Ep. 134 - Super Mega Dance Party Yo! (Thread Commentary: June, 14 2014)

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Time for a new commentary. This time it will be for the fourth episode of Season 6, Super Mega Dance Party Yo! Please post any comments regarding this episode or my commentary to this thread! This thread will act as the general discussion thread for this episode.

Running Commentary for Episode 134 - Super Mega Dance Party Yo! - June, 14 2014

Some interesting posters on the wall there in London. I wish could make out what they were.

The hip hop-ish white guy just did a moon walk plus another Michael Jackson dance move!

Weird seeing a smart phone in Totally Spies!

That guy sure has a not very British accent! I mean even the hip hop heads in the UK still sound British.

He has a stalker, plus he's snared by another creepy bondage device!

According to Clover, Super Mega Dance Party Yo! is a TV show. Seems kind of quaint to me. Kind of like Soul Train. Do they have shows like this anymore?

Alex is in her familiar chibi panda pajamas!

Sam mentions DVR. Another reminder from Marathon that this show is current now! lol

It pans back so you can see that creepy, psychedelic Janis Joplin painting again.

Clover even looks cute in very comfortable, loose-fitting, body covering clothes!

She can also scarf down a slice of toast in one gulp!

Okay, so it's obviously some kind of competition reality show, not just a Soul Train type show.

The girls are in love with the douchey host. lol

When Clover has hearts in her eyes on the couch here, her hands are firmly planted between her legs. Just saying. Whistle

Wow, hot shot of Sam leaning back in the couch and kicking her legs up and down pleasurably. Hubba Love those Sam thighs. Hubba

"Brick will be right back after this commercial break!" He sucks already. I'm putting money on him being the villain for this episode.

More super cutsey chibis.

*knocking* Clover - "Who could that be?" Maybe Mandy in a dominatrix outfit with a whip? Whistle

Wow, it's Bethhanny, a clueless but hot cow girl. WTF? LOL.

Wow, she's they're new roomie. WTF?

Clover - "Our closets are... I mean our penthouse is crammed to capacity!" Yes, so many girls in the closet in the same house. Yuri

Bethhanny (I don't know if this is spelled right, her instructions on how to spell her name confused me), immediately grabs Alex and Clover's hands and starts dancing with them.

I wonder if she knows Mindy. LOL.

BFFFs stands for "best four friends forever" according to Bethhanny.

Alex - "We have to uh... use the facilities." Oh good, they do that together too? Please let us watch. Angel

Bethhanny - "You're all going together?" Clover - "You know how girls are!" We like to pee together for a fun bonding experience! XD

On the plus side, Bethhanny has nice legs and super cute blonde pigtails!

She just did that weird "hmm" thing that Chelle made a thread about!

Alex turns on the tub faucet. Now all you three have to do is strip off your clothes and get in together! Whistle

Clover - "Cha! We're international spies who require privacy!" Maybe you want privacy for other reasons as well. Yuri

They get WOOHPed into the tub. Hopefully, this means some wet tops! XD

They're immediately dried by some giant WOOHP fan. Booooooo!

That has to have been one of the creepiest entrances for Jerry in the entire series. Could explain what happens, but check it out yourself! LOL.

Alex sure likes putting her hands between her legs when she's on Jerry's couch! Whistle

Jerry - "Now back to biz as the kids say!"

The people that were kidnapped and displayed on the screen included "an award winning Irish jigger."

Okay, the guy from the beginning of the episode was an "urban dancer." LOL.

Clover laughs at Jerry for calling him a "hip hopper" instead of a "hip hop dancer." Actually, the correct term would be "b-boy" but the whole hip hop dance thing has been so deluded now I'm sure that's a term that's actually used by some people.

Alex - "Gadget us up and we'll be on our way!" Can I gadget you up Alex? Whistle

They need to slow down the Sailor Moon transformation sequence a bit.

Weird bit here with them getting their gadgets. There's no GLADIS, but they're being given their gadgets by GLADIS like robot arms.

Nice shot of them being pushed onto the couch by the robot arms. Clover and Alex are both in doggy style positions. Whistle

I liked them being sucked up into the air by the WOOHP tunnel. Nice touch.

Alex - "I just hope Bethhanny isn't getting into any mischief in our penthouse!" Maybe she's discovered Clover's dildo collection. XD

Maybe I heard the name wrong earlier (Edit Note: I originally thought his name was Rick, but corrected that in parts of the commentary). Clover refers to the dance show host as Brick Wavebreak. Obviously a parody of Ryan Seacrest's name.

Alex just did an elongated, "Mmmm," for no reason.

Clover's jet pack backpack started malfunctioning for no reason. That's a first.

The "inflating mode" of this jet pack backpack seems awful familiar to another bloated uniform gadget they used to cushion their falls in an earlier season.

I don't know how they lower her to the ground in that goalie net, considering they don't usually have bottoms.

Sam - "Well, I guess there's only one way inside, the spy way!" Classic corny Sam one-liner.

The cherry lip balm gadget was actually pretty cool. It's similar to that paste you see criminals use to blow up vaults in movies.

Was that a trap or was Clover just being really clumsy and set off a series of dangerous accidents with the piano, speaker and wall tiles? I'm confused. Possible nice shot of Clover's ass while she's stuck in the piano, but I'd need better resolution to see it properly.

Okay, it was "rigged" I guess.

And Jerry makes another appearance via a Star Wars style hologram.

So does Jerry actually care if they make it to classes on time or is he just being nice?

And he makes a weird joke about "shake a leg" being an old English term and starts doing a weird jig. ?

Okay, they're back at Mali-U. I'm going to guess Bethhanny makes another appearance here.

Clover - "Totes! I need an energy smoothie stat!"

Yay, Mandy! Mandy 4

Trent is carrying Mandy around on his back while she's holding an umbrella. Yeah, I'm going to make sure to write Trent out of my new fanfic. XD

He doesn't seem to be enjoying it. Bastard!

So now Mega Dance Party Yo! is holding auditions on the Mali-U campus. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out this is part of the main villain plotline.

Great variation of a classic TS background theme there.

Brick, I don't like you either! Good news the spies will have their hearts broken when he turns out as the villain. At least, I hope that's what happens.

What is Sam doing with her dress there? O_O

Brick also speaks in third person all the time. He's even worse than Todd from Ski Trip!

Wow, Sam's audition dance was horrible! XDDDD I guess she's a bad dancer!

Wow, Clover starts doing a salsa dance or something with some random guy and gets turned on in the process and starts hitting on him. Brick - "Date on your own time! NEXT!" XD

Oh god, Mandy in a ballerina costume! I'm in love! Hubba

I thought her juggling routine was cute! She should have made it. LOL.

Alex starts slipping on all those balls that Mandy dropped on the floor and begins flying all over the place. She's obviously going to win the audition!

And of course, she does win!

Brick - "Thanks to the magic of television, today is next week!" Yup, that's how it works.

When they're celebrating, it almost looks like Clover is touching Alex's boob as she's jumping up and down. Whistle

LOL at Bethhanny adding a cowgirl interior design to their penthouse!

Alex - "Uh, is that our cow udder chandelier?"

Bethhanny - "Yee-haw!" She's straddling, I mean riding, a mechanical bull painted like a spotted black and white cow she put into their penthouse. XD

Clover - "I think our dorm went from super hot to super not!"

Sam - "I think I speak for all of us when I say udderly hideous!"

Bethhanny while straddling the bull - "I wanted the place to have a more homey feel!"

I love the cigar store Indian she put into Sam's room. XD

Wow, when Sam gets upset about Bethhanny moving into her room, there's a shot of her holding the end of the skirt on her dress super high, like up above her boobs. You can see a bit of skin where her thigh area should be!

Bethhanny - "Now we look like besties, bestie!" *hugs Clover on the ground as she's upset that her wardrobe has been exchanged with cowgirl outfits*

The above hug is super cute and pretty yuri. Going to need to take a screenshot of that when I get a better quality video source. Yuri

Alex - "Hey someone drank all our milk!" Bethhanny while rubbing Alex's head - "No silly, I'm using it for our first BFFF bonding activity!" Sounds kinky!

Turned out to be butter churning!

Alex - "Fresh butter on freshly picked corn! Yummers!" I agree!

I also like how Bethhanny's midriff is exposed. You can see her belly button. Hubba

Oh wow, more yuri when Bethhanny grabs both of Clover and Sam's heads and pushes them towards her face. Three way kiss perchance? Whistle

Alex says there's something they all need to get in Clover's room to Bethhanny as cover so they can talk to Jerry on the compowder.

Bethhanny - "You're all going together, again?!" Then she rises her eyebrow super high to suggest something extra going on. God, there's no way this isn't suggestive. XDDD Awesome! And Bethhanny seems to be excited about the idea! Clover - "Hehehehe! You know how girls are!"

While they're talking to Jerry about the evidence analysis, Clover is in a pretty sexy straddling position on her chair. Yes, I notice everything!

The villain only has one leg. "Way freaky" as Alex would put it.

Bethhanny puts her head through the door - "Sam, Clover, Alex?" Clover - "Not as freaky as that!" I'm sure Bethhanny assumes you're doing some pretty freaky stuff together!

I guess the compowder also has an alarm clock feature, because it acts like one to alert them that the dance off is starting in 10 minutes.

Wow, Sam wants to use the freezing gadget on Betthanny. Pretty harsh!

I love how Betthanny just forces herself in the door even though Clover is trying to hold it back. She just wants to see them having a three-way so bad! XD

And now Bethhanny is a frozen icicle. I hope that doesn't kill her! LOL.

I like the covered wagon style bed that Clover now has in her room. XD

Okay, this is bizarre! Who we know is probably Brick is in some kind of control room using a computer with a really gay sounding voice to review the right legs off all the captured prisoners. XD Love it!

It almost looks like it's MOM behind them turned around in the dance studio. Or maybe that's just a weird Elvis-like jumpsuit. Hard to tell with the smaller picture size here.

Clover uses her compowder to transform Alex into a pretty cool and sexy looking dance costume that seems more reminiscent of a circus outfit. XD Love the boots, legging and bit of KISS-esque makeup.

Clover to Alex - "Break a leg!" Brick in evil voice - "Better hope not." Yes, we know you are the villain already.

And Alex is kidnapped by a mechanical bondage trap door before she gets a chance to perform.

The dance moves of the guy going in Alex's place are fucking hilarious. XD Great TS style satire.

Slightly gratuitous low angle foot shot of Sam there when they go to search for Alex backstage.

Wow, the secret room was sure hid pretty well if there was that big of a gap for anyone to find.

Wow, the hairdryer gadget shrinks them down to Incredible Shrinking World size! I must have missed that part in Jerry's explanation earlier.

They have slight helium voices in this smaller size.

Maybe they should save this gadget for later for freaky sex games. XD

And Alex is in a classic bondage get-up complete with a handkerchief over her mouth!

Clover - "Don't worry, Alex, we're coming!" That's also what you said last night. Whistle

Wow, I thought they would like being touched by Brick due to how much they were drooling over him earlier.

Why isn't he weirded out by the fact he is holding two girls that are doll size without any explanation of how they got that way? LOL.

Wow, tiny Clover and Alex are bondaged in a pair of dancing shoes. It's almost cute!

LOL at Clover being overwhelmed by his "funky foot odor." XD

Hahahahaha. He was born with two left feet! Oh my god, this is too good! XD I totally didn't catch this one even though it was spelled out for you earlier by Jerry talking about there only being left foot prints.

And he wants to steal Alex's very feminine foot to replace his second left foot to fulfill his super mega dancing dream. Xd Poor Alex!

The queer computer tells him that Alex's foot is a match. XD

The robot arms doing the foot swap surgery are eerily similar to the robotic arms that gave them gadgets earlier in the episode.

Wow, he now has Alex's left leg including the boot she was wearing for her costume and everything. Reminds me of the body part swapping bit from Model Citizens from Season 1.

Alex - "That is so wrong!" in reference to her now very manly second left leg.

Reversing trends for earlier seasons, a lot of the gadgets are super girly again. The "quick dissolve nail polish remover" that burns through stuff like acid is a good example.

Alex - "Next, follow my foot!" Alex can't walk now either. LOL.

Alex - "Brick's freaky man foot may take some getting used to!"

It's kind of weird he's going to dance in his own reality show, but I guess this was his plan all along. I'm sure being born into a family of dancers as a two left footed man was pretty traumatizing for him. XD

His dance is super hilarious. XD LOL at the music playing for him too.

Clover - "Wow, Alex, your right foot is totally amazing!" Alex - "Thanks!" They both start giggling.

Sam - "Girls, foucs! We have a twinkle toes to tap out!"

Wow, Sam goes to get Brick, and he like blocks her by making her dance with him. Xd

Sam - "Nice try, jitterbug!"

Wow, they just start dancing with each other aggressively.

I guess this episode is trying to piggy back off of the Dancing with the Stars type pop-culture phenomenon, if it wasn't obvious to you already.

They were dancing with each other pretty good until Brick went into Tasmanian Devil mode and threw her out of the room!

Clover - "No one dips and drops my bestie!" Interesting choice of words here.

Alex - "How do I control this crazy foot?!" Hilarious stuff here. Everyone in the audience starts laughing at her too.

Brick winks at Alex and tries to start doing a romantic salsa with her. Alex blushes, and she's under his complete control due to the fact she has two left feet. Is his attraction due to the fact she has his other leg? LOL.

Either way, she's gets whipped out of the stadium like Sam did!

Clover - "Give it up, Brick!" Brick - "I shall never give up the dance!"

This method of dance "fighting" is very entertaining. Great idea!

I liked seeing some of the sexier couple's dance moves with Clover, Alex and Sam. Very nice! XD

Nice low angle shot of Clover's legs as she's dancing here. XD

Clover gets tossed out too, but she uses some wiring in the rafters like a bungee cord to snap back.

Now she's trying to lasso him! XD I guess this is more like play by play at this point than a commentary. LOL.

He stops the lasso with the tip of Alex's feminine high-heeled boot.

Oops, Clover gets spun out of the arena anyways. Nice try though!

The crowd cheers as we go to the last commercial break.

Alex is giving it another try but is still having problems. Alex - "Brick's freaky left foot only moves left!"

Wow, those dance moves before she got tossed out of there and over the judges were awesome! XD

I like the girl with the pinkish anime style hair in the front row there.

Brick - "Time to award myself the trophy!" Clover - "Not so fast, mambo king!" Sam - "This time we lead!"

And now both Clover and Sam have wires to try to lasso him with.

I like that split screen of Sam and Clover's expressions. Out of context, it looks mildly suggestive. Xd

Wow, they tied their own legs to his legs, one of which was Alex's btw.

Now they are doing really crappy dance moves, I guess to throw off his score!

I like the Russian squat kicks. XD

Okay, the crowd liked their three way dance moves, so maybe I'm off here.

Alex swings in with another cord and freezes him with that hair spray can gadget. I guess that's it! The crowd is still cheering.

They are awarded a trophy for world's best dance troupe. And it looks like Brick is going to stay an icicle. What about Bethhanny though?

Alex - "Uh, Jerr, aren't you forgetting something AKA my freaky man foot?!"

Jerry - "Alex, we'll use the machine to set your foot right." He then laughs about it.

Jerry admits to hacking into the Mali-U housing computer to assign Bethhanny to another room. Yup, WOOHP doesn't have to follow the law at all!

I'm guessing she's roomies with Mandy now!

I think Bethhanny's screwy name is probably a reference to that annoying reality TV show star, Bethenny Frankel.

Shot of Mandy walking to her dorm room. Looks like her dorm area from Season 5!

Those purple thigh high stockings she's wearing are super sexy btw! Hubba

Okay, WTF is Trent doing in her dorm room? Bethhanny dressed him up like a cowbow, and he's laughing pleasurably about it! Just get the fuck out of there, Trent, no one likes you!

She's shooting water pistols now!

You know Mindy was her previous roommate, and she was also from Texas. Is this some kind of continuity error? Where is poor Mindy? Poor, poor Mindy!

Mandy is super pissed. Love the image of the volcanoes exploding behind her!

And she takes her anger out on Trent, telling him to fix this as she chases him. I guess she means fix the redecoration of her tiny dorm room and the cow girl being in there.

You know I feel sorry for her. Her room is so tiny, and the spies get a fucking huge penthouse. Maybe she can just move in with them.

And did Jerry move Bethhanny to Mandy's room on purpose? I think it was suggested he was the one that did it!


I thought this episode was very good! I was a little worried after the pretty cliche, out of character previous episode, but this episode was just as good if not better than the first two!

I like how the villain's motivation had that bizarre TS satire feel to it that that most of the good villains have. The fight dancing segments were great, plus we got a new kooky b-character that was pretty fun! Also, some more innuendo! So I give this one a big thumbs up! Only downside is Trent hasn't died yet

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