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Okay, I'm going to finally do a new commentary! This time it will be for the fifth episode of Season 6, Pageant Problems. Please post any comments regarding this episode or my commentary to this thread! This thread will act as the general discussion thread for this episode.

Running Commentary for Episode 135 - Pageant Problems - July, 3 2014

Interesting intro clip with Jerry performing experiments. Usually it's just some bystander being attacked by something related to the main villain.

I really like the new music here too. Really wish they could release the OST for the entire show on CD. It is that good.

The compound seems like pretty powerful stuff. It can change damaged cells back to its original state.

Also like the backgrounds and designs for the WOOHP lab.

Wow nice job, Jerry, dropping your ID like that! Kind of an out of character, in character klutz move from him. This is something Alex would probably do.

That's a pretty suggestive pose for that male professor on his desk. LOL.

LOL at the journalism assignment being "uncovering some kind of unjustice in the world" for the school paper. Slight parody of the liberal press there since that's not very objective.

I like the vibrate function of these new compowders. Wow, talk about fanservice!

Speaking of fanservice, there's Sam crawling on all fours out of the room. LOL. Using the hologram pen gadget to fool everyone is interesting. I think something similar was used in an earlier episode, but maybe it's just been used in a lot of movies and stuff.

More random chibis when the girls bump into each other. They definitely went all in with those this season.

Sam loves getting homework!

Clover's class was "Advanced Shoe Theory." LOL!

Alex's class was Animal Grooming.

Alex - "I sure hope my hologram is studying!" Could this turn into a season-long plot device to explain how they can leave class for missions?

Liked the short, but snappy WOOHPing sequence.

Loving the fight scene with the WOOHP security robots and laser guardians!

Wow, Clover bending back in the limbo position was pretty awesome.

Nice animation and story boarding here. I'm impressed!

Bionic Woman sound effects with Sam's moves to get out of the way of the lasers.

The danger of getting sliced by lasers is a bit un-PC and very spy-ish (thanks to James Bond's crotch being put in danger), so I definitely approve of this segment.

Sexy shot of Clover after the lasers are turned off. I guess it's the weird upwards angle on her limbo position.

LOL at Alex hiding in the trash can after they hear the knocking.

LOL at Jerry being locked out because he dropped his ID card.

Alex - "And I thought I was the forgetful one!" Alex backing up the observation I made earlier.

The age reversing serum was stolen of course. I wonder who is going to use it? Could it be an older villain from a previous season like Helga Von Guggen? Helga Von Guggen

Wow, Clover going chibi here was even weirder than earlier. She's even talking in a cutsey voice.

I'm pretty sure though there was a tiara gadget in an earlier episode!

Okay, the tiara wasn't a gadget. It was left by the villain. And there was a red hair attached. Could still be a villain from Season 1 or 2 I think.

I guess I'll find out soon since they're doing a DNA scan on it.

Apparently, it belongs to someone named "Bertha Bombhsell," a 55 year old woman from Liverpool, England. Sounds like a cougar! LOL.

Oh god, it's probably someone Jerry knew in his youth. And new info, Jerry grew up in Liverpool!

Alex - "You had a youth?!" LOL.

Even if Clover is ripping on Jerry's age, she sure is slinking against him pretty suggestively. Definitely wouldn't mind being in that position! I think Jerry gets in on some of that. XD

Sam - "We'll go to England to check out this Bertha chick right away!"

It was funny how they stopped in mid-motion like that just from Jerry clearing his throat.

The "sugar free hot and spicy gum" gadget looks more like some kind of anal bead dildo. I'm just telling you what I'm seeing here. Angel

Clover - "In case we get to meet the queen, I don't want to be under-dressed." I'd like to meet you under-dressed. Angel

Nice background art of London there. And they sure got WOOHPed there fast. They got ejected from a submarine, but it was cut in a way to make you think it happened right after they left WOOHP HQ in the US.

They're using their jetpack backpacks like they would usually use a jet for transportation. They're flying pretty high up there!

Sam - "Join hands!" Alex - "Great idea, Sammy!" I'm sure you three have had plenty of experience doing that all the time. LOL.

Alex - "Look, an air-duct!" I'm pretty sure that's a chimney. LOL.

Sam - "No worries! The hot and spicy gum should get us nice and sweaty so we can slide on through!" O_O Well, the fanservice record for this episode has been officially broken.

Jesus, them being stuck in the chimney is even more suggestive. Sam's ass is on top of Clvoer's head, and she's sweating all over her! O_O

Then they all get so sweaty, they slide right down. Hubba Wow! XD

They're fucking drenched in sweat! There's no way this wasn't made fetishistic on purpose. Just no way! XD *high fives the production team* This was near the level of the Green with N.V. sweat sequence if not more erotic.

Clover - "Nice and sweaty should never be used in the same sentence!"

The fairy Clover chibi when she sees the dresses was kind of cute.

Sam tells us that Bertha won the "Miss Teen Crumpet England Title." The English love their crumpets! LOL. The other award was "Miss Tower of London." XD

And she took second place in the "Miss Fish and Chips Contest." XD I love the on the nose parody in this show.

Nice shot of Sam's butt there.

Wow, Jerry's WOOHP ID was between her couch cushions. Is everyone being an airhead today? XD

Sam - "But how did she know it even existed?" Good question!

I like that the comic book balloon thing that indicated the compowder ringtone was going off was pointed directly at Sam's butt. Remember my comment earlier about the vibrate function of the new compowders being fanservicey? XD

I like the Darth Vader hologram thing of Jerry coming out of the compowder. I know this was used in earlier episodes, but it's still cool.

Wow, bad news for Bertha since the apple he used the serum on at the beginning of the episode just exploded. LOL.

Jerry - "Oh dear, that's extremely problematic!" Let's hope no more Tumblrisms creep into this show. LOL.

Okay, they're going to a teen pageant in Monte Carlo. Too bad there probably won't be car races in this episode. I'm reminded of some really fun Lupin III episodes.

Jerry - "Bertha is someone I used to date!" Now he remembers! Good grief. XD

Alex has made that dots for eyes face before. I remember it from Season 3.

Wow at that photo of Jerry carrying Berth in his arms. And holy crap at all that blonde hair he has. XD It's a regular mane. XD

Since Bertha is 55, this is good evidence that Jerry is in his 50's.

Clover - "First you're telling us you were young, and now you're telling us you used to date!" Clover has one eye open like she's winking at him here. Yeah, Clover we know he does stuff with you on the side. I'm not fooled. XD

Now Jerry does the weird dots for eyes face.

Her real name is "Bertha Cronkshell."

According to Jerry, losing the Miss Fish and Chips Contest devastated her. LOL.

This is a bit weird that Sam says that Bertha remembered that Jerry worked at WOOHP. I would have assumed his cover was better than that. Also did she learn that back when they were young or later on? Is it being suggested Jerry was a spy in his youth as well?

Well, he's sending the "new and improved" WOOHP speedboat, so I guess they are going to use a vehicle in this episode after all.

LOL at England always being cloudy and rainy. XD

Jerry says the new "ultimate energy harpoon" gadget on the boat could be used to catch everything from sharks to bad guys. Why would you want to catch a shark? Although, I imagine shark would be pretty tasty. XD

Wow some huge cameos here. Milan Stilton and one of the rappers from the hip hop group in "Evil Airlines Much?"! Why are they together? Are they dating? Xd Did Milan get released from prison due to good behavior (or for being too much of a hottie to keep locked up)? Milan Stilton

Nice triple hug!

The hotel looks like a pretty high scale place. It's almost like the Taj Mahal.

They got embarrassed when the bell boy caught them hugging each other. Xd Or was that because Clover called it a mission? XD

Nice accent he has. LOL!

Sam - "Wow it's *something* fantastic!" Can someone tell me what she's saying here?

More chibis!

Wow, nice sexy shot of the spies posing with a car and with Sam draped over it! Hubba

Guess they're doing some kind of vacation photo shoot. That bell boy doesn't seem very happy to have three sexy co-eds crawling all over him like that. XD He must be gay.

Another sort of fanservicey shot of Clover and Alex checking out a blonde girl getting a massage from a robot. This is kind of interesting to have robots integrated with the lives of rich people. Reminds me of the cartoon and TS precursor, Beverly Hills Teens.

It's interesting they're using actual pink cameras in the age of smart phones, but I hate smart phones anyways. So who cares? LOL.

*note - continuing this commentary two days later*

I liked the beauty queens representing different nations. I'm guessing the Viking girl represents Norway. xD

They're going undercover as beauty contestants. Kind of reminiscent of early season episodes.

More of the spies walking on all fours. This time they go under a woman's covered table at a cafe!

Their beauty contestant dresses are pretty sexy!

The pageant is named "the Miss Planetary Teen Contest."

The host of the contest and owner of the hotel, Ronald Von Thump (I think that's his name), is an obvious parody of Donald Trump. The weird looking blonde wig gives it away.

The girl from France has an Eifel Tower hair piece, and the Russian girl either has a mink or baby polar bear head on her coat. LOL.

Clover tells the audience she is from "WOOHP-topia" off the top of her head. This is great! XD

When asked about her platform, she talks about her shoes. The crowd doesn't like it. XD

Sam's platform is "truth, integrity and reliable sources" as she learned in journalism class. The crowd likes it more than Clover's. So far it all has to do with their majors.

Alex - "I... umm... like animals." The crowd loves it. LOL.

Alex has a nice chicken dance. XD

Here comes Bertha I assume. She says her platform is to do whatever it takes to get ahead. lol

Bertha has pretty huge hair there. LOL.

LOL at Alex just plucking one of her hairs to get a DNA sample.

Bertha's voice is interesting. Not overly British. So I'm thinking maybe the English VA isn't British. lol

Sam - "And we're going to help you whether you like it or not!"

They got snared by their own "experimental gadget" into a spider web patterned net against the wall. The bondage poses they're in are pretty sexy!

Bertha is starting to mutate. This is getting weird. LOL.

The Viking girl is Miss Denmark. Love it. XD She's fishing for the talent show.

That's a pretty fucking big fish. XD

I guess it was a giant herring. LOL!

Miss France is doing a Can Can Dance, but lost her boot. XD I like how this show is made in France, yet they can still mock their selves. lol

Miss Australia is pretty cute. Nice boomerang skills there.

Bertha is Miss England and is doing a rhythmic gymnastics routine with long ribbons. It's pretty intense.

Nice, she's mutating on stage. Maybe she'll just explode like that apple, and the episode will be over. LOL.

Wow, she got eliminated for that and is being chastised for not being grand enough for the Grand Von Thump Hotel.

Okay, she changed into a giant suddenly, clothing and all. Great TS science there. But I bet everyone can see up that huge dress now. She does have nice legs. XD

The gadget that malfunctioned was the "websling ring." A reference to Spiderman I guess?

The fanservice from the web bondage is pretty obvious. Some of the strands are tied directly over Sam and Alex's breasts and nipples! Pretty nice!

Sam - "And you're thinking about accessories at a time like this, why?"

Wow, the tiara wasn't a gadget, but Clover used its diamonds to refract the light and burn holes through the web bondage. Pretty convenient. lol

Sam - "It's time to bust our baddie!"

Clover at Bertha with giant hands - "Ew! Way to experiment with grossness, Jerr!"

"What the!" - Sam after trying to use Bertha's arm to flip her or something and it just stretches like Mr. Fantastic instead. LOL.

Wow, and she can just shrink the size of her head at will to avoid blows. This is definitely a bit bizarre! XD

It seems like her power is the ability to change the size and elasticity of her body parts at will as shown again when she makes her leg super long to try to kick Alex.

Alex freezes while doing a high kick here. Super sexy shot of her body. Hubba Then Bertha becomes super fat to knock her away.

Nice tackle by Clover here. Seemed femslashy. XD Yuri She's pretty much just straddling her here! XD But Bertha flattened herself out to like slide out from under Clover's body. Again pretty fanservicey. LOL.

Wow, she's starting to go into mutation melt down, with some freaky Akira-esque random body part expansions. XD It kind of died down again before she regained control.

Sam - "Clover, come with me!" What, right in the middle of fight with a baddie? XD

Von Thump's hair piece came off. Nice. XD Alex pats his head too. I don't know if it was to make sure it stuck to his head again or to comfort him. LOL.

Bertha is now a giant and stomping with her giant pumps. Please let us see up her skirt! *puppydogeyes*  Pweez

The sonic boombox missiles they launched from the speedboat were pretty bad ass!

I like how the missiles don't explode and instead fire rings of sonic energy.

Bertha is getting freaky again with her randomly changing the size of her body parts. lol

I like all the Miss Planetary Teen contestants giving each other a big group hug. XD

Alex threw the titanium hair clip in the water. It then grew in size and acted as a new support beam for the stage that was about to fall into the water. WTF?

I don't know what Bertha is going to do with Von Thump. Eat him maybe? LOL.

Wow, the spray jets from the speed boat are pretty fucking powerful! Took Bertha right out.

Okay, wrong! Her giant hand just came out of the ocean and almost grabbed Alex.

I'm getting some weird ideas for a giant Bertha x spies sex scene. Sorry, my mind is always in the gutter. Angel

Although, this is becoming a bit more Attack on Titan than anything sexy. Xd She's starting to lose it.

And they used the third speed boat gadget, the ultimate energy harpoon, to ensnare her.

Clover - "And that concludes the talent portion of our competition!"

It's also weird how she uses the tiara like handcuffs on her.

This has to be one of the weirdest episodes of TS ever. Bertha, still in her teen form, is talking to Jerry as his ex-girlfriend while her face is occasionally going all Beetlejuice and malformed on us.

Jerry says she'll be returning to her natural age eventually, but we don't get to see that. Weird! I guess they didn't even do a character design for her older version.

Jerry - "Pity you never got over losing Miss Fish and Chips."

Bertha all overly dramatic - "I was the better fish!" as her legs are elongating and awkwardly dragging behind as she is being carried off. Eventually, their rubber like quality causes them to snap back to her like a rubber band. Yikes.

Sam decided on the topic for her expose for journalism class. "The Injustice of Age Criteria in Beauty Pageants." Ugh!


I'm giving this episode the thumbs up! Interesting villain that ties into Jerry's past, great action sequences and some moments of over the top fanservice make this a recommended episode for any TS fangirl or fanboy!

It was also one of the weirder episodes due to Bertha's body transformations and the fact we never saw her at Jerry's age. Regardless, this has been four good episodes and one poor episode (Vide-O-No!) out of Season Six's first five episodes. So far I'm giving Season 6 a thumbs up as a whole, but I still need to watch21 more episodes (that includes watching Totally Versailles in English, which I've only seen in French so far)!

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