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Time for the third commentary for Season 6! As before, I'm using the English version currently on YouTube. Please add any comments regarding this episode or my commentary in a reply to this thread! These threads are also supposed to act as the general discussion threads for these episodes.

Running Commentary for Episode 133 - Vide-o-no! - June, 7 2014

Opening shot is at a video game lab! There's a huge X-Box knock-off controller on the side of the building.

Never trust a shiny disc in Totally Spies! Didn't this game tester see Stark Raving Mad? LOL.

And he got attacked by a virtual snowman that came out of his gaming monitor. WTF?

I like the title screen for this season because it has a little bit of Sam, Clover, Alex yuri in it. Yuri

The designs for Mali-U are pretty great. One awesome thing about this show is it has always had those great city and architecture designs in it!

Alex and Clover are checking out guys, and Sam is mad at them for missing their study date!

Sam's ears look a little big in this scene for some reason. Don't know if this is off model or the character designs changed since the last episode.

Even though they're checking out boys, I like how Clover assertively puts her hands on Sam to direct her attention. Xd

Sam and Clover's calf high boots with all the leg they're showing is pretty hot by the way.

"Jocky" and "judgey" used as adjectives along with Sammy within in a few seconds of each other. What do they call this? Alliteration? XD

Okay, this is an episode where they hunt down guys. I don't know. I just want my Samandy, but I guess I will put up with this for now. LOL.

Speaking of Mandy, her she comes with two guys in her arms! LOL.

Mandy offers to lend "Sammy" (yes, she called her that) one of her hand me downs (as in male hand me-downs she is currently with)! I don't know why, but I'm still detecting major subtext here.

Hilariously, Clover refers to her "hand-me-downs" as her "second-hand-boys" (reminds me of sloppy seconds LOL).

Glad Mandy's theme music is back!

Wow, Clover sure burned Mandy's boy toys. LOL.

You know what is crazy about this? It reinforces the fact that TS still has that un-sanitized element to it since this suggests Mandy is having threesomes. XD I don't think that would have made it into Kim Possible! This is why I love this show.

Clover thought the dean of the school was a hottie! Reinforces my last point. xDDD

LOL at them being WOOHPed into the vending machine. I also like the idea of the dean trying to track them down for "roaming around the school at night."

Wow there's a fucking apple in the vending machine. Definitely California!

Character designs definitely look different in this episode I think. I don't think I'm imagining this. Even Jerry looks different.

Wow some pretty bad coin related puns from Sam!

So Jerry gives them a penny tracker to place on the dean to alert them when he comes near. I don't know about you, but this feels sort of OOC including the gadget.

Okay, so they're getting more girly gadgets in addition to those things. Maybe it isn't so OOC.

"The Heat Seeking Hair Dryer" could have had a different name to reference past hair dryer gadgets. Lost opportunity there.

Nice little short bit with them using the colored parachutes. It was like a second though.

Okay, something is off about this episode. Evidence? Sam actually says - "Because we're not normal people, we're Totally Spies!" That's just the title of the show! It has never been the official title of their team!

I don't know why a video game lab has a ceiling that appears to be made of foot thick titanium steel! The concrete (at least that's what Jerry talked about) burning nail polish gadget is kind of cool though.

The video game sound effects sound like they're from the freaking Galaga, Q-Bert era. Weird. XD

There's a poster one the wall that looks like it's of Superman's head (or the head of some other 30's era hero). This keeps getting stranger.

Wow, hot butch chick with anime hair!

Love her character design, but this is probably the only speaking part she has in the episode.

Oh, and here's another one for you. Hot butch girl talks about video game stuff, and that confuses Alex. But shouldn't she know this stuff since the Martin Mystery crossover episode suggested she was a major video game nerd? So there's a minor continuity error for you.

And Sam falls in love with the "geek chic super cutie" master game designer after seeing his picture. I guess it's going to be one of those episodes?

Alex - "Too bad he's unavailable, really unavailable!" (as in missing)

So it's looking like video game characters broke out of his screens and attacked him. Although, it's weird it takes a while for them to notice all the smashed monitors in his room.

And Sam need's to stop cuddling that fucking picture frame. x_X

And some goober was able to sneak up on them and steal the evil DVD/Blu-ray whatever disc. They're really slacking it seems. So much for being super spies! LOL.

They slipped on some melting snow, obviously form the snowman. Although, the first thought I had was that it was something else more biological in origin. LOL.

Clover - "Who evs he was, we better send what evs this is to Jerr for analysis." A bit corny even for TS. LOL.

And they didn't spot the ginger goober hiding right behind them almost in plain sight before they took off. Spy fail!

Here's comes the Dean Machine. LOL at them landing in a dumpster.

Alex - "Time for another dumpster dive!" Okay, this is kind of gross. LOL.

They still haven't put the tracking penny on him yet. This is a little weird for a b-plot.

They're in different outfits versus the beginning of the episode. This is one of the things that only TS does.

Alex - "Hey, he's totally spying on us!" Twice in one episode. Jeez!

It is weird how he is using surveillance cameras to track them. In line with Jerry's "stalkery" behavior.

And they slip and almost get caught by the dean. They're screwing up a lot in this episode! LOL.

And Clover is the one who ends up on her knees under a desk. At least that's in character! XD

Sam - "Finally, we can conduct our spy business without the dean sticking his nose where it doesn't belong!" Where is that exactly?

Great point for a little bit of Mandy!

Mandy - "And the paparazzi just can't avoid me!" You're right baby, it's because you're gorgeous!

Is this another new background music theme for Mandy I'm hearing?

Mandy running away and pretending to be chased by paparazzi was pretty sexy actually! XD Her ass looks really nice in those lavender pants. Hubba

Okay, the dean came near, and the tracking device failed, and then they're WOOHPed into a fucking invisible WOOHP chopper. WTF?

Okay, they're going to Tokyo to protect a cute looking female game developer. Maybe this episode will get better now?

"Hmm... Tata!" Kinda generic dialogue from Jerry.

Nice Japanese background music there. The Tokyo cityscape was also pretty cool looking

Yup, they're being attacked by a fucking snowman! Video games, snowmen, goes together right?

A lot of white people with red hair running out of a Japanese video game event. LOL.

We know it's a video game snowman because it makes laser sound effects when it throws snowballs at people.

Clover - "That's the frostiest looking snowman ever!" ?

Okay, and the cute video game designer girl was blasted by the snowman into the video game world I'm assuming. I'm going to guess she didn't actually die.

And the heat shooting hair dryers fail on the digital snowman. I don't remember gadgets failing in too many other episodes like that.

Sam - "It's not working, because that snowman's not real! He's pixilated!" He just looks like a normal snowman in the way he's drawn here.

The goober is using a really simplistic Wii type controller to control the snowman. All I saw was a d-pad and one button. ?

Couldn't they have chosen something more menacing than a snowman? It looks like the one form that fucking Michael Keaton movie.

And Clover gets the tracking penny in the pocket of the goober. Couldn't you have just taken him down instead? He's just an obese nerd!

Random Godzilla knock-off in the background.

Clover - "This place so needs better screensavers!" Another quote that makes no sense. LOL. Plus, are screen savers really that relevant anymore?

Alex - "Way to un-pick his pocket!" Again WTF?

Wow, Clover's head suddenly got big there in the chopper, and she wasn't going super-deformed or anything. Seems like an error.

The explanation about the snow being made to look and feel real but not melt at any temperature was a bit wonky. LOL.

Oh, Sam reminds us she's in love with "Seth" again, who she hasn't even met in person yet. Gag me with a spoon!

Looks like Seth has part of his head shaved like some 1992 hip hop hair style. Do people really do this today?

Really, this is a Clover b-plot, not a Sam one.

I think the location subtitle says "Dilicon Valley Suburbs," but it's hard to read due to the resolution. It could be an S, but it looks like something else.

Is this guy living in his garage? Why is there a couch and clothes, etc. in there? I understand it's supposed to be messy, but it makes little sense. Unless they messed up the transition from garage to house.

Yes, an extremely used sock is the best place to hide a digital disc that makes video game snowmen come to life.

Clover - "We don't have time for some lame game, we need to find some lame gamers!"

Sam stretched into scary super-deformed mode - "Seth isn't lame!" I disagree. LOL.

Oh, another minor continuity goof. Seth was the name of Alex's love interest in Creepy Crawly Much. Do we really need to use the same name twice for different characters like that? Both of them love interests?

The kidnapped people are stuck inside the CD disc thing. Yes, saw this coming. It's both cliche and extremely impossible. Not that that's anything new or necessarily bad for TS. It's part of the shows MO really.

Sam - "This is no game, but it's going to be game over for them if we don't help!" Another groaner from Sam.

Clover - "Good pep talk, Sam! But we need to get in the game by getting in the game!" More weird dialogue.

No one would be surprised it was the fat, red-headed goober that lived there.

His name is Skip Joystick. WTF? LOL.

Alex rips on him for living in his mom's garage. I guess that wasn't an error earlier. He literally lives in a garage. I guess you can do that in southern California and not die? LOL.

He's mad that the video game developers rejected his gaming ideas. This is kind of weak for a revenge plot.

Clover - "For a guy who looks like he should be used to rejection, you don't handle it well!" Wow, I think that's the harshest put-down I've ever heard from Clover before. LOL.

Skip Joystick's video game ideas include "Sonic Ultra Button Bash," "Turbo Empty Can Recycling Race," and "Raging Snowman's X-Mas Revenge." I guess that explains the terrible snowman video game villain idea.

"Skip Joystick answers to no authority!" Your name seems to be a reference to masturbation or some other penis related activity. LOL. "... except my mom." We already had a villain that was afraid of his mom in Matchmaker. We're kind of repeating ourselves here.

And they were sucked into the screen by the snowman. Reminds me of some 80's horror movies. LOL. I also don't know how the snowman grabbed all three of them with only two hands! Sam, who is in the middle, shouldn't have been pulled back and captured.

Skip - "Enjoy the game, laides!" Uhg. LOL.

Sam falls into the arms of Seth, the douchebag.

Seth isn't strong enough to hold Sam up. She does look hot like that in his arms, but yeah, fuck that guy! LOL.

The dark skinned, purple haired game developer girl is super cute!

She explains that the world is "pixelating around us." Another wonky idea that makes little to no sense, but it appears to be dangerous I guess.

Wow Sam is laughing like a school girl when Seth is blabbing on about binary code and all that shit. Jesus Christ.

Now Skip has a buff body and is on a floating cloud like Lakitu from Super Mario Bros.

They only have 30 seconds. Pretty short time frame!

Wow, two of the male game developers are hiding behind Clover and Alex, one holding a leg and one with a hand on a thigh, with their heads right near their asses. XD Slightly suggestive shot. Not super over the top though.

The pixels here are pretty fucking huge blocks, which makes no sense when the rest of the visuals surrounding them, trees, snow, etc. are obviously in a much higher resolution

Alex and Clover are still getting felt up. LOL.

Of course, Seth is the only brave male game developer here! Makes perfect sense! Ugh!

I kind of like the Marathon video game music.

Now they're riding around in a sled in what looks like a two dimensional NES/Genesis style platformer or something. It's cool, but isn't this a bit outdated? Unless we're talking about handheld games I guess.

Seth - "You guys speak hexi language, right?" STFU! And Sam fibs and says she understands what he means when he repeats a long string of numbers like a robot.

Joystick is basically shooting sharp icicles at them from his floating cloud. This is definitely an E-Rated game.

Now the snow she's in looks pixilated like it's 8 bit or something. That wasn't conveyed very well in the earlier parts.

Sam - "And that frozen water slide might be our ticket to reach it!" Yes, this episode is officially crack-tastic!

And couldn't they have just brought back the last video game developer villain, who was much cooler and actually sexy? Jesus Christ.

Seth - "Oh is Jerry your boyfriend?" Sam, Clover, and Alex go chibi and start spinning around, laughing. I'm reading subtext into this one! LOL.

Skip - " What are you laughing about? You have four seconds before you're permanently deleted!" Yeah, called that 30 second thing being bullshit. Fucking minutes have flown by. This script isn't working out very well.

And Skip is being distracted by his mom calling him to take out the trash.

I don't know why there's a portal to allow them to escape if they reach it in time, but I guess it wouldn't be a TS trap without an easy way out.

More cool midi-esque video game music.

If it was a toboggan chute, why did Sam earlier refer to it as a frozen water slide?

If I was riding that thing with them, I wouldn't mind being behind the purple haired, pigtail girl. Hubba

Again, he's controlling all of this shit with a one button game pad! Although, he was using a keyboard earlier. So maybe there's a contradiction there?

Of course they make it out just in time.

Now he's whining about being grounded for them ruining his mom's monitor and garage. The garage was already a dump!

Great, now the snowman, the button and the empty spray can are going to attack them. Yes, these are great villain ideas. I mean even if his ideas were supposed to be stupid, couldn't they have come up with better stupid ideas for baddies?

Pretty late commercial break there. I think there's only three minutes of show left, including the credits.

Okay, the spray can isn't empty I guess, even though the name of the recycling game says it should be. Looks like it sprayed Clover with cheese, but I don't think that's what it's supposed to be.

Wow, Clover knocks it down and then straddles it. No, Clover, it isn't a giant vibrator! lol

More weirdness. Clover uses the concrete burning nail polish to cut the bottom of the can out so Sam can crawl inside and Clover can kick it at Skip. Makes no sense. Nothing even came out of the can either which had just sprayed Clover with that orange-ish substance.

Skip - "Hands off!" Sam - "Why? Because I'm a girl and you're worried I have cooties!" Okaaaaay. "Because I so don't!" *winks at audience* Well, that part was cute I guess. Even if you did have cooties, you can give them to me, Sam! XD

And Skip is trapped inside the giant video game spray can. Yes, it's that kind of episode.

Sam - "I'm sorry, Skip, but your game has a bug in it, and you know what you do with a bug? You squash it!"

Why is Seth wiggling his hands like he's going to grab Sam's boobs when she accepts his offer for a date?

Seth changes his voice to sound more manly as well. He's such a jack off!

Oh, and now they have to do more on the dean b-plot. Almost freaking forgot about that. Not the best b-plot btw, but I guess it's somewhat integrated into them being spies somehow? They have to protect their identities?

Sam - "We'll sneak in through the back entrance!" I can do that for you Sam! Whistle

And he's there when they open the door, when they just saw him outside. What is he, fucking Freddy Krueger now?

Okay there's two of them. Twins or dopplegangers? Maybe one of them is Jerry in disguise?

Okay, so the deans of the school are identical twins. WTF?

Clover - "Great, now we're going to have to try twice as hard to avoid their prying eyes!" I'm sure you already have that problem with Jerry, Clover, or any guy with a libido. LOL.

Alex is looking for more deans, because they could be triplets, or quadruplets, or quintuplets.

Laughter and fade to a shrinking TS logo.


This was a wonky, weak episode. Lame villain, lame ideas for dangerous situations and lame love interest character. Plus this episode was weirdly out of character and redundant with past episodes. If they were going to do another evil video game developer episode, why not just have Lady Dragon come back instead of some fat ginger nerd?

I thought the two previous Season 6 episodes were great, but I'm going to have to give this one the thumbs down. Only part I found mildly interesting was Mandy offering to give Sam one of her boy toys. LOL. Also more weird minor characters were introduced, identical twin deans of Mali-U. WTF? I guess the upside is there was no Trent in this episode. Let's keep it that way for the rest of the season!

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