The New TSUG Arcade (Updates and Support Thread)

This thread is for the newly rebuilt TSUG arcade on the new website.  Instead of having a subforum for the arcade, I'll use this thread to post updates on the arcade as well as support issues.  Announcements of new games added to the arcade will be placed in another thread.

First, the good news:

1.  Every single game, all 1222 have been restored!  So if you had some favorite games on the old site, don't worry, they're here.  That includes both the normal games and those special secret games for members with certain permission sets.

Some not so good news:

1.  Your scores for the games are gone.  So you'll just have to replay them to re-obtain your highs scores and arcade rankings.  Have fun!

2.  All of the current arcade games use Adobe Flash.  Supposedly, Firefox is removing the ability to play Flash files in 2020 and other browsers will probably follow suit.  I'm pretty certain work-arounds such as the use of Firefox add-ons will be introduced at that point to address this problem (Firefox is open source software after all).  Regardless of what the tech establishment feels about Flash, I like the games, I'm restoring them all, and I'm never removing them from the site.  We will find a solution to this when it comes.  Unlike the mandatory PHP upgrade that killed the old site, I'm pretty certain Flash files can't be completely removed from the internet no matter what Adobe, Mozilla and Google say.  Anyways, I'll deal with that when it happens next year.

Known bugs:

1.  The new software is different from the old software and may have a few bugs.  First, I have discovered that user avatars are currently not loading properly in the arcade.  I will investigate this, but may just end up turning them off.

[THIS HAS BEEN FIXED, UPDATE BELOW] 2.  Marvin's Space Bowling is broken and has probably been broken since I first uploaded it to the old arcade years ago.  I have heard there is a working version and will try to track that down when I have time.

3.  I don't think Totally Spies Mall Brawl works past the first level and probably hasn't since it was compiled by whoever made the arcade version.  I'll try testing it later maybe, but I'm keeping the game because this game is rare now.

4.  Whose Butt? records scores, but you have to click the button that appears to be labeled "Play Again" to do so.

5.  Petris was apparently missing the actual SWF file in the old forum (WTF?) and couldn't be reinstalled.  I'll look for another version, but it may have been like this since the game was added last time since no one recorded a high score for it.

Changes/fixes made so far to the arcade and arcade games (I'll edit this post until we launch, then I'll post updates as replies):

1.  The Other section of the arcade has been renamed a Misc.

2.  A new section entitled Rhythm has been added.  This is for Dance Dance Revolution style rhythm games.  Three games were moved from Other/Misc. to this new section.  These include Crazy Frog Remix, Dance Mat and Flash Flash Revolution.

3.  Black Knight was uploaded to the Adventure category twice in the old arcade.  I've only kept the v32 version of the game that has better cheating protections.  There were no other differences so I removed the other version.

4.  Sniper Operation was mistakenly uploaded to the Puzzle category in the old arcade.  It has been moved to the correct category, Shooting.

5.  Hou Kam's mini icon was the same size as the large icon, so I made a smaller one for it in Photoshop.

6.  Dawn of the Celebs was moved from Action to Shooting.

7.  Power Driver 2.0 has been moved form Sports to Golf.

8.  A new section entitled Fishing has been added.  Seven fishing games from Sports have been moved to it.

9.  Aim and Fire's mini icon was the same size as the large icon, so I made a smaller one for it in Photoshop.

10.  efruitslots's mini icon was the same size as the large icon, so I made a smaller one for it in Photoshop.

11.  Removed broken code from the Game Controls for Anime Golf.

12.  Moved The Brawl 4: Gangnam Style from Cooking to Fighting.

13.  Funny Tube has been moved from the Adult section to the Sexy section.

14.  I felt the dimensions for Puzzle Bobble were kind of small, so I edited it to be twice as large.

15.  The dimensions for Ms. Pacman have been fixed and made larger as well.

16.  The dimensions for Doom have been made larger.

17.  The small icon for Billard Gold Rush has been resized to the correct size.

18.  The small icon for Virus Pinball has been resized to the correct size.

19.  The dimensions for Bollywood Pinball have been made larger.

20.  The titles for Word Strip and Word Strip 2 have been slightly adjusted so they appear in order and are capitalized.

If you have any requests for new games, bugs to report or anything else you want to say about the arcade, please post it in this thread.

Bug fix update:

A working version of Marvin's Space Bowling has been found and has replaced the previous broken version:

Update: The embed for Bank Shooter has been made 1.5 times larger.

The Ruffle Flash emulator used by the arcade has been updated to the latest build.

I would also like to add that the following games currently do not work right on Ruffle:

Pepsis Max Pinball
7-Up Pinball
Hot Rod Pinball
Bank Shooter 2

Ruffle has again been updated to the latest build.

(03-06-2021, 09:51 PM)Karen Kujo Wrote: Ruffle has again been updated to the latest build.

Ditto with another upgrade.

Updated Ruffle again with the newest build. I'll probably stop announcing these updates unless a significant one happens. I don't think they've made it to a 1.0 yet.

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