to fault me for that it wouldn't be logical. I had no way to stop it." Delilah finished tone firm.

"Hmph, what-ever. At least I have the decency to text you before I bring someone over.." "In the afternoon." Mandy added and turned her head away.
Mindy sighed,"Mandy, please. I didn't plan on us undressing. It kinda happened. Also, I got you a few things. I know how much you wanted that skin care set from Ultimate Beauty. Plus I got you some more Applewood perfume and Cupid's Crazy Baby. Don't you wanna see what else I got ya?" Mindy finished with a grin.
Mandy's face suggested she was conflicted.
Mindy and Mandy stared at each other until Mandy uncrossed her arms. Mandy sighed,"Fine, whatever. But she's still on thin ice. Unless, she takes me shopping too."
"How about I just give you 3,000 dollars cash and we call it even?" Delilah asked hopefully.
"Hmmmmmm, okay. Sure, that'd get me a new bag or shoes." Mandy thought out loud.
Delilah got the cash out and held it with her left hand. While holding out her right for Mandy to shake.
"We have a deal? We're good? Right, Mandy?" Delilah asked.
Mandy sighed dramatically,"Ugh..Yeah, sure. One question though are you two-Have you two, ya know?"
Delilah sighed,"No. We haven't."
Mandy raised an eyebrow,"Oh? So you and Mindy haven't fucked?"
"What? God, no! If had happened Mandy I'd have texted you to come home later." Mindy exclaimed. "But nevermind that you know I haven't dated a girl before. Besides that one I kissed in high school. I haven't dated tons of boys much less girls." Mindy blurted out.
"Besides, you really think I'd fuck someone who's name I only learned yesterday?" Delilah added.
"Exactly! See, Mandy? It wouldn't make any sense no matter how you looked at it." Mindy agreed.
"Oh? How'd you get those marks then?" Mandy asked Delilah with an almost blank expression except for her eyes which seem amused.
"It was a one night stand about two weeks ago. I don't plan on seeing them again." Delilah answered swiftly.
"Mandy, relax I already grilled her about it." Mindy said in a lightly forceful tone.
Mandy seemed to consider what the two said to be true. "Miiiindy, you said you're open to dating either gender. So ex~cuse me for being supportive. Besides, you could do worse. Sure I don't like her, but who lately has taken you on a shopping spree or out to eat?" Mandy looked at Delilah then Mindy. Mindy made a slightly disapproving expression,"Mandy, if I wanted to have guys fawn over me like you do. I'd do it, but I find it to be more trouble than it's worth. Yeah, I did say that and I still believe it. That doesn't mean I'll date whoever without vetting them first. Geez." Mindy huffed.
"So, are we good?" Delilah asked Mandy cautiously not wanting to interrupt.
"We're good." Mandy took Delilah's hand shaking it half heartedly.
"Mandy, shake it properly. I mean damn, you now know we haven't done anything." Mindy said placing her hands over Mandy's to correct her grip.
"Fine. Here. Happy?" Mandy fiercely gripped Delilah's hand and Delilah followed suit.
They glared at each other and soon an arm wrestle begun. Delilah was seated on the floor facing the TV and Mandy was seated facing the couch. They both used the glass coffee table as a base. Mindy shook her head, and sat down to watch. She ate the grapes and cheered for no one in particular.
Delilah struggled a little, but soon pinned Mandy's hand twice.
"Rematch!" Mandy demanded.
"Hmm? Now why would I do that?" Delilah asked.
"Tch, cause best three out of four." Mandy said annoyed.
"Fine. Let's go then." Delilah put her elbow on the table ready.
Delilah won again and Mandy was pissed.
"How the fuck did you win again?!" Mandy demanded.
"Hey, with my job and hobbies I'm always moving and lifting things." Delilah shrugged.
"Here." Delilah handed the money to Mandy.
Mandy was surprised,"Hey! Not that I care, but should you really give your money away like this?"
"Just take it. Consider it a gift." Delilah chuckled.
"Heh, maybe you're not all that much of a bitch." Mandy cackled.
"I try not to be." Delilah leaned against the couch with her arms, back, and head. She found it was warm and soft... 'Warm and soft?... Wait a fucking minute..' Delilah craned her neck against the material to look up. Her eyes widen and she moved forward, "Sorry Mindy. I didn't realize you were there."
Mandy who was counting the money spoke up,"Ooooh, so you *can* get embarrassed? And here I thought you were this cool obnoxious club chick. Hahaha! What do you think, Mindy?" Mandy smiled a shit-eating grin.
"God, damn it." Delilah mumbled. Delilah then laughed loudly to mask it.
Mindy chuckled,"Nah, I think Mandy's got a point. It was unexpected and kinda dorky in a good way. This is like the second time I've seen you caught off guard today." Mindy giggled and placed her hands on Delilah's shoulders. Mindy pulled Delilah back into her lap.
Delilah looked up at Mindy confused.
Mandy smirked,"I still don't care much for you Delilah, but I get the feeling I'll be seeing you more often. Remember if you upset her I'll punch you in the face, and next time she won't be around to stop me." Mandy finished with a fierce 2 second glare then laughed and walked to her room.
"Guess that means she forgives you." Mindy said as she leaned in and kissed Delilah's left cheek where Mandy had slapped her.
"Mindy, what was that for?" Delilah raised an eyebrow with a laugh.
"She slapped you with no warning and you didn't slap her back. Think of it as a thank you for not retaliating. Just so you know she knew you practiced martial arts annnnd that meant very little to her. Actually, I'm surprised she didn't recognize you cause she and I looked you up last night. Then again you were fully clothed in those pictures and she *is* bad with names. Seriously, thank you 'cause if ya wanted to you could've really messed her up." Mindy spoke softly and hugged Delilah's neck.
"You're welcome, but ya know I'm not that kind of person. Unless it's actual self defense." Delilah whispered.
Mindy released Delilah and hopped off the couch,"Don't you have to get going soon?"
Delilah checked her phone and stood up from sitting on the floor,"Yeah it's 7:47. It is about that time. Today was nice." She turned towards Mindy.
Mindy grinned,"Yeah. You really didn't have to do this, but I'm glad that you did."
"Hey, no problem." Delilah checked that everything was accounted for before she headed toward the door.
"Delilah, wait."
"Yeah?" Delilah looked back confused.
"Gimme a hug before you go." Mindy put her arms out and gestured her hands towards herself.
"Uh, why?" Delilah tilted her head curiously.
Mindy rolled her eyes,"Come on already. What? You think I'm gonna pull a prank or something?"
"No, I don't think that. Just, nevermind. Why not." Delilah hugged Mindy and the two relaxed into the embrace. Delilah's phone went off and she paid it no mind automatically snoozing it.
Mindy pulled Delilah in closer then pushed her away with a sly smile.
Delilah chuckled and hugged Mindy again. Mindy tried to pretend she didn't want another one, but she sighed happily. That was all Delilah needed to hear. Delilah hugged tighter and slowly let go.
"See ya!" Delilah opened the door and waved bye.
"Wanna hang out tomorrow after my classes?" Mindy asked as she stepped into the hallway.
Delilah smiled,"Yeah, I'd like that." Delilah was surprised she actually meant it. She chuckled to herself briefly.

Mindy held Delilah's wrist again and peered into her hazel eyes. Delilah tried to pull her arm out gently, but Mindy's grip was firm. "Mindy? Is something wrong?" Delilah asked.
Mindy closed her eyes and moved closer to Delilah. Mindy stopped halfway and waited. Delilah looked at her curiously and then moved a hand to the back of Mindy's head. She used her other hand to push back Mindy's bangs to pull her in for a forehead kiss. The kiss was firm, soft, and about 3 seconds long before Delilah slowly pulled away.
Mindy was surprised and looked at Delilah confused.
"What?" Delilah asked.
"Not that it wasn't nice, but thought you'd be excited to kiss me." Mindy said a little dejected.
"Mindy, I would be. However, today wasn't technically a date." Delilah explained.
"Ooooh.. No, you're right. I totally forgot about the blackmail." Mindy glanced to the left side embarrassed.
"If you wanna go on a real date. Let's say, Wednesday? We should go somewhere we'd both like or compromise. We could each pick our favorite locations or hobbies." Delilah stated.
"You know what that's not a bad idea." Mindy said a hand to her chin in thought.
"We can work out the details later. Say in text or in person tomorrow. Also I think it'd be best if tomorrow we just hang out. No date or obligation. Simply getting to know each other." Delilah smiled.
Mindy looked Delilah up and down,"Ya know I haven't heard anyone say that in a long time. I'd love to hang out." Mindy smiled.
"Hey, what time do you get out of school?" Delilah asked.
"Around 3pm

"Hey, what time do you get out of school?" Delilah asked.
"Around 3pm or 4pm. Why?" Mindy said eyebrow raised.
"Awesome! What? Oh, cause I have my martial arts thing in the morning and my volunteer stuff in the afternoon. So actually 3 or 4 pm works out beautifully." Delilah said triumphantly.
Mindy smiled and pulled Delilah in for one last hug.
"Maybe on Wednesday we could go to my favorite spa or something? We could get massages and a mud bath." Mindy said as she pulled away.
Delilah raised an eyebrow,"Why do you always wanna see me without clothes? I won't deny that there's a energy or tension between us, but anyone could have that. I want to know more about you and the things you like." Delilah finished with a winning smile. Mindy gulped. 'When she wanted to be Delilah was charming.'
"Okay, okay. Something we can agree on... How about we go to my favorite yoga studio?" Mindy asked thoughtfully.
"That would be fine. I like trying new things, but I should warn you I'm not really all that flexible. My body just doesn't work that way so I'll be doing beginner stretches." Delilah said demonstrating by bringing her leg as high as she could on the wall next to the door only getting to about Mindy's mid stomach. Even then Mindy could tell Delilah was pushing her self because her body shook slightly. "Hey, don't over do it. Maybe it would do you some good then. Yoga is supposed to help with flexibility after all and meditation." Mindy said placing a hand on Delilah's leg gently pushing it down.
"Then again maybe that's because I focus on speed and strength training." Delilah said as she jokingly flexed her right bicep.
Mindy laughed and smiled,"Those are some guns ya got there! I didn't know you were packing such heat."
Delilah and Mindy laughed for a few moments before they looked at each other.
Delilah smiled and turned to walk away.
"We can talk later. I really gotta go." Delilah said as she waved goodbye. "Okay, bye Delilah." Mindy called after her as Delilah disappeared from view taking the turn to the elevators.
Mindy entered her apartment and was really happy. So ecstatic she didn't notice her cousin casually sipping a hot tea at the kitchen island with a smirk. "Soooooooo, Mindy how did it go with Delilah?" Mindy spun around and told Mandy everything.
Delilah was nearly late for work. She had to stop off home to feed her cat again. Since she was already home she changed and sprayed perfume then hauled ass to the club. She made it with seconds to spare and didn't get a ticket or break the speed limit. Mr. Pierce raised an eyebrow and said nothing as Delilah clocked in.
Delilah put in her noise canceling earplugs and was ready to rock out. Delilah smiled and blasted a high energy song as she put Mindy into her contacts.

End of part 2

I know it has been a year .... since the last entry. But here it is part 3 ... XD Hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing and editing it. This is as good as I think I could get it without totally changing how I first wanted it to be. Anyway it was too long to post on the site as typing so it's now as a word document file.

Okay, well see ya for the next one. 

Yeah I kind of have an idea for the next two... I know I know how long will she keep this going. I think maximum 7 parts in total (plan so far). The least 5 parts. But like I'll know when I write the other parts ya know? If that makes sense. 

The next one will be from Mindy's point of view and will limit Delilah's input significantly. And plus maybe more Mandy scenes and a peek at Mindy's "daily life" in my kind of story/universe. Oh and maybe some of her friends etc. Okay no more spoilers. But yeah who knows when I'll post the next one I only currently have maybe a paragraph or two. So yeah. But I'll definitely be working on it and won't update until it's complete or very, very near completion.
Okay, now I'm done. Lol peace y'all

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I'll try to give this a read this week end hopefully.

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